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Default Rikhart Brabant

[Your Information]
Name: Sakka
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[Public Application]

Character Name: Rikhart Brabant
Character Age: 42
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): August 29, 199
Current Location: Mid-Arbrecht, Roseherst Keep
House [Birth and Marriage if applicable]: Brabant

Player Base: Timothy Oliphant
Personality: Rikhart is given to taking charge of whatever situation he’s in, though he tries not to. He expects a great deal from himself and others, and neither accepts nor believes in the concept of “can’t.” Hence, when his brother left the education of his nephews and niece in his hands, Rikhart learned to become a schoolmaster as well as a knight, kept one book ahead of his most advanced nephew, and brooked no argument from any of his beloved young pupils. “Of course you can do it; you’re just not trying hard enough” was a common refrain in the library where the children took their lessons. Rikhart has no particular admiration for people’s talents, and for what comes easily to them; those were set in place by one of the gods or another, and good for them but it sure isn’t worth bragging about. However, once he sees someone using his own efforts to develop, well. That he can and does admire—and even praise, in the right circumstances.

In recent years, the whole family has suffered through loss after loss, and Rikhart has felt them keenly. Watching Jager step into the role of lord after the death of his father was more bitter than sweet, but watching the lad make (mostly) reasonable decisions, with minimal guidance—and oh, how Rikhart struggles to keep that guidance minimal—reassures him that he’s done his job well.

History: [publicly known character history]

Rikhart grew up with every expectation that he would be a warrior, like the other men in his family from time immemorial, and he did not disappoint, taking his exercise and practicing with dreams of glory in his mind. With his brothers and sister he reenacted favorite scenes from stories, and in time they began making up their own tales. The children did, of course, have lessons, and their tutor’s reports on Rikhart’s progress were favorable enough, but book-learning wasn’t a central part of his earliest life.

In his teen years, Rikhart was sent out to be the squire for the lord of another minor house. He grew, developed, and trained there, preparing ever more to follow in the footsteps of the Brabants who preceded him. However, the most important legacy of his time there is his wife Lady Elspeth, whom he met when, toward the end of his years as a squire, she was brought on to be a companion to his lord’s daughters. Elspeth is unusually tall, physically awkward, excessively educated, and strict—and three years older than he is. His admiration for her developed as he saw how she handled her young charges and his own mischievous approaches, and he found himself more and more often in his master’s library, reading up on things to talk to her about. His insistence upon marrying her, when the time came, was stunning to all, including her, and it was an uphill battle to persuade her that he meant it, for she had resigned herself to life-long maidenhood.

Jokes at the time of their marriage as to the expected size of their children trailed off after a few years, when no children were forthcoming. More years passed, and no children ever did appear, much to the dismay of the young couple. Their relationship remains close, though it is hardly a standard one, and Rikhart continued to leaven his military studies with more intellectual ones, spending more time in the library than any other member of the family he was aware of, primarily to please his wife.

Rikhart has long suspected that his own childlessness is the reason his exceedingly fertile brother placed the raising of his children into Rikhart’s hands. The attention paid him was unnecessary, he feels, but it has certainly had its benefits. Training them in the arts of war came naturally; teaching them the arts of the scholar was more difficult. Teaching the children has made him read and study more than he ever had before, filling in the spots he had never cared to learn, or that Elspeth had never challenged him to study, and see the value in even those areas of learning that had not caught his attention before. He also finds a certain pleasure in having influence over young minds, and watching them grow and develop before his eyes. He has done his best with them, though some of them continue to mystify him, to greater or lesser degrees.

Since his brother’s death he has been doing his best to hold back and let Jager make his own decisions—and his own mistakes. However, when those mistakes look ready to destroy the holding, he has been known to step in and offer advice. Strong advice. The most recent, and most important occasion on which he has done so is after his brother’s death, when his nephew Jager, with whom he has long felt close, wished to continue fighting the Fitzwulfs to the death. By dint of much effort and persuasion, he managed to convince Jager to swallow his pride and accept their new ‘rightful overlords.’ This still sticks in Rikhart’s craw, but it has enabled them to survive to fight another day.

Writing Sample: [Please include 2-3 paragraphs as a writing sample.

“I’m getting old,” Rikhart announced as he came in the door to his rooms.

“Nonsense,” Elspeth told him, not looking up from the hearth, at which she was cooking a pot of pease porridge, a favorite that was rarely offered up by the cooks. “If you were old, I’d be older, and I’d like to see the man who’d call me old.”

“Ancient,” Rikhart said promptly. “Crone. Granny.” He grinned at her, and drew up a chair to sit next to her as she stirred.

“Pup. Stripling. Infant.” She tapped her spoon on the side of the pot a few times to clean it, put it in a metal dish to rest, and faced him at last. “What did he want to speak to you about?”

“Oh, politics.” He made a face. The sort of politics where people got killed had been a lot more exciting when he’d been a pup, stripling, and infant.

“The Fitzwulfs?” she asked.

He nodded. “Lord Blanchard has called up the levy. We’ll all be going.”

“You’re too old,” she told him, and picked up her spoon again, looking at the pot as though it had changed shape in the last few seconds.

“I don’t think he’d accept that. He’s going, after all, and he’s older than I am.”

“He’s younger than me. Tell him you caught my old.”

Rikhart grinned. A variation on this conversation came up every time he was sent out to do what was, after all, his duty. “I’ll try that. And,” he went on, cutting off her next instruction, which was the same every time, “I’ll retire when I get back.” She shook her head at him and went back to stirring. She hadn’t expected him to follow through on that even the first time she’d told him to. He’d never hidden from her what it meant to marry a Brabant, and he appreciated her having the courage to join the family regardless.

[Time Line Events]
Please list any important time line events for your character in the format:

197: Bartholomeus Brabant born
199: Rikhart Brabant born
202: Sophie Brabant born
204: Hubrecht Brabant born
206: Ser Falco Brabant born
222: Married to Elspeth [father’s house name]
232: Death of father, Ivan “The Mountain” Brabant, assumption of childrearing duties for nephews and nieces.
234-238: War of Heldenbrecht. Brabants rally under Blanchard banner, to devastating effect on the men of Rikhart’s generation.
238: Convinces Jager to switch allegiance to the Fitzwulfs in order to salvage what remains of the family.

Family Genealogy:
  • Ivan 'The Mountain' Brabant -- Spouse
  • Ser Zaan ‘The Blind’ Brabant -- Spouse

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A few paragraphs of the history could be changed from present to past tense (she was three years offers. Remained instead of remains) but content is excellent <3

I approve!
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