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[Your Information]
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[Public Application]

Character Name: Iridia Harcourt
Character Age: 20
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): January 1st, 221
Current Location: Fyrsbruck
House: House Harcourt
Banner Appearance:

House Description: The Harcourts have always ruled Fyrsbruck, or at least as long as anyone can remember. Fyrsbruck is a marvelous city, with a huge statue dedicated to the god Geralt in the center of town. The Harcourts are quite devout in their following of Geralt. They have dark hair for the most part, though red-hair was not unheard of.

They have a fearsome navy and the best trained troops in Arbrecht, hands down. They had always been friends with Heldenbrecht, so much so that every Harcourt has Heldenbrecht blood in them. They've also become great friends with the Montroses in Maldenham.

Theirs a fierce rivalry between the Harcourts and the Fitzwulfs, a direct result of what happened during the war that resulted in Heldenbrecht becoming a shadow of it's former self. The Fitzwulfs might control the banks in Mier, but the Harcourts control the seas. They travel to the other provinces on a regular basis, indeed it's a rite of passage to meet every lord, see their land and stop by for a visit to the king on the way back. They were the quickest house in the league to unite against foreign invaders, and was one of the first to push against the truly foreign enemy year and years ago.

Their motto is "Family. Tradition. Freedom."

Player Base: Mila Kunis


Iridia is three inches shorter than her twin Isaac, something she hates terribly and a fact that would be best not to say to her face. Her hair is raven in color, so ink-black that it highlights blue tones in the sunlight, and she wears it loose in waves down her back or in a plait, when she out roaming. Her form is lean and supple, her active lifestyle making her body toned and not prone to curves. Her hands are calloused and rough, and Iridia sports a myriad of small scars, much to her mother's dismay. Iridia has heterochromia iridum, causing her right eye to be grey and her left eye to be green.

Personality: Iridia Harcourt is truly her father's daughter. Cunning, quick, and oftentimes noted as 'ruthless,' in the words of those who are less-than-fond of the eldest Harcourt twin, Iridia matches her father's attributes, step for step. She lives everything in her life to the excess: when she laughs, it is loud and joyous, and when Iridia cries - well, no, she never cries. If Iridia ever cried, only Isaac would know, and he would damn sure never tell anyone. She enjoys a good laugh, and shares in her brother's wine, but she is a difficult woman to get to know. Besides her family, Iridia is intensely private, and the demeanor she displays to outsiders is much more shielding than the 'Iridia' her family knows.

History: Idiria Harcourt was born a full two minutes before her twin, Isaac, and she has spent the rest of their twenty years making sure he remembers that.

Reckless from a young age, Iridia Harcourt has perhaps been the bane and blessing of her parents' existence. While Ian Harcourt seemed to generally overlook his eldest daughter's wayward behavior and obvious disregard for authority, Iona Harcourt's desperate attempts to make a lady out of her progeny were all but moot. Iridia was determined to march to the beat of her own drum, and one way or another, she managed to learn some semblance of 'manners' and 'courtly behavior' while growing up in britches and riding leathers, rather than silks and skirts. Her father seemed to accept, for a time, his "eldest son," indulging in Iridia's insistence that she be along with Isaac when Ian taught him out to hunt, and to string a bow. Ian would not tolerate, however, teaching Iridia how to use a sword -- a fact which she still continues to be sore about.

As the rest of their sibling's were born and the Harcourt family grew, Iridia began to preside over her younger sisters, the attentive older sister, healing scraped knees and diffusing small squabbles. But she is never found far from her twin, Isaac, whom is at once her best friend and her greatest competition. From a very early age, Iridia got the notion in her head that she should be Ian's heir, and she has never forgiven her father for telling her, when she six, that women had no place on an iron throne. To bolster her personal claim to Ian's seat, Iridia has excelled in her lessons, far more adept at geography and mathematics than at embroidery and how to properly take tea. Ian expelled her from his meetings but Iridia would beg Isaac the details when he returned from his father's side, and would even go so far as to hide outside her father's meeting chambers, an ear pressed to the door, fervently listening and holding on to the knowledge she gleaned. Iridia has adopted a certain flare for diplomacy, but is not as silver-tongued as Isaac, for whom such smooth charisma comes naturally. Iridia can be as charming as her darling twin, but her temper is much more easily incensed, and more than once has Isaac had to restrain his twin from causing bodily harm to another.

