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[Your Information]
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[Public Application]

Character Name: Eveline DeLauncey
Character Age: 19
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 21st, 232
Current Location: The Hollows
House: House DeLauncey by birth

Player Base: Sophia Bush
Appearance: Standing at 5'9", Eveline is rather tall for a woman - but not for a DeLauncey. She is dwarfed by her gaggle of elder brothers, earning her the nickname "Pup" from her father, Marcus. With chestnut hair and green eyes, and slight dimples when she smiles, Eveline possesses the pervasive DeLauncey genes. She is slender but athletic in build, used to climbing trees and chasing brothers. Eveline has a jagged scar down the middle of her right hand, from when she was fourteen and chasing her twin brothers through the busy city streets of the Hollows. She was not supposed to be with them but hadn't wanted to be left behind. A visiting nobles' son mistook her for a street urchin when Eveline mistakenly bumped into him, and he pushed her to the ground, brandishing his sword. Thelonius promptly decked the man while Tiberius gathered up their sister, but Eveline was so embarrassed she would not let the maester see her wound, and instead Lucius had to bind it for her. The skin healed improperly, and while she still has full use of her hand, it sports a rather ugly scar in the middle.

Personality: Kind-hearted and gentle, Eveline DeLauncey is the even temperment needed to balance out the rest of the DeLauncey brothers. When she is comfortable, she is talkative and exuberant in her expressions, but more often than not Eveline is content to listen rather than to speak. She is passionate, unable to be detached from anything in her life, and fiercely protective of those she loves, especially her family. Eveline is a dreamer - she has grand plans and aspirations that often overwhelm her. And yet she has a deeply rooted fear of change, reluctant to accept anything that alters her present state of life. In this, she is conflicted, and Eveline's recent major losses have made her wary of the future and what it could bring.

History: Eveline DeLauncey was the only daughter born to Marcus DeLauncey and his wife, after several fruitful years that produced five sons. She was born in the middle of July, the hot months, as the dawn light broke across the Hollows. Her father named her Eveline in honor of his own beloved twin, Araline, whom he lost in a fever a be year before. As Marcus' five boys crowded around the cradle of their newest sibling, one of the young crowd commented on her rather small size, and Marcus DeLauncey laughed. Raising a daughter would perhaps be his biggest challenge - he knew boys, understood boys. Boys were easy. But a daughter?

From her very early years, Eveline spent all her time with her brothers. Her mother tried to separate her daughter from the 'wolf pack' to give her proper lessons a young lady should attend to, but she visibly withered far from their company, so Marcus indulged in his spirited daughter's wishes. She was taught alongside them, thrived with them. Eveline has had the luck to create a unique relationship with each one of them, and holds her brothers dearest to her heart. They are the people she loves most in the world, and the only ones she trusts. Thus her early childhood years were unremarkable, in many ways - filled with laughter and love, small squabbles, a few broken bones, and several adventures. Eveline was blessed. It is with Cassius and Lucius that Eveline spends most of her time - but their relationships are starkly different.

All this seemed to change when Cassius left the Vandermark to ward with the Fitzwulf's when Eveline was seven, and inexchange, Jon Fitzwulf came to live with the DeLauncey's. Eveline was devastated, and immediately avoided this new Fitzwulf who had stolen her brother's place. Rufus paid the ward no mind - he was already too busy following in his father's wake - and Tiberius and Thelonius seemed annoyed with if not ignorant of their new ward's place. Eveline was wary of Jon at first, like she is of all change - but Lucius warmed quickly to that Fitzwulf son, forming a fast friendship between two young men who enjoyed running rampant and causing chaos in the Hollows. Lucius encouraged his sister to give the ward a chance, and slowly, she came around, especially to hear Jon's stories of the League of Arbrecht and the vastly different cities that inhabited the province therein.

