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Default Aiden Faerald



[OOC Information]

Your Name: Lukish
RP Experience: 12 years
Your Character's Player Base: William Moseley


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Aiden Faerald
Character Age: 18
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): May 12th, 223
Home Castle/City: Caerthynas/Caelain
House: Faerald


“My hands were soft. They were gentle and animals were not frightened of them. Now they are stained with blood and worn. How will I be able to care for them...or for my own children, when the time comes?”

Aiden is a quiet, reserved young adult. While he can be very difficult to talk to at times, to the extent that one wrongly said word can make him silent, his heart remains in the right place. He is of the ilk that when faced with someone upset or hurting, he has a difficult time ignoring or leaving them to it, always wanting to do what he can to make them better.

He also has a soft spot in his heart for animals, having a pet cat called Cort and a golden stallion called Myriad, both of which he cherishes dearly. When he is at home, he will often be seen carrying Cort around or beckoning the cat to follow him, usually never very far from his side. This isn’t so much possible when he is in a different castle or the like, but he comforts himself knowing that Myriad is with him.

He became much more withdrawn and sullen than any would have expected from the son of Tysilio. Growing up in a family with caring siblings and loving parents made everyone think he would be naught but happy as his father always is, but his relationship with his father, his mother and his siblings has become estranged. He refuses, even amongst his closest friends, to talk about exactly why.
...Or at least, he did. There's been a lot that the war has done for his attitude. Where once there was a sullen boy who begrudged what he had to learn, he has blossomed into a young man who tries to do right for the sake of doing the correct thing, naught else. He's opened up to people, thanks in part to his second during the war and cousin - Morien Kyffin. Morien is the one person he dares confide almost everything in these days.

Except the dreams. Never the dreams.

He's become a lot more decisive and passionate about what he can and can't do, but it hasn't come without cost. His self doubt, which was hardly nonexistent before, has tripled. Guilt for all the deaths in Weallen weigh heavily on his shoulders and he even goes as far as to blame himself for the deaths of Liam and Arland - They were his vassals, his bride-to-be's family, and he couldn't even control the pirates near their vessel? Maybe, had he not failed at Weallen, they would have had the troops to form a better defense on the ships. Maybe.



The history of Caelain is a rich and full tapestry, but Aiden’s additions are few and small. As he has not yet come of age, he has yet to truly have the chance to make his mark on the world, but has done what he can in the time he has had.

He was born and raised as the eldest son of Tysilio Faerald, a man who along with being a very skilled and eloquent ruler, was absolutely adored by his people. So as he was growing up, Aiden found people were always helpful to the son of Tysilio, offering gifts, kind words and special treatment. He was tutored in the finer arts of diplomacy, decorum and especially of what is right and wrong, but also has been learning the arts of war and the path a knight must take.

Often, he was a rash and inquisitive child outside of lessons. All too regularly exploring places he was forbidden from or trying to give his guards the slip so that he could adventure. He had a fascination with the legendary hero of Caelain - Cortland and spent most of the time imagining he was indeed his idol, even practicing with a bow when he could rather than a sword.

When he was 10, he happened across a kitten that had it’s foot caught in a trap meant for an animal when he was out riding on his horse Myriad. Not able to bring himself to kill the poor animal, he brought it back with him and cared for it while it’s leg healed. He has kept the cat ever since and calls it Cort, a name given in honour of his childhood hero Cortland.

As he was always known as a friendly and helpful child, it was a shock to everyone when Aiden suddenly started to become withdrawn and distant, often getting into arguments with his father for very little reason at all. Even to his mother and siblings he began to be sullen and moody. Some said that something had to have happened to him for him to change. Others stated that it was his brother’s death finally hitting him, but truly only Aiden knows what this complete changeover of his attitude was to do with. It has set him at odds with most of his family and caused hushed whispers to form, doubting his fitness to rule.
More recently, he has all but vanished from the public eye. The whispers had, by the end of the war and his actions in freeing Owyn leading to the decimation of Weallan, however noble his intentions, have led to the more vocal landowners wondering if they wanted their lands to potentially be ravaged by bad decisions of "Little Lord Just" as he has been nicknamed, a slander on the idea that the "Little lord" managed to get through a war. But only just. So he has kept quiet, watched and listened. Most importantly though, he has been spending as much time as possible in Weallan to aid the rebuilding and to support the families that lost loved ones and the like - Many on the island of Caelain believe it to be folly, as the damage was done, but Aiden has taken a lot of the lessons to heart in Cemria. He is focusing on trying to heal, rather than destroy.

That is, unless some darker whispers which suggest he is trying to overcome his shame by overthrowing his father are to be believed. But Aiden's heart aches at the very idea. His father, after all, is a hero on a level similar to his idol Cortland, to have been able to win such a cruel war and end such a villain as Owyn.

For his own part, Aiden just wishes the nightmares would stop. Ever since he has had them, he's noticed creatures shy away from him much more. Can they smell the blood, the smoke and the death on his hands?

There's been a lot of talk about his marriage to Melari Forthwind, arguably more now there are rumours abound from the capital that carry the Forthwind name on them...and with the events of Arland and Liam. Aiden, for his part, has left her well enough alone. Whether right or wrong, he's come to the conclusion that to force a grieving young woman into a marriage would be an awful thing to do - But each and every day the guilt grows more. Has he failed her in more ways than he already though?


[Writing Sample]

The young heir looked at the messenger in disbelief, his hands still soiled with the thick substance he is using to thatch the roof of...curse it, he forgot their names again...someone's house. "You'll have to slow down, I didn't hear you correctly. I thought you'd said that Arland and Liam were dead."

The messenger asserted that he had indeed heard correctly, causing Aiden to nearly fall from the roof in shock. Just in time, he steadied himself but had paled to the point that he felt physically sick. "No. This can't be. How?" The man repeated the story again and he held a hand up "Enough. I can't hear any more." He brought his knees up to his stomach, balancing carefully on the roof, as the weight of what was being said truly took root.

House Forthwind was hanging on by a thread. The official heir now was...would it be Marisee? Or Bradyn? But Bradyn was on the Council...didn't that mean you forfeited? By the gods...their family line is all but gone. "I need...need to..." Do what, exactly? Comfort Melari, by reminding her that, oh, her family may be dead but at least she has a betrothal she has to marry into and end her family name? He shook his head, knowing that would never help. Ever since he had come back from the wars a killer, stood at Owyn's trial, he had been cold and distant because of the weight of the crimes he was responsible for. She wouldn't think he had good intentions now.

Curse it all! It didn't help that he, too, was to blame for Arland and Liam. Had he been better - Had he killed Owyn when he had the chance, then they would have been safe. He wouldn't have needed to repair Weallen and would have gone with them, surely? Aware that the messenger was waiting for orders, he looked back down at him. "I need you to provide everything the Forthwinds need at this awful time. Money, provisions, administrators...make sure they are supported as best they can until Marisee can take over."

He'd just have to avoid her for now. Until she'd forgive him for him killing her parents.


[Timeline of Events]

(Left blank as I don't think anything new needs adding? But please let me know if I've missed something important!)

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