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Character Name: Cassius Theodore "Teddy" DeLauncey
Character Age: 27
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 14th, 214
Current Location: The Hollows
House: House DeLauncey by birth

Player Base: Orlando Bloom

Personality: Cassius Theodore DeLauncey, better known as simply "Teddy" amongst his close friends and family, is a good man in a storm. A second son, Cassius was never pressured for perfection from the start of his life - instead, he was allowed to grow on his own. This type of general leeway has helped Cassius develop as man, rather than a figurehead in his society. Intelligent, and charming, Teddy has fulfilled his father's wishes as a more than capable second heir -- when he's set apart from Thelonius, Tiberius, and Lucius, of course. Teddy has all the potential to be the type of diplomat and leader the Vandermark needs, and his father's loyal banners look to the new lordling with great hopes - if only he can free himself of the tangle that his close-knit family creates.

Never a man of many words, Teddy is more of a listener than a speaker, more often humble than egotistical. He is the source of strength for many but leans on very few, more likely to keep his thoughts to himself rather than wear his heart on his sleeve. There are few people who understand Teddy better than his best friend, Atticus, whom is a rare creature that is permitted to see beyond Teddy's controlled exterior. Much like Atticus, Teddy is prone to bouts of restlessness - but his urge to disappear has been tempered, of late, by the heavy burden of his new-found responsibilities. He feels comfortable in social situations but is far less outspoken than his siblings, his silence masking the unique man within. Teddy has a crooked smile, and eyes that water when he is laughing, like his father.

History: Born in the chill of the fall months in the Hollows, Cassius Theodore DeLauncey's birth was a joyous one -- a second son, Marcus DeLauncey could rest easy and take pride in his burgeoning family, unhindered by the fear of lacking an heir. It was under this pervasive emotion that Cassius grew, under the wing of his older brother Rufus. They were rapidly followed in succession by the birth of the twins, and Lucius not shortly after. Marcus DeLauncey's banners would often toast with their liege lord over his the prosperity of his strong seed, as the patriarch proudly looked over his five healthy sons. But his mother longed for a daughter of her own, and only in the summer of 242 was she blessed with one. Teddy was nine when his first and only sister was born, and from the moment he beheld her pudgy face and little fingers, Teddy loved her immensely. This, of course, was common amongst the DeLauncey's - five boys growing together often dissolved in small scuffles and many youthful tears and jabs, even amongst their comradery. But the birth of their sister was a unique surprise, and although their mother tried her best to make her only daughter a lady, Eveline DeLauncey more often than not ending up playing at swords and covered in mud rather than learning her embroidery.

At age fourteen, much to the chagrin of his brothers and sister, Teddy was sent to ward with the Fitzwulf's, in exchange for William Fitzwulf's own second son, to honor their decades-long disputes. Naturally, Teddy rebelled against his new family's rules and regulations, and he more than once was at the receiving end of William Fitzwulf's wrath, who was beginning to think he got the raw end of the deal. Teddy did not try his best to fit in, goaded by his own brother's negative assessments of the Fitzwulf brood. He respected but avoided William Fitzwulf, and revered Henry Fitzwulf like only a younger boy could, keeping his admiration a shameful secret -- a DeLauncey should never emulate one of their distant heathen cousins. However, Teddy found rare friendship in the form of Alan Hound, one of William Fitzwulf's elder bastard sons. Within the three years Teddy spent in the Westerlands, Alan Hound became Teddy's best friend, and upon his return to the Vandermark, Alan was granted begrudging leave of his father to go with him.

Teddy's time in the Westerlands was cut short when Henry Fitzwulf died 231 and thus Jon Fitzwulf had to return to his father's lands to take his brother's place as heir. Marcus DeLauncey was more than displeased; not only to lose his half of the warding bargain, but that his young daughter's promised betrothed died, with no word from William Fitzwulf for a replacement arrangement. Angered, Marcus DeLauncey had Teddy return to the Hollows, surprised to find a Fitzwulf bastard in tow. Marcus DeLauncey was never one to turn away what looked like a potential ward, so Alan was accepted - but much more than was expected. Alan, or "Atticus," as they came to calling him, quickly became a sixth brother. Life, from there on, was enjoyable. Teddy and Atticus are never found far from eachother, often setting off on some random jaunt or adventure. Atticus and Teddy were one another's shadow -- Teddy had found in Atticus a kindred soul, even in their differences, and their friendship ran deep. Teddy was still a second son - his time belonged to him alone.

