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Default Thelonius Larson DeLauncey



[OOC Information]

Your Name: Kiera
RP Experience: 13 years
Your Character's Player Base: Jesse Metcalfe


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Thelonius Larson DeLauncey
Character Age: 25
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 15th, 214
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Home Castle/City: The Hollows
House: House DeLauncey by birth.



Height: 5'10"
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Approximate Weight: 180 lbs

Thelonius has tattoos on his left shoulder/arm. After the DeLauncey shipwreck (8/18/241) he was left with severe scarring on his right knuckle and arm along with a scar from rope burn that stretches from just left of his neck down to his right side/waist.



Thelonius would rather be called Lars and when you meet him he'll let you know straight away. Outgoing and energetic would be two good words to describe him and the fact that he's always well dressed seems to get him some attention. He usually tries to dress his twin brother and on occasion finds him stealing clothes from his armour. Thelonius tags along when anyone in his family is going to purchase new clothing, as he has an eye for the most talented tailors and can pick out the finest of wares. You can't say that he lives for fashion but he believes that the way one dresses reflects their personality, so it's best to mind what one wears.

As a twin Thelonius seems to have an almost magnetic connection to his brother Tiberius. The pair are usually able to understand one another's thoughts and agree on just about everything. They have very few differences, in personality or behavior, but the differences they do have are astoundingly opposite.

As a sportsman Thelonius enjoys hunting and is best with a sword. He does target practice with his brother, Tiberius, and is decent at the bow and arrow. Through all the hunting, training, and mud wrestling, Thelonius still desires nothing more then to paint and sculpt. He attributes it to his passion for pausing time and keeping it on display forever. To this day his favorite work is the portrait he did of himself and Tiberius sitting together in front of the fire. He will tell anyone who asks that it is a display of how far a brotherly love can go and anyone can see how well it was captured in the painting.



As the second child born on October 15th, and the fourth son born to Marcus DeLauncey, Thelonius always relished the fact that as long as he wasn't in polite and important company, he could horse around all he wanted. As a prankster, flirt, and mud pie specialist, he always found ways to entertain and encourage his brothers and sometimes even his sister Eveline and his uncle Julius.

Thelonius always made it to every lesson when he became of age to learn archery but he would attempt to skip his etiquette classes. His teachers eventually grew to notice his patterns and would hold his archery classes after his other lessons and would not allow him to go do anything fun until he did as they'd instructed. As he got older he started taking dance lessons as he was supposed to but found that he actually enjoyed it and asked for extended lessons every day.

It wasn't until their father died that Thelonius actually took a long look at his mortality. As a result, he started painting, attempting to capture his feelings since he wasn't much for talking stuff out. He felt that through each brush stroke he could tell the story of how he felt but as a result he got better and better with each work of art he finished. He eventually started family portraits, beginning with his fathers, and even though there was already one done Thelonius had his own.


[Writing Sample]

"Thelonius Larson DeLauncey! You get back here right now!" He knew he was in trouble, maybe that prank was too much, but he just kept running. He ran past his sister and twin in the hall, both were just shaking their heads, commenting about him being in trouble again.

Rounding the corner, Thelonius found himself running through the gardens, heading towards the maze. Looking back he saw the muddy servant standing on the stairs, tired, and shouting something between breaths while shaking her fist.

He could remember it like it was yesterday, he'd gone back to apologize and she forgave him quickly, but then he in turn got a face full of mud. She'd returned the favor and they were close, that is, until now.

Walking through the yards, Thelonius held a small bouquet of flowers, and finally came upon her grave. The servant had lived all her life in the castle with the twins, as once they were born, she was there to help take care of them. They'd grown up and she was always around so the past few years of her being gone were way too quiet for Thelonius.


[Timeline of Events]

The Hollows

Year 214: Tiberius Lexington DeLauncey is born
Year 214: Thelonius Larson DeLauncey is born
Year 241: Game Start.



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awesome! just need to update the family tree and approved! <3
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Updated. Thank you ^^<3
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