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Character Name: Jon Robert Odo Fitzwulf
Character Age: 24
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): 217 January 11th
Current Location: Westerland, Arbrecht
House: Fitzwulf
Banner Appearance:

House Description: The Fitzwulf Family came from The Vandermark and deposed the rulers of Westerland in a violent and savage coup, and immediately set about turning the region into a powerhouse. These days, the Fitzwulf Family are the most powerful in The League of Arbrecht. Their traits are golden hair, high degrees of military training, rash decisions and a subtle ruthlessness that rarely shines through, until the last moment.. The Patriarch, William Fitzwulf, died two years ago - having conquered Westerland's greatest rival and brought together Arbrecht into a semi-united League. The Family reputation is one of brutality and savagery, but upfront honesty. If a Fitzwulf has a bone to pick with you, you'll be the first to know. It's coffers are moderate; the war with Heldenbrecht cost them dearly, but the acquisition and sale of many fine treasures and artifacts from the conquered lands were well-placed to buoy this up, erasing the war debt. It's colours are black and gold, it's sigil is the golden wolf rampant, and it's motto is 'By Sword and Strife', but a more widely known saying is 'A Fitzwulf gives but one chance', referencing the House policy of offering a defeated foe peace before crushing them utterly.

Player Base: Heath Ledger.

Lean and handsome, Jon is six feet tall and rather slim.

To be the son of a great man is not an easy thing, and there were few harder acts to follow than William Fitzwulf. But Jon seems to be exactly what The League needs - pleasant and jovial, Jon has a kind heart to him and is quick to smile and laugh, and rarely insults or aggravates those around him. He's rather confident in himself, and sees no need to belittle or bully those around him, and in doing so projects an aura of confidence; he always seems to acknowledge the most insignificant dignitary. He takes everything in his stride, never seeming unfazed, and always having pleasant things to say to all, even those his father viewed as enemies. In friendship, the young man is loyal and soft, rarely criticising someone unless they ask it, and even then he is very flowery with his language. He has a comforting voice, and occasionally comes up with insights that are genuinely helpful. In opposition, Jon is timid but nonetheless forward, rarely speaking about someone behind their back if ever, and quietly despising hostility. Jon carries himself with hauteur and perhaps a tad arrogantly, but he always seems to speak to people as equals. This, some think, is strange for his upbringing, but in retrospect, it makes a great deal of sense. He has been taught to think everyone has their place. Everyone has their duties and position - much like no inch of iron is more pure in a sword, he does not see himself as better than anyone else; more important, yes. His duty is to rule, there's is to obey. Religiously, he is a tad contemptful of other faiths, but pays false respect to them so as to be diplomatic. He believes The Worship is the true way, with it's flexibility and dedication to self-perfection, and promotes it as a way to unity, in worship of Gerald The Brave.
In terms of his family, Jon is the technical Patriarch, but he relies on his Uncle Thomas for advice on most matters. The young man is just beginning to get to his feet in terms of domestic policy, and his tutorship under his father has come in handy. To younger male members, he is fun and indulges his inner child, often playing with them in the Royal Gardens and giving them 'fencing' lessons, in which the child somehow defeats King Jon and takes his crown. To younger female children, he has a slight tendency to ignore them, excluding his sister Matilda, who he regards jealously but with a slight admiration. To his Aunts and Cousins, he is respectful and warm, as he would be with a good friend.
To his wife, he is romantic, if indulgent - she is his star, and he will permit her anything. Should she wish it, the woman could twist him round her little finger and he wouldn't do anything to stop her. He does not quite love her(yet), he simply idolises her, and seeks to please her.

In council and politics, Jon has a talent for phrasing insults as compliments and soothing the tempers of men who have been at each other's throats for years. Indeed, he knows how to twist men into saying they will do his bidding at the table - he just seems to command the conversation without ever imposing, and he has been known to always refer to them as 'Arbrechtians'. He relies heavily on his advisors, and his intelligence lies in memorising the facts, and then presenting them in such a way to get his point across.

However, Jon is too trusting. Once he stands up from the negotiating table, he expects everything that was promised to be done, and dismisses any observationary tactics as spying upon allies, and deceitful. If something is simply not accomplished, he will travel straight to the offender to ask why or, if the journey is too far, write a letter - often far too kindly worded. He simply isn't stern or harsh like his father was, and, again, too trusting. Alongside this, Jon tends to jump into his decisions and stick to them, becoming abruptly quite stubborn. His advisors are known for gathering intellect stunningly quickly - often lacking detail for this. But the King of Westerland is very, very dilligent in his rulership, tending to matters of state early every morning. Visiting nobility, parading through nearby towns, enjoying the lavish banquets, all are perks he performs with glee and enthusiasm. It is common knowledge that King Jon helped forge his own sword, has ploughed a grain field, spent a day mining in the mountains for coal, and fought beside his father at the age of seventeen. He enjoys it, genuinely, and lacks a great deal of the typical noble snootiness - just as long as he gets to come home to a warm bath and his wife. Any longer without royal luxury and Jon becomes bitter and complains endlessly.

