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[OOC Information]

Your Name: Renna
RP Experience: About 10 years
Your Character's Player Base: Violet/Lauren Budd (name changed model? Idk. )


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Melari Forthwind
Character Age: 17
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): April 15, 224
Home Castle/City: White Spires, Demere
House: Forthwind



Melari is a sweet-faced young woman with bright blue eyes and a roses-and-cream complexion. Her hair is brown. If it were short it would be quite wave, but the length ensures that what curl exists is subtle. Mel is rather small, standing at a modest 5'4", and is soft to the eyes -- no vamping hourglass shape here, but rather gentle and graceful curves that are obvious without being distracting. Her fingers are calloused. In general she is just a happy, healthy young lady, and she smiles more often than not.



Melari is a gentle soul, full of patience and quiet good humor. She delights in and loves the smallest things (on the flip side, this means she grieves easily as well). There isn't much that doesn't please her, nor is there much that she has no interest in. She's a talented weaver, seamstress, healer, gardener, and archer, and on top of that she loves horses, books, music, art, and dancing. Mel likes to be busy and devotes her time to learning, which is probably why she's a rather talented young lady. She is her own taskmaster and takes care too see that she spends very little time being frivolous. Days and hours are divided as she sees fit for work, study, and play, and this natural sense of balance ensures that she rarely burns out. Besides, she loves her sister Marisee dearly and would love to be just like her. Marisee, of course, knows how to do everything -- so Melari happily tries.

Not to suggest that Mel is a stick in the mud! While she appreciates the value of honest work, Melari does like to smile, and she loves people. It can sometimes be difficult to earn her approval, simply from a moral standpoint, but once Mel's trust is gained she is a loyal and a loving friend forever. However, should this trust be lost, there is no guarantee of ever winning it back. "Once bitten, twice shy," is a good description of Mel. She has a good intuition about people, so those who manage to deceive her are probably going out of their way to break what she views as a very serious bond. These people do bring out Mel's worst tendencies. Mel's fury is rare, but when it arrives, she certainly knows how to hold a grudge.

Melari reacts the worst to crimes against those she loves, finding such situations a wound much harder to bear than an insult directed at herself (although her feelings are very easily hurt. It's not that hard to make her cry). She cannot stand seeing another person in pain or fear, and this includes enemies. Lady Mel would have difficulty killing anyone even to save her life, and she knows that this is a potentially fatal flaw in a leader. But she can be very brave, and has a protective streak that grants her courage if others are also in danger.

*Is left-handed
*Poor liar
*Hates spiders and is nervous with heights.
*Is pretty sheltered, can be naive, and occasionally self-righteous -- she considers herself to be standing on a high moral ground and is pretty sure she knows the difference between right and wrong. If she sees something she doesn't like, she's going to say something.
*Loves nothing better than story and song, accompanied by hot pasties fresh out of the fire. She has a tendency to hoard snacks, and will often take seconds just so she can squirrel a little away for ‘later’. More than once an unlucky subject has sacrificed a treat because his Lady took a little more than her fair share of goodies.
*Occasionally has dreams that foretell….things. This is rare, and she usually doesn’t know which dreams are predictions until the events within actually happen. All of her dreams are vivid, most are realistic; this makes it difficult to decide what dreams represent a Truth and which are just dreams.



Since the day of her birth Melari has mimicked her elder sister, coming into the world on a gentle spring day and proving to be an unusually happy baby. This might not be so surprising, because from the start Mel has been very well-loved. Aside from Mother and Father, she was blessed with a good big brother and a sister who worshipped the ground she crawled on. Marisee's sweetness won the babe's loyalty at once, and even now the sisters share a friendship that has never faded. The only real difference is that now the roles are reversed: Mel has bowed at Mar's shrine since she was old enough to speak. In Melari's eyes her sister can do no wrong, and she has followed her example faithfully and without complaint for most of her life. And why not? The two are kindred spirits, forever wanting to learn. They share the same interests and talents and loves; they share the sweet personality given from their mother and they share an abiding sense of responsibility. It's probable that Melari would have studied and gardened and learned music entirely on her own if Mar had never existed, but the experience would be so much cheapened without her forever-companion that the knowledge gained would not be the same at all. Mel needs her sister, more than she has ever needed anyone else, and if offered the chance to erase her from her history she would instantly recoil.

After all, Mar was only fifteen when their mother died. Mel had been even younger -- she'd just stepped into the time where girls need a mother most, and in the space of a week Eliane was gone. The heartache and confusion that followed were nothing small, but somehow Marisee shouldered the title "mother" and took her siblings in. She'd been Mel's best friend before; now she became everything. Melari understood, vaguely, that her sister needed her mother too, that Mar was nearing an age to marry and had no one to turn to, and that she herself might be an unnecessary burden on her dearest friend. She could think of no way to mend this other than giving her love, so she loved her sister fiercely and hoped it showed enough to keep her happy. Life struggled on, and things smoothed out as well as they could after such a loss, when disaster struck again.

Marisee's betrothal was the end of the world. The usually sweet Melari sulked and moped and pouted and wept through the entire process. She helped with the wedding gown and the food and the decor, and on one hand she was happy, but on the other! --

The wedding night was worst of all. After fifteen years of being able to curl up in her sister's bed whenever she wished, there was no one to whisper to. No secrets to tell, no midnight pillow fights, no comforting presence to keep the nightmares away. It was horribly lonely, even clinging to an extra pillow, and on top of that there was the worry. What was happening to her sister? What if The Man was hurting her? What if she was scared; what if she needed to be rescued?

