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Welcome to Forsilvra!
Five lands, once five kingdoms, now united under one king. In the cold north, the League of Arbrecht is a fractious lot, always at each others' throats. The Vandermark basks in old honor, and religion that predates everything else. Caught in the midst, Lacharn strives to protect their peaceful culture, where women are allowed equality with men. Caelain, where the royal family of Fontenot comes from, embraces tradition and its own problems. In the farthest south, the desert land of Ahestere hails sophistication unknown anywhere else. To the west lies the island of Forsilvra, home of royal dynasty and the court, where politics dictate the future of five provinces.

Between the five provinces alliances are forged and broken, intrigues abound, and blood runs thicker than water. The nobility fight for power and wealth, influence and position. It is each house for his own, as remnants of a devastating plague leave this world with a boy king on the throne, surrounded on all sides by those who wish to manipulate him for their own gains.

Join this world as an illustrious lord or lady, a gallant knight or a vicious sellsword. Explore the intricacies of court, the desert heats or the colds of north. Forge your own destiny, and change the face of Forsilvra forever.
Welcome to the Forsilvra :: Winds of Change.
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The Words of the Royals
Important Information from your admin team will be posted here!
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Please introduce yourself to the group once you've joined! This is a great way for the members to get to know you! We are super friendly and love for new members to tell us a bit about themselves so come on in and plop down a thread!
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The Laws of the King
Get all the information you need before joining the game - recommended reading before registering.


| Game Rules | History | Game Map and Travel Times | Time Line | House Information | Character/Player List | Taken Player Bases |
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The Library is located in Belleile and contains all works ever written and officially published in Forsilvra. Everything from History, Fiction, Weather, and Explicit Works have found their way into the library.

| The Monthly News | Forsilvra | Religion |
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Upcoming Tentative dates for major province events are stored here.
by Jenn
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The Scrolls of Nobility
Post your application profiles here for them to be reviewed by staff and province lords!

| Character and Player Base Holds; | Wanted Characters | Application Template | Adoptable Profiles| Work In Progress Profiles |
The Vandermark: Augustine DeLauncey
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Accepted Profiles will be moved to this forum. In addition, this forum contains the profiles of characters who have died, previous versions of canon characters, and characters who have been retired and might OMG end up dead.
Forsilvra: Eulàlia Toussaint
by Friday
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The Actions of Men
Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The King, The Lords, The Ladies, The Council all have proclamations to post! From betrothal announcements to declarations and news, kingdom wide communication will be posted here.

| Obituaries |
by Jenn
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Send mail via the Birdie Express or use the typical route of sending a message by person. Either way, post up those letters in this forum!
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Arbrecht is a highly militarized and fractious state, with a wide diversity in culture, from the pomp and swashbuckling of Fyrsbruck, to the savagery and ferocity of Ernsaw. Arbrecht is icy cold, and so are the people. The province is often viewed as savage and backward, but highly dangerous by the rest of the kingdom.

| Westerland | Fyrsbruck | Ernsaw | Kelailles | Mier | Maldenham |
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The Vandermark is a land steeped in history and controlled for generations by the DeLauncey family. Sandy beaches teeming with sea food and deep woods filled with game make The Vandermark a land rich in natural resources. The people pride themselves on their honor and virtue making The Mark a land upon which legends were made and the Old Gods still reign.

| The Hollows | Linsburg | Vale of Harken | Waternesse | Goldenmoore | Bindenhall |
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Lacharn is a mix of hilly woodlands and high cliffs with a moderate temporal climate. Founded by expatriots of Pelasaia a millenium ago, the province is rich with their own unique culture, where woman are lords and knights, equal to men. The province has a tumultuous past, and now strives for peace focusing on a thriving merchant trade in luxury goods, such as textiles.

| Llywarch | Cnaith | Dyos | Enyon | Hyre |
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The island of Forsilvra is a lush green place, formed from a once active volcano. The home of the crown for the last 241 years, the island is protected on the west by high cliffs and the east by the Straits of Lacharn. Sandy beaches, hotsprings, and granite mines all feature into the landscape.

| Castle Licorn | The Manors | Quintism Temple | Belleile | Beauciel | Vale deLys |
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The islands that constitute Great-Caelain are ruled as much by the fickle weather patterns as by the noble houses of ages-old descent that rule its lands. Caelain is a Province that still keeps to its old customs, where tradition is as important as honor. Caelain is a land of rolling hills and grassy fields, where ancient rivalries with Cemria cross still lead to raiding and war.

| Caerthynas | Demere | Porthaeron | Weallan | Abaín |
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The southernmost province in the kingdom, Ahestere is a vast desert bordered by mountains to the east and south. A land that is hot and dry where its peoples' passions can run as spicy as its food, Ahestere is a center for education and the arts where its people are even more vibrant and expressive in the many other aspects of their lives.

| Lismore | Enos | Basica | Avanesta | Susa | Nabaris |
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The last ten years of plague had limited the interactions of Forsilvra with other kingdoms. But these foreign lands are quite close, and travel between kingdoms, while rare for most, still occurs. Foreign Places outside of Forsilvra include the archipelago kingdom of Hazirm, the eastern kingdom of Lehasi and the far western Samarta.

| Hazirm |
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The Whispers of Peasants
Just general chat about anything
by Lorelei
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For Our Feature Characters, a place to interview them and their character
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Guest posting enabled Currently offline - advertise your game with us! If the board says you've been moderated, no worries! I'll approve it!

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The Annals of History
Archives for the 2009-2011 game!
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