He has flaws. Jon is a fierce alcoholic, often drinking to excess, but he seems to have an instinct to avoid his wife when he does this, sleeping in hallways and cellars soaked in wine and awaking to a colossal hangover. He can be quite childish at times, to such a degree that, if insulted or mocked, he can become strangely violent for a few moments. His lust for glory and remembrance is also a problem; he has a tendency to aim too high.

In combat, Jon is rather better trained than most Province Lords - perhaps to the level of a young Knight. He fought in three pitched battles, though only once at the frontline, and was directed by his father throughout. He has a rough understanding of strategy and tactics, but if war were ever to come, he would rely heavily on his Uncle and the Named Man Elrik Kingbreaker for guidance. Much like with domestic policy, he simply hasn't had much experience.
His ambitions are towards greater unity by mutual agreement, not conquest, and he has great plans for Fyrsbruck and Maldenham.

Jon's birth was the start of great things for Westerland. The second son of William Fitzwulf and Cecilia Kellerman, his birth provided the Fitzwulf Family the leeway to begin it's conquests, a plan it had been cultivating for decades. William Fitzwulf was a suave man, much like his son in many ways, but ultimately cruel and made of iron, some said. He insulted, snapped, but was the greatest military mind for a generation. And when it came to the crux, when all pressed in around him and he was forced to fight to safeguard his country, he was without equal. Jon grew up playing through The Wolf Keep, often interrupting his father and his advisors in important talks, and being escorted out. His playmate was his brother, Henry, three years his senior and a commander from birth. By the time Jon was six, he was being quietly pulled away by etiquette teachers and rhetoric tutors to educate him on how to be presentable, be pleasant, how to charm other people. He was being groomed as the diplomat from an early age - Henry would be the ruler, the general, the cutting politician, while Jon acted as his foreign dignitary, the man who could explain away any action of the Fitzwulf family.

At the age of eleven, Jon was warded off to the DeLauncey Family in the Vandermark. He enjoyed it there, becoming acquianted with the young man Lucius DeLauncey, and becoming intimately involved in the etiquette and customs of the land. While there, he was regarded as a savage, like a wolf trained to speak and walk. Whenever he entered the room, people became silent, but his friendship with Lucius helped him through. His training in the Westerland style of swordfighting - highly physical, using a broadsword to hack and bludgeon - rendered him rather superior to the Vandermark nobles, but their soldiers, of course, consistently beat him. He learned quickly, made friends, and lived in the DeLauncey's home for three years. By the end of his wardship, he was regarded less as a Wolf and more a puppy; happy, adorable and stupid. The contrast to his father, who had betrothed Eveline DeLauncey to Henry.
Jon was brought back to Westerland after Henry Fitzwulf was killed by the Turpis Morbi, one of the first notable victims, during a trip to try and arrange Ernsian support for a war on Heldenbrecht. Instead, Henry died, and Jon was brought back to become heir. For William Fitzwulf had great plans - his armies had been building, and it all came to fruition when the plague slowed in Westerland in 234, still effecting the Heldenbrecht populace. He abruptly took out a massive loan from the Mier Duchy, and his forces swelled. He abruptly, without the consent of Fursbruck or Heldenbrecht but with nominal agreements from Mier, Maldenham and Ernsaw, entered fully into the Forsilvra Union, then declaring Heldenbrecht as rebels. In a lightning campaign, the Westerland Fyrd Millice, led by King William, unleashed a sudden assault on the capital of Heldenbrecht, taking the field army in it's camp on a night attack. Meanwhile, the Professional Retainers and Knights, led by Thomas Fitzwulf, managed to bottle up the forces of Fyrsbruck in a mountain pass, holding the Harcourt men despite being horrifically outnumbered. They propelled plague carcasses into their foe's camp, and this forced the Harcourt men to retreat. Meanwhile, the remnants of the Heldenbrecht Army was forced back again and again in four pitched battles that were more ambush than anything else, the Westerland men falling on them at such speed again and again. Jon thought in three of these battles, until the War of Heldenbrecht was ended when Elrik Kingbreaker, once a miller's son, captured it's royal family. As per tradition, William Fitzwulf demanded the surrender of Heldenbrecht. It was granted.

Jon was betrothed off to the eldest daughter of the King of Heldenbrecht, even as William organised the Island Nation of Kelailles and used the spoils from Heldenbrecht to pay for his war. The City of Heldenbrecht itself was torn to the ground, the land sold off, the artifacts bartered away. His final accomplishment, in 240, was the solvency of his family, wearing the coin that erased the war debt around his throat. Almost the day after, William Fitzwulf died, the gold coin necklace strangling him as he awoke, caught on a stand, leaving his twenty two year old son to finally wed his fiancee and begin rebuilding the bridges his father burned.