When Eveline was nine, she was formally promised to the eldest son of the House Fitzwulf, a young man named Henry, Jon's older brother. He was eight years older than Eveline, the same age as her brother Cassius, but the agreement between DeLauncey and Fitzwulf was that on her seventeenth birthday, she would marry Henry Fitzwulf in the Hollows, under the eyes of the Old Gods and their families. She only met Henry once, when she was ten and he was seventeen, and he came to visit his brother Jon, who was being fostered with the DeLauncey's. Their exchange was short but Eveline held it in her heart forever, just like she did the silver bracelet Henry had brought for her across the water. She wore it from that day forth, even when the raven arrived that said Henry died five months later in Ernsaw. She did not cry when her father told her, because Rufus held her hand and said that wolves did not cry tears for Fitzwulf's. But she has never taken off Henry's bracelet.

In 230, Eveline's cousins, Josephine and Marcheline DeLauncey, were returned to the Hollows, along with their father, Eveline's Uncle, Gaius DeLauncey. Gaius cut an impressive and stern figure, and Eveline was always a little afraid of her uncle, even though she could see how close her father was to his brother - but it was her little cousins who were the surprise to Eveline. They had been raised in the Capital, and were very alarming to Eveline, who was raised in the Hollows - she was used to running in the woods and being surrounded by brothers, whereas Josephine and Marcheline were always trussed up in pretty outfits and well-mannered. But her little cousins took quickly to Eveline's side, and seemed to follow her about like little ducklings. This behavior has not changed as much as the girls grew - while they are twins and always together, Jo and Marcheline are never found far from their cousin Eveline, when it can be spared.

Eveline was ten when Cassius finally returned from over the water, the agreement having dissolved between the DeLauncey's and the Fitzwulf's when Jon was taken back to the League. By this time, Eveline had warmed to Jon, and they exchanged fervent promises of frequent letters on the docks of the Hollows, as Jon boarded the ship back to his own family. Eveline has been glued to Cassius' side ever since. Still, Cassius did not return without surprises - he was an older boy now, almost a man, and he had not returned alone. Much to Eveline's initial frustration, there was no where that Cassius went that this new 'Alan Hound' did not go as well, and it first, Eveline tried her best to wedge her way between that friendship and retrieve her beloved brother, all for herself. But as time passed and made it clear that Alan was not leaving, Eveline realized this, too, was something she would have to get used to. And much to her surprise, she did - Alan, or "Atticus," a nickname that soon replaced his given one, attributed to him by Eveline herself, became one of Eveline's best friends, as she tagged along with her eldest brother and Atticus on their many adventures. This began a time of great happiness for the DeLauncey family - their second son returned, and the addition of what they considered a new 'brother,' the joy of the Hollows was tangible throughout the island. Although news of plague spread quickly in 232, and began to creep across the Vandermark, the Hollows remained as of yet unscathed, and Marcus DeLauncey was taking the situation by storm, closing ports, sending out aid, and renewing the faith of his banners and his people. In 233, Rufus took to wife a beautiful girl from Goldenmoore, a daughter of the house of de Valle, whose blue eyes and smile like sunshine blinded Rufus in rapture. She was quickly assimilated into the DeLauncey family, her golden hair in stark contrast to the DeLauncey dark features, but her temperment just the same. Two years later, in 235, even as the plague began to grip the Vandermark and leave premature age lines upon Marcus DeLauncey's face, Rufus' wife gave birth to their first child, a son, and the DeLauncey family rejoiced in their first grandchild - it seemed as though they were untouchable. The Old Gods had not forgotten their children - they were blessed.

This facade came crashing down in the spring of 248, when Marcus DeLauncey returned from his trip to check on the quarantine measures being taken in Linsburg. He had returned in the middle of the night, and taken straight to bed - which was unlike Marcus, a man who never retired without kissing his beloved wife goodnight and checking on the whereabouts of each of his children. The next morning Lucius found their father fallen half out of his bed, choking on the black bile that filled his lungs, his eyes red, his fingers gripping at the sheets. Marcus was returned to his bed and his family took up a vigil around him - he tried to send them away, demanding that Eveline be moved to the outer city, begged for them to leave him where he lay - but within three nights Marcus DeLauncey, Lord of the Hollows, Guardian of the Vandermark, beloved father, loving husband - died surrounded by his children, all six sets of hands holding on to their father's as he slipped away into the shadows. Under their watchful eyes he was taken to the sacred burial grounds of the DeLauncey's, in a grove just touching the heart of the woods of the Hollows, near the heartlake that gave them their birthrite.