Mel passed an awful night, torn between terror and propriety, and when at breakfast it seemed like Marisee was safe, she immediately went back to bed and cried herself to sleep.

Since then Melari has been quieter, burrowing more deeply into her hobbies at the expense of human companionship. She's not unhappy, exactly -- she smiles, and sings, and is genuinely interested in her work, but things can never be quite the same as they were and two great losses were enough to make her wary of love. She does adore her niece, and of course her sister still, but she hasn't quite forgiven The Man. Perhaps she never will.

Update: Please see timeline to see events of 241.


[Writing Sample]

"Make your stitch this way."

Melari bent to help little Afanen with her needle, tugging it through a stubborn clump of thread and patiently stopping to untangle the knot. Afanen was six and only beginning to be introduced to the frustrating world of needlework, and Mel couldn't help a pang of sympathy when the little girl pouted and kicked her legs against the chair. She had more patience than most, and even she could remember how difficult the first few years of sewing had been. Little legs had no desire to sit still for as long as sewing required, and little fingers were still too clumsy to prevent getting pricked. Mel knew Afanen wanted to be outside, but life was as it was and there wasn't much help for it. The Lady finished straightening the thread and added a few more stitches to help her friend along, then leaned in consolingly. "It's not so bad. You don't have to spend all your time with this, you know...just half an hour. That still lives plenty to go play."

Afanen pouted harder and crossed her arms, shaking a head as pale and wild as a dandelion's mane. "The needle doesn't like me. I hate it back."

Poor thing. Melari took a pudgy hand in her own (forcing Afa out of her pout) and raised it to her lips, kissing the injured fingers with an obvious tenderness. "You're rushing it."

Mel nudged the needle back into Afa's hand and circled an arm around her shoulder. "Go slow for now. A half hour won't go any faster if your sewing does; I'd rather you were very careful and didn't prick yourself than if you finished this entire hem. You'll get faster as you get better, I promise."

She released the little girl and showed her own work, an intricate design of roses and vines accented by tiny pearls. "See this? Once upon a time my handkerchiefs looked just like yours. My fingers too -- all full of holes." Mel smiled, hoping to draw a smile out of her student, and when it didn't quite work she made a funny face, poking out her tongue. Afa giggled and Melari knew she'd won, so she settled back in her seat with a smile. "There we go. Now take the needle and start from the bottom, and go up...reeeeeeaaaaaaal sloooooooooow...gooooooooooooood."

Her slow-voice coaxed out another giggle, and Lady Forthwind relaxed. Tantrum averted. "Tell you what. Sewing isn't the same as playing outside, but it's good for other things. We can think for five minutes, and talk for five minutes, then think and talk and think and talk until the time is over, and then..." She leaned forward. "I'll join you in a game of tag! Sound good?"


Mel shared Afanen's laugh, and just like that the room was brighter.


[Timeline of Events]


Year 224: Melari is born.
Year 236: Eliane Forthwind dies of the plague.
Year 239: Marisée weds Tristan Kyffin. Mel is suddenly very lonely.
Year 241: Tegan Kyffin is born. Mel adores her niece. Also, Mel comes of age!
Year 241: Mel becomes friendly with Aiden Faerald at Adrien's grand celebration; buds into courtship.
Year 241: Cemric war breaks out; Mel taken prisoner by Merthen A'Cadag.
Year 241: Merthen has a change of heart and helps Aiden recover her safely. Prince Owyn defeated and executed.
Year 241: Attack on Demere slaughters Lord Forthwind, Lord Liam, and his wife Lady Marcheline, leaving Marisee and Melari the sole Forthwinds surviving of the main line.
Year 241: Bradyn Forthwind arrested for treason; remaining family summoned for the trial.
Year 241: Marisee Forthwind weds again, to Ezekiel Hughes.
Year 241: Mel and Marisee arrive in Forsilvra to defend their uncle.

This part isn't strictly necessary, but because I made the house, I'm including Forthwind info just to be safe/helpful <3.

Banner Appearance:

The city Demere is the former seat of the Royal House of Fontenot. Before they were elected Kings of Forsilvra, the Fontenots were sworn to House Faerald, considered by the latter to be their most formidable bannermen. After the Fontenots were elevated to rule Forsilvra, their lands were granted to another house. House Forthwind had never been quite as prominent, despite their long bloodlines, but they gave devoted service to their lords and their land. Their reward was very much deserved, and it continues to be deserved as they shoulder the task of serving Caelain and House Faerald. Forthwinds have a long history of courage, honesty, and generosity; these virtues are taught from parent to child so they will never be forgotten. House Motto: "Always True".


  • Gavin Forthwind (68)-- Maergery Tanaer Forthwind (66)
    • Arland Forthwind (47) -- Elaine Fleurant (43)
      • Liam Forthwind (22) -- Marcheline DeLauncey (17)
      • Marisée Forthwind (19)
        • Tegan Forthwind
      • Melari Forthwind (17)
    • Bradyn Forthwind (42) -- Drusilla Equitatus (40)
      • Carys Forthwind (19)
      • Gandyn Forthwind (17)
      • Flynn Forthwind (15)
    • Pavali Forthwind Grant (38)
    • Nymeria Forthwind (29)


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Don't you need to include your House Genealogy too?

Otherwise, good job. Approved!

(I'll ask Luke to be the next approver.)
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I asked Aiden to comment. He just grunted and sulked off to his room.

I, however, approve

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