Iridia and Isaac's relationship can be summarily described as a hurricane. One minute they are laughing together, and the next, their screaming feuds can be heard echoing throughout the Harcourt stronghold's stony walls. Iridia can tell exactly what Isaac is thinking just by the look on his face, and only Isaac possesses the magic words to calm Iridia when she is taken with a fury of anger. Iridia loves all her siblings, but Isaac, she could not live without. He is her best friend and partner in crime (but much to his displeasure, she has always bested him at cards and archery. Just ask him.)

As Iridia grew into her exotic features and became a young woman, her olive skin and dark eyes drew more attention than her foul tongue and general abrasiveness could fend off. To her mother's pleasure, she began to dress more like a young noblewoman should, but to her same mother's sadness, Iridia always remained rambunctious and contentious. She has just of late, in the blossoming of her womanhood, understood what cards she can play differently than those possessed in her brother's hand.

Iridia's most prized possession is a longbow that is almost her height in length, that was fashioned from the blackened wood of the Wheir tree, which can only be found in the thick forests the farthest north one can go on the League, without hitting the wastes of the Northlands. It was made for her by her mother's brother, a Montrose uncle, and Iridia's skill with it is impressive - she is deadly with a bow.

Writing Sample:

It was a chilly fall morning, the leaves rustling in small wind currents around the twins, their movements scuffling against the cobbles in the courtyard of the great Harcourt estate.

"Don't squint like that, you'll ruin your position. When you squint like that --"

"Stop, Iridia. Just stop. I can do this, I don't need your fucking --" "Just let me, you are doing it wrong --"

The twins bickering could be heard from the courtyard, and the maids who moved to the window to watch the wild pair smiled, as these types of scenes were no strange event on the Harcourt premises. Iridia was standing beside Isaac, trying to readjust her brother's grip on his bow, her own monstrously large possession held fast in her left hand. Those skirts were going to need washing if Lady Iridia insisted on traipsing about in them all day, and the maids tsked to one another, before moving away from the window back to their work.

Down below, Iridia was elbowed out of the way by her twin, and she winced, catching the sharp point of his arm in the sternum. She reacted by quickly thwaking him on the side of the arm, and even though her brow was creased in anger, the look on Isaac's face made her laugh, the sound echoing against the stone walls.

[Time Line Events]
Year 0 AF - Abrecht joins the united Kingdoms, and with it comes Fyrsbruck.
Year 195 - Ian Harcourt is born
Year 201 - William Harcourt is born
Year 2?? - Ashleigh Harcourt is born.
Year 203 - Iona Montrose Harcourt is born.
Year 205 - Alexander Harcourt is born.
Year 216 - Ian to Iona and _______ to Cameron is arranged.
Year 220 - Ian and Iona get married.
Year 221 - Twins Isaac and Iridia are born.
Year 234-238 War of Heldenbrecht. Plague Victims are fired at Hacourt troops, resulting in the thick rivalry existing now.
235 - Illan Harcourt dies of natural causes. Ian is crowned King of Fyrsbruck at forty.
Year 436 - Iridia is given her bow, "Deliverance."
Year 240 - Ian's most hated enemy, William Fitzwulf, dies in his bed. Jon Fitzwulf steps up to become Province Lord and King of Westerland.
Year 241 - Game start!

Family Genealogy:
- Illan Harcourt - Grandma Blanchard Harcourt
-- *Ian Harcourt - Iona Montrose Harcourt
--- Iridia Harcourt (20) (Twin) F
--- Isaac Harcourt (20) (Twin) M
--- Vivian Harcourt (19) F
--- Keegan Harcourt (18) M
--- Sara Harcourt (17) F
--- Erin Harcourt (16) F
-- William Harcourt - Female Harcourt
--- Son/daughter Harcourt <--Name Must start with a W.
--- Erica Harcourt (16) F
--- Son/daughter Harcourt
-- Audrey Harcourt Kyffin - Rhisiart Kyffin
---Some Kyffins.
-- Ashleigh Harcourt Montrose (30's) - Cameron Montrose
---Montrose Boy
-- Alexander Harcourt (30's) - Solange Fleurant HArcourt
--- Son/Daughter Harcourt <-- Must start with an A
--- Son/Daughter Harcourt<--Plague

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Approved, my Rebellious little first born.
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Approved! You Harcourts are very graceful and beautiful... even if you're all alittle horrid.
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