Under a mantle of darkness, Rufus DeLauncey took his father's place, that was always his right as heir, but felt entirely premature - and the family tried to find strength in one another. But within a month, Rufus' wife's screams could be heard reverberating through the stone halls of the Hollows - and their child's fever took him within a week. He was too young to fight. Rufus' wife herself put up a greater struggle, even as the sickness rattled her throat and her lungs. Rufus tried to care for her all himself, swearing terrible oaths, sending away his family even as his own grey eyes clouded with tears, but Eveline and her brothers never left their sister-in-law's side. Even in the last days, as her bright blue eyes dulled, the sharpness of her unique laughter dimmed to silence, and her golden hair began to fall out - they remained. Cassius held Rufus as his brother crumbled, watching his wife take her last breath, her eyes like the summer sky closing forever. It was clear, then - the Hollows were contaminated. Rufus was not even allowed a proper burial for his wife and child, having to burn them on the funeral pyre, as was becoming customary across the kingdoms to combat the plague. Rufus became distant, withdrawn, a mere shadow of the stalwart, impressive man he had been before, the future of the DeLauncey line. Time passed slowly. Laughter seemed to melt away from the Hollows, and just waking up and living became the chore of the day.

It was a crisp fall morning, and the air had a scent of the salty sea breeze, when Eveline pushed open the double doors of her eldest brother's chambers and saw the dull, blackened blood spilled across the floor. She doesn't remember much else, to this day - she woke with a ringing in her ears and a pounding in her head, tucked into her own bed. Eveline had fainted, apparently, but when Lucius came to investigate the sound of his sister hitting the floor, he found instead --

It was impossible to understand how it happened. The trajectory of events. The Hollows were never a closed-off castle, but there were guards posted at every door. There were a few maids who heard sounds of a scuffle, but did not interfere. There was sign of a struggle, knocked off shelves, strewn books, candle wax spattered across the floor. But no matter where Cassius and his brothers went, what questions he asked, no matter who was interrogated, no resolution would come. It would not bring Rufus back. But the question still plagued them. Who would want to stab Rufus DeLauncey to death in his own bedchamber? And to what ends?

Cassius DeLauncey assumed the role of Lord of the Hollows without much pomp. He was handed a nation, torn asunder by plague, suffering with each passing moon; a family, once proud and strong, crumbling at the roots, reeling from the never-ending parade of death - first their father, then the unprecedented murder of their brother. He began to work slowly, but tirelessly. He was never meant to be heir - but he was rising to the challenge, as insurmountable as it was. It seemed as if the DeLauncey's were in a torrent of grief, and if it were not for Cassius's strength in the passing months, they would have withered and fallen. The repairs began slowly. Almost all of the original belongings of the DeLauncey's had to be burned - for fear of the contagion taking more of the family. They had to feel safe again - so Cassius revamped the entire working system of retainers for the DeLauncey's. Then he began his move throughout the Vandermark. He had to reach out to his people, to assure them that they had not been forsaken - that the DeLauncey's remained. For each new trip and new city, Cassius brought another DeLauncey. All, save for Eveline. He could not risk her safety, he told her more than once. Slowly, strength returned to the DeLauncey's and the Vandermark, as a whole. Cassius made a name for himself, and a reputation, of a young but capable leader amongst the banner lords. They knew him, they trusted him - the future seemed possible where once it had only shown darkness. They began to grow, leaning upon one another, and moved forward.