That changed drastically, however, when Teddy first met Sophita Fournier in the fall of 237, at the annual rites in the sacred woods of Waternesse. The autumnal celebration to pay tribute to the Unnamed is required for all members of the Old religion, and Cassius was there as was customary his family's place. It was across the great bonfires that he first saw her face - milky white skin, green eyes, creased at the corners, as she laughed about some unknowable words. It was Sophita's family that was charged to care for the grounds where the Old Gods walked in the Vandermark, and although the DeLauncey's were the major participants of the rituals, the Fournier's were integral. The celebration lasts through the night and the next morning of the equinox, and Cassius had managed to catch her once as they danced among the trees, her hands slipping briefly between his before she was gone again. It took Cassius most of the night to find her, when it became clear she was avoiding the DeLauncey who was so avidly following her steps. When he finally caught Sophita amongst the throngs of worshippers scattered amongst the hollowed woods, Cassius had to beg her for just a few moments of her time, and Sophita tried to laugh him away, but it is hard to deny a man like Cassius - and morning found them off on their own, beneath the canopy, laughing and talking. She fell asleep on his shoulder as the sun's morning rays filtered through the leaves, her raven hair splayed across her shoulders, one hand resting upon his chest- and Cassius was hooked.

They spent every moment together until the DeLauncey's had to depart for the Hollows a week later, and Rufus laughed at his younger brother, the twins goading him to "hurry the hell up" as Cassius was the last one left remaining on the dock, his fingers in her dark hair, trying to catch one last kiss from his lady even as his father barked for his son to board the ship. Cassius stood at the prow and watched Sophita run to the end of the dock, tears in her eyes as she waved goodbye, calling out to him. Theirs was a young love that was turbulent but fierce, and in the next year, each moment apart was spent planning the next time they could be together - Sophita made her way to the Hollows (with a chaperone, of course) as much as her father would allow it, while Cassius worried whether or not she and Atticus would get along - and Cassius more than once made the daunting trip to Waternesse to sit beside the sacred pools and hold her hand, sometimes in silence, more often in laughter. She was young and beautiful, and everything Cassius had not known he wanted. She was sharp, with a quick tongue that often put Cassius in his place, but terribly unique in every way. She shared with Cassius her fears and her triumphs, and for hours he would sit beside her in the cool grass on the compounds of the Waternesse Castle, in awe at the ideas she purported and the dreams she espoused, her voice enthusiastic, endearing. He loved her, deeply, profoundly. And when his father was taken with the plague, she denied her own family's wishes and made her way to the Hollows to stand beside Cassius, her small hand slipped in his, being his strength as he watched his father's body entombed for eternity, beholden of the DeLauncey's gone past. Atticus was there as well, and upon them Cassius weighed his grief.

That was the last time Cassius has seen Sophita. It has been three years, three very volatile, tumultuous years. Not long after his father's death, his sister-in-law and nephew died, and then the greatest shock of all, Cassius' eldest brother and the Lord of the Hollows, Rufus, was found brutally murdered in his chambers by their sister Eveline. This made Cassius' world come shattering down. He, himself, was to be Lord of the Hollows now, Guardian of the Vandermark. This was not something Cassius had ever expected, nor wanted -- but the burden fell upon his shoulders in the darkest of times. He was handed a nation, torn asunder by plague, suffering with each passing moon; a family, once proud and strong, crumbling at the roots, reeling from the never-ending parade of death - first their father, then the unprecedented murder of their brother. Cassius knew what he had to do. He just wasn't sure if he was capable of it.

He began to work slowly, but tirelessly. He was never meant to be heir - but he was rising to the challenge, as insurmountable as it was. It seemed as if the DeLauncey's were in a torrent of grief, and if it were not for Cassius's strength in the passing months, they would have withered and fallen. The repairs began slowly. Almost all of the original belongings of the DeLauncey's had to be burned - for fear of the contagion taking more of the family. They had to feel safe again - so Cassius revamped the entire working system of retainers for the DeLauncey's. Then he began his move throughout the Vandermark. He had to reach out to his people, to assure them that they had not been forsaken - that the DeLauncey's remained. For each new trip and new city, Cassius brought another DeLauncey. He wanted the people to see their faces, to know their leaders. He needed their faith as much as his own. Slowly, strength returned to the DeLauncey's and the Vandermark, as a whole. Cassius made a name for himself, and a reputation, as a young but capable leader amongst the banner lords. They knew him, they trusted him - the future seemed possible where once it had only shown darkness. They began to grow, leaning upon one another, and moved forward.

