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[OOC Information]

Your Name: Mango
RP Experience: 13 years on and off.
Your Character's Player Base: Tamzin Merchant. Image copyright Kate Merchant.


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Nikoline Brabant
Character Age: 18
Gender: Female
Birthday: January 2, 223
Home Castle/City: Ernsaw, formerly Roseherst.
House: Brabant



Petite and pretty; stands at about 5'3".



Nikoline is a woman grown enough to have adult passions and convictions, but young enough for these to be mutable, unstable -- for them to rule her, rather than the other way around. She has been known to make rash decisions. Those who are acquainted with her know that she is a woman of great energy, who expresses delight and temper with boisterousness; she seems a bold woman, unashamed of feeling emotions intensely. Yet her most private, conflicted thoughts remain closely guarded -- and often find expression only in her art.

Deeply curious about the world around her - and feeling wretchedly sequestered in the small keep - Nikoline has long occupied herself making conversation with outsiders who come to Roseherst, always a ready ear for accounts of travel, though too often these come with rumours of war. Between her study of the land's histories, her family's own trials and the tales she has heard from men who fought, she has developed a keen disgust for warfare and the depths to which it causes men to sink. More and more, she finds it difficult to tell the difference between the parties involved - or determine who is in the right.

And yet, she understands intrinsically the notion of fighting to protect one's own - at any cost.



Nikoline grew up in a household undergoing much growth and change; the hold was still being built when she was born, and she was a small child when Roseherst was finally completed. These were exciting times for a family just risen into further prominence, and she grew up happy and curious; she was encouraged to explore, within the bounds of reason, and she often took to going on adventures with her siblings and their numerous cousins. As the eldest child of Aindreas Brabant, son of Zaan the Blind, Nikoline took it upon herself to become de facto leader of her branch of the family. She was a tempestous child with something to say about everything; her brother called her bossy, though she preferred to think of it as being strong-willed.

As a member of the Brabant clan, she underwent a certain amount of military training. She took to it rather well, finding in it a meaningful outlet for the more aggressive aspects of her personality. She was small and quick and used these well to her advantage in a fight. After the Heldenbrecht confrontation, such pursuits began to leave a bad taste in her mouth, and she started begging off roughhousing with the excuse that she was supposed to be a proper lady someday. It was around this time that she began to explore new interests. She began caring for the horses at Roseherst -- including keeping them battle-ready. Also, inspired by tales of her uncle Barnabus and his fame, she took to art -- and found a considerable latent talent that she worked hard to hone. Unsurprisingly, death features prominently in her art. The Brabant family took a large toll first from the plague - which stole her father and mother from her - and then from the War of Heldenbrecht. Art has become a way for Nikoline to navigate the dark river of intense grief without allowing it to corrupt her or swallow her whole. She has the living to attend to, after all, and it is a matter of honour for her to carry on with strength.

She has spent much of her time in the last few years assisting with household matters under the leadership of Elspeth, Iulie, and Lisanne. She is often the one running out of the keep to do errands about the settlement; she loves to be outside, and to engage travellers in conversation. It was during these errands that she met one Ryan Fitzwulf, a prominent son of their liege family, who seemed to often find himself in town. She was suspicious of him; though the Brabants had pledged fealty to the Fitzwulfs, there was no love lost between the two houses -- and this was the son of Iron Wolf himself. Thinking the Fitzwulfs had sent him to spy on her family's goings-on, she took it upon herself to keep her own eye on him. Ryan seemed nothing at all like his father -- whom she held in such deep contempt -- and a curious friendship developed between them, one which she has kept largely secret.


[Writing Sample]

Nikoline dug the brush into the canvas, dragging grey in steady, solemn circles through the painting's blue sky. Dusky clouds - purple-grey, like a fresh bruise - crowded themselves along the long horizon line, a portent for an oncoming storm. Below them, the canvas was blank, but Nikoline could see it nonetheless -- the sea, thick and dark with the blood of men. She had never been witness to such a thing, but the tales of merchants passing through had painted the idea in her mind's eye; she was merely putting to canvas what artistry they had wrought with their tales.

Art was truth-telling, and she had hoped all her grim battle-paintings were only telling of the past, but it was not to be. Even now, Rianne was with the Storms, whose ships no doubt would bear men and their blood forth into water. Some would survive and when there was peace, they'd sail on merchant ships again, and someone would hear their tale ... and it might make it back to her, and she'd paint another canvas black.

Would that she could only be a truth-teller in this war.


[Timeline of Events]


223: Nikoline is born in January.
223: Emerens is born in December.
225: Corinne is born.
232: Father and mother taken by plague.
241: Nikoline, along with her cousin Lisanne, is captured by Fitzwulfs while on the road from Mier.

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More Brabants! Yay! I definitely approve and hope to thread with her sometime.
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