Present day finds Eveline still in the safe arms of her family, a young woman, no longer a child. It has been three years since the tragic deaths of both her father and her eldest brother, but still the family suffers - the DeLauncey's feel every loss as keenly as if it were but days ago, rather than years. Wary to remove themselves from the relative safety of the Hollows, the DeLauncey family remains nestled in it's ancestral stronghold, but where Eveline had always been content with this lifestyle, she has begun to itch for something more. She has not seen Jon in seven years, and Atticus, who has ever possessed the wandering spirit, brings Eveline news of foreign lands, and tales of things she has never seen. News of the Royal Ball has just been sent, sending the entire city, if not all of Vandermark, into a ruckus - the four Lord seats of the Vandermark have neglected to stir from their encampment for over seven years, and although they are familiar with Cassius as Lord of the Vandermark by now, their perception of the outside world remains skewed.

Writing Sample:

"I saw the birds - they were royal birds, you could tell from the - well, you know --" Eveline said breathlessly as she ran down the corridor, trying to convince her brother she wasn't making it up, her jade skirts billowing about her legs, her green eyes moving from Lucius' face to look at the expanse in front of them. Her cloak was earthen in color and it snapped behind her as she raced across the stone floor. It was still early in the spring and the Hollows were damp and chilled, provoking Eveline to don her dresses with long-sleeves. The clicking of nails against stone could be heard right behind her, as Eveline's mutt followed closely behind. Ada had been just a pup when Atticus had given him to Eveline, but that had been three years ago - Ada was almost full-grown now, his long muzzle distinctly showing his mixed blood.

She and Lucius had been out in the courtyard when she had spotted them in the sky. The royal birds were very distinct, in size and color, and considering how few of them had arrived in the past few years, Eveline caught their unique arrival in an instant. She knew they would be delivered straight to Cassius, so she and her brother Lucius were in hot pursuit for the rookery. By the time they reached him, the Lord of the Vandermark had torn open the letter, but as soon as he saw his siblings, he backed up - and raised the letter high up in the air, laughing.

"Give it to me!" Eveline said, trying to reach the letter, as Cassius laughed and lifted it higher over his head. He was a decent amount taller than his sister, and was keeping the letter just out of his sister's grasp as she tried to stand on her toes and swipe at it. Cassius' face was flushed and red from having been summoned from the training yards, and his grey eyes sparkled with mirth. "This is very un-Lordly, Teddy!" Eveline said, trying one more good swing at the letter. "This could be important and you are being foolish --"

"It's good. It's good news," Cassius said breathlessly, beaming, looking from his sister to his brother.

[Time Line Events]
Year 212: Rufus DeLauncey is born.
Year 214: Cassius Theodore DeLauncey is born
Year 216: Tiberius Lexington DeLauncey is born
Year 216: Thelonius Larson DeLauncey is born
Year 232: Eveline DeLauncey is born
Year 228: Cassius is sent to the Vandermark.
Year 230: Josephine and Marcheline DeLauncey return to the Vandermark.
Year 231: Cassius returns to the Vandermark.
Year 232: Plague covers a great deal of the Vandermark.
Year 233: Rufus takes a wife from Goldenmoore.
Year 238: Marcus DeLauncey dies of turpis morbi, Rufus' wife and child following a few months later. Rufus is murdered within weeks of his wife's death. Cassius becomes Lord of the Vandermark.
Year 240: Plague dies out.
Year 241: Game start.

Family Genealogy:
Marcus DeLauncey twin of Araline, d. 52 - Wife
--Rufus Addam DeLauncey -- Atlanta de Valle
-----Brutus DeLauncey
--Cassius Theodore "Teddy" DeLauncey - Fiancee
--Tiberius Lexington DeLauncey (Twin)
--Thelonius Larson DeLauncey (Twin)
--Lucius DeLauncey
--Eveline DeLauncey
Araline Lady twin of Marcus, d. 52 - Old Man
-- Son/Daughter (twins)
Old Man Sean Bean DeLauncey- Old Lady
-- Demetrius DeLauncey - Wife
-- Warrine DeLauncey
-- Josephine DeLauncey (Twin)
-- Marcheline DeLauncey (Twin)
-- Son
Julius DeLaunce - Old Lady
-- Augustine DeLauncey - Husband
-- Alexandrine DeLauncey - Fiance
-- Arius DeLauncey
Marcellus DeLauncey - Old Man
-- Rufus DeLauncey - Fiancee
-- Ervine DeLauncey

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