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House Landalis
Linsburg, Banner Lords
"Diversity, Spirit, Discipline"

House Landalis is located in Linsburg, a bustling port city of The Vandermark. Against the constant transition of people within the city, House Landalis has been a steadfast ruler, having kept the peace for many years. Though the old gods are not as popular in Linsburg as compared to the rest of the province, House Landis still holds steadfast to the religion of The Vandermark.

The main products exported in Linsburg are gems and metals. They have a large market presence dedicated to goldsmithing and gemsmithing. If you are looking for an exquisite piece of jewelry for the wife you had an affair on, Linsburg is the place you will find it. This however, has created a large disparity in the populace. Linsburg is home to some of the richest upper class, those that control the mines or shops, generally. Part of this though is that Linsburg contains many workers, ones who often suffer at the hands at the upper class. There is a huge income disparity in Linsburg, though for the most part, House Landalis has managed to keep it under control.

Other traders exist within Linsburg’s walls, as well. However, they have not settled as long, and though probably filthy rich, the older families hold them in contempt. Any family who is not long established in frowned upon in Lisnburg’s social circles. As a port city, there are many families who only stay for a time and use it as a place to hide.

House Landalis is full of many varied personalities, however their skin is usually slightly tanned and with brown or black hair. Their house motto is “Diversity, Spirit, Discipline."

[House Genealogy]
  • Lancelot Landalis -- Bardot Fleurant
    • Pomona Landalis Hallewyn
    • Atticus Landalis – Leontine Toussaint
      • Marius Landalis -- Vesper Alysworth
      • Angela Landalis
    • Hector Landalis -- Anona de Valle
      • Maximus Landalis
      • Marcus Landalis
      • Minerva Landalis
    • Matthias Landalis -- Evanwyn Morgandy
      • Myrcella Landalis
      • Clara Landalis
      • Carmela Landalis
    • Sylvania Landalis Faerald


Golden Keep, Linsburg
Represented by Kilkenny Castle

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