His brother, Tiberius, has become heir now, and begun to abandon the more childish ways the twins always espoused. Things have changed drastically, and Cassius wishes he could say that it brought the family closer together - but he could see the pain behind Eveline's eyes, hear the sharp words of Lucius. Cassius' relationship with his youngest brother has weakened dramatically, the strain of the changes in their lives causing their bond to suffer greatly. Throughout all of this, Cassius' love for his family has kept him going - that, and the letters he receives from his beloved Sophita. The grip of the plague kept them apart, but Cassius did not mind, under the knowledge that she would be safer in the heart of Waternesse, quarantined away from the crippling disease. They wrote to one another constantly, making plans for their future together, in the hopes that there was a future past this blackness. For a brief time in the fall of 239, her letters stopped coming - and Cassius began to write her more and more, concerned they were getting lost, getting side-tracked, or worse, his fear worsened by the lack of his usual support from Atticus, whom had disappeared for another time -- but Eveline would not let him think those thoughts, and his duty to the capital of the Vandermark kept him rooted to the Hollows. Finally, after two months of silence, Cassius' heart nearly tore asunder as he broken open the wax seal of House Fournier and saw her familiar handwriting, scrawling across the page.

Present day finds Cassius hopeful -- for once. Hopeful, about the future: reports of the plague dying out have increased, and his family has begun to mend the emotional scars (or so he hopes). Atticus has returned. His banners remain strong and devoted, and the time nears where Cassius and Sophita will finally be able to marry. They had promised to wait it out, to break through the dark years to be married in happiness rather than surrounded by death. News from the Capital has made this all the more possible.

Writing Sample:

He had heard their footsteps coming, but Cassius could not peel his eyes away from the letter in his hands.

He had seen the royal bird as well, distinct from the markings on it's wings, and he was still in his riding leathers and thick gloves when the portly maester of the House had come running down the stone steps of rook tower, his round face red from exertion. "Lord DeLauncey, Lord DeLauncey --" he had sputtered, nearly tripping over his own feet in his haste. "Teddy," Cassius quickly corrected him, before snatching the letter from his plump fingers. Without much ado, Cassius tore into the parchment, his dark eyes quickly scanning the finely scripted words.

A smile, broad and bold broke out across his face.

And there was Eveline and Lucius, and Eveline's mutt quickly trailing after. Cassius just laughed, seeing the excited look on his sister's face, and just as she reached him, he threw his hand up high, as Eveline took a great leap, trying to snatch it from his grip. "Give it to me!" Eveline said, trying to reach the letter, as Cassius laughed and lifted it higher over his head. He was a decent amount taller than his sister, and was keeping the letter just out of his sister's grasp as she tried to stand on her toes and swipe at it. "This is very un-Lordly, Teddy!" Eveline said, trying one more good swing at the letter. "This could be important and you are being foolish --"

"It's good. It's good news," Cassius said breathlessly, beaming, looking from his sister to his brother. It was such good news.


[Time Line Events]
Year 212: Rufus Addam DeLauncey is born.
Year 214: Cassius Theodore DeLauncey is born
Year 216: Tiberius Lexington DeLauncey is born
Year 216: Thelonius Larson DeLauncey is born
Year 219: Lucius Kaedon DeLauncey is born.
Year 222: Eveline DeLauncey is born.
Year 228: Cassius is sent to the Vandermark.
Year 230: Josephine and Marcheline DeLauncey return to the Vandermark.
Year 231: Cassius returns to the Vandermark.
Year 232: Plague covers a great deal of the Vandermark.
Year 233: Rufus takes a wife from Goldenmoore.
Year 237: Cassius meets Sophita Fournier and falls in love with her. They are promised to one another within months.
Year 238: Marcus DeLauncey dies of turpis morbi, Rufus' wife and child following a few months later. Rufus is murdered within weeks of his wife's death. Cassius becomes Lord of the Vandermark.
Year 240: Plague dies out.
Year 241: Game start.

Family Genealogy:
Marcus DeLauncey twin of Araline, d. 52 - Wife
--Rufus Addam DeLauncey -- Atlanta de Valle DeLauncey
---- Brutus DeLauncey
--Cassius Theodore "Teddy" DeLauncey - Fiancee
--Tiberius Lexington DeLauncey (Twin)
--Thelonius Larson DeLauncey (Twin)
--Lucius DeLauncey
--Eveline DeLauncey
Araline DeLauncey twin of Marcus, d. 52 - Old Man
-- Son/Daughter (twins)
Gaius DeLauncey- Old Lady
-- Demetrius DeLauncey - Wife
-- Warrine DeLauncey
-- Josephine DeLauncey (Twin)
-- Marcheline DeLauncey (Twin)
-- Son
Julius DeLaunce - Old Lady
-- Augustine DeLauncey - Husband
-- Alexandrine DeLauncey - Fiance
-- Arius DeLauncey
Marcellus DeLauncey - Old Man
-- Rufus DeLauncey - Fiancee
-- Ervine DeLauncey

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