In the eighteen months Jon has been King, he has called a meeting of The League of Arbrecht once every month. Each time, he encourages unity, makes apologies to Fyrsbruck and the Harcourts, and looks to the future. Currently, with the plague gone, Westerland is recovering admirably, and the conquered territories have begun to recuperate from the ruthless campaign during the War.

Writing Sample:

William Fitzwulf was a tall man - a lean man, fierce from his toes to his skull. Dressed in thick plate mail, the gold and black surcoat draped across his chest, and a jewel-encrusted broadsword at his hip, he looked utterly formidable. Sir Belmont was pointing across the battlefield, where their foe, an old man, was attempting to rally his personal guard and counter the ruthless slaughter of the Fyrd Milice. These common men were no longer the half-trained rabble they had been outside Heldenbrecht. They were fierce, savage, but against a co-ordinated charge of heavy horse, in their spread out formation, they would break like candles beneath the waterfall. There had to be a counter, and he knew. Beside him, Jon Fitzwulf wore no surcoat, but carried a thick shield with the sigil of House Fitzwulf upon it. His plate armour shined, but every look he gave to his father indicated how nervous he was, how unprepared. This was his second battle; outside the City, he had been involved in a cavalry fight with yeomanry, but his men had done most of the work., it was time the boy earnt his spurs.

"Jon!" The Patriarch snapped, his commanding voice turning his son's attention towards him sure as a slap might. "Take Belmont and my personal guard. Break that old man!" William pointed across to the flowery royal banner, now raised high as three hundred armoured knights took to a trot. "Take him captive if you can, my boy, but you simply must prevent his from taking to the fight!" William leaned across to his boy and gripped his shoulder, eyeing his blue eyes through the vizor. "By Sword and Strife, my boy."
Eagerly, Jon nodded, pride welling up inside him as he turned away, leaping up into the saddle of his horse. Beside him, the five hundred armoured retainers, led by Sir Belmont, checked their lances.
"Alright, fellows! Let's give that old fart a good hiding! With me!"
They rode. The chainmail and leather-clad warriors of the Fyrd Milice leapt out of their way. Some were already being caught by the Heldenbrecht Knights. But Jon and his men were perfectly formed, just a little wider than their opponents. Both sides broke into a gallop. The earth shook as the two forces rode.

They crashed together, and Jon knew what Hell was. That horrible place of eternal violence reserved for those who misused their strength. The Lances caught throats, horses, punching through plate armour - men screaming. Swords smacked against his shield, his armour, his vizor, and it was all he could do to lash out, slice, batter with his sword. It was a maelstrom of blades, death, blood, pain. And Jon fought in it.

Atop a hill, William found his brother, Odo, looking at him as if he was insane.
"Your only heir! Why risk it, Will! Why?!"
"Because, can I risk the lives of other's sons if I can't risk my own? Even I couldn't sleep at night, were that the case."
But William had his vizor down now. For he could not show them the sweat beading on his forehead not from the heat - it was a cold day. No. From the worry that any moment might sent that plate-clad figure in the distance tumbling to ruin. But the boy had to know. He had to.

[Time Line Events]
Year 217: Jon born.
Year 228: Sent to ward in The Vandermark
Year 231: Returned to Westerland after his brother's death.
Year 234-238: The War of Heldenbrecht.
Year 240: Death of King William
Year 240: Coronation of King Jon
Year 241: Game start/

Family Genealogy:
  -Robert Fitzwulf - - Augustine Fitzwulf nee DeLauncey (74)
    --William Fitzwulf - -Cecilia Kellerman
      ---Henry Fitzwulf
      ---*Jon Fitzwulf - - Alaine Blanchard
        ----Unborn Child
      ---Matilda Fitzwulf
    --Odo Fitzwulf - - WIFE
      --- Loralei nee Fitzwulf - - Aashiq Linnet
    --Thomas Fitzwulf - - Edme Fitzwulf nee Montrose
      ---Fitzwulf Son
    --Isabella Fontenot nee Fitzwulf - Stephane Fontenot
    --Elisabeth Fitzwulf - - Adelard Blanchard -- Lydon Alysworth
  -Edward Fitzwulf - - Lenore Fleurant
    --Jean Fitzwulf (42) - Wife Fitzwulf
      --- Leofric Fitzwulf (20)
      --- Elizabeth Fitzwulf
    --Robert Fitzwulf - Wife Fitzwulf
      --- Edward Fitzwulf (21)
      --- Robert Fitzwulf The Younger (20)
      --- Harold Fitzwulf (19)
    --Alice Prothero nee Fitzwulf - - Cadfael Prothero
  -Eleanore Hallvador nee Fitzwulf - Warin Hallvador

    --William Fitzwulf - - Mary Belberry
      ---Alan Hound

    --William Fitzwulf - - Henrietta Aetheling
      ---Bolton Hound
      ---Cedric Hound
    ---Edgar Hound

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