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Default Alaine Blanchard Fitzwulf



[OOC Information]

Your Name: Tink
RP Experience: N/A
Your Character's Player Base: Natalie Dormer


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Alaine Blanchard Fitzwulf
Character Age: 20
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): January 9, 221
Home Castle/City: Westerland
House [Birth and Marriage if applicable]: House Blanchard, House Fitzwulf



Alaine stands at an average height of five foot five, with pale skin and piercing blue eyes. She also has the trademark dark hair all the Blanchards have. She carries herself with an air of authority as she is rather arrogant but she is almost constantly adorned with fine clothes, although she does well to hide her expanding girth with her pregnancy. She is not slender anymore and her hair can reach halfway down her back when she lets it down. She does however wear a silver pendant with a rose on it- her mother's necklace that was passed down to her when she had turned five.



Outspoken, Alaine is an opinionated woman. She is tempestuous at best, and has a temper like the sea. She can be soothing and sweet to those she cares for, mostly her brother and sister however to outsiders she is harsh and cold. She is bitter to the Fitzwulfs and many of the families in Westerland where she now resides. She loathes being carted off as a war prize and Alaine has shown almost no promise or interest in making those of Westerland love her. Why should she care? All she will be expected to do is stay in the background, an ornament on her husband's arm and a vessel to pop out his heirs. That is all that is expected of her and that is all she will do.

However on the outside appears the woman that is cold and uncaring. She is proper, appearing at her husband's side at court functions whenever it is required of her but Alaine rarely smiles or laughs. This is only when she is in private with her husband or even her sister. She hates life in Westerland and wants to return home with every aching bone in her body. She knows this is not possible anymore, since her husband is a King now and she a Queen, bought and paid for with blood and war. She accepts her lot in life but Alaine does so bitterly.

The cold woman secretly harbors a strong intellect and a knack for court politics. She picks up on people's body language seamlessly and easily. She watches the mannerisms of people and is quite cunning, so much so she could be a deadly contender in court politics but Alaine chooses not to interfere in it. She is after all a woman- what would her place be in such a world? Instead she appears a woman that cares for the simple pleasures- fine gowns, wine and food. If she will not bring the people to love her (and in all honesty why should she care?) she will live a life of luxury and spend what she must to look like the royalty she was born to be. Alaine likes having fine gowns, jewels and the like adorned on her at all times.

However Alaine is a woman that deeply yearns to be loved and is alone in the world. She at first wished to hate her husband but slowly found herself growing fond of him (but she won't admit this) and it causes a dilemma for her because she was taught to hate Fitzwulfs. She wishes desperately for some news about her brother, clinging to the hope that he is alive but as time passes her hope is starting to falter. She has her sister for now, but she fears she too will be wretched away from her. Alaine lies in a world of emptiness and bitterness surrounded by enemies not knowing who she truly can trust.



The first born princess of Heldenbrecht, Alaine came into the world squalling in the early hours of the morning in the winter. The middle child and first born princess, she was the apple of her father's eye, that is until Madelaine was born which was not amusing. Her father already had his eldest heir and son and with Alaine's birth she was viewed as nothing more than a political alliance for the future. Alaine grew up with some relative comfort, although she was taught early on to hate the Fitzwulfs, her families bitter enemies. There was an attempt at peace before her birth, when her uncle was promised to wed a Fitzwulf woman but the wedding proved tragic when he was killed the day after his wedding. She never knew her uncle Adelard but she knew the woman behind his death (or at least was assumed) was a vile treacherous little thing.

She grew up in relative comfort, learning the common courtesies of a noblewoman, riding, dancing, courtly manners and the like. Alaine however has always possessed a fire within her, defying most courtly traditions and then was promptly scolded by her father whenever she did so. Her mother told her to control her temper- but Alaine didn't care, at least until her actions earned a smack across the face from her father. She resented him after that, always being treated as a pawn but there was nothing she could do about it. She was a woman, no matter how much she wished she had been born a boy it wasn't plausible. She did everything her father said after that, making herself more of a “proper” noblewoman for his sake. She hated it, remembering all her father's lord's names, only speaking when spoken too and doing as she was bid. She was a songbird kept in a cage- and oh how she loathed it.

When the Fitzwulf's invaded when she was a girl of thirteen, Alaine's world was shattered. She began to fear for her life- especially that of her family. A night coup left her family out of power, her life changed in an instant. Her brother Corbin, the constant steadfast rock in her life vanished (she had been told he was killed) and she and her sister were taken by the Fitzwulfs and Alaine betrothed to William Fitzwulf's son, Jon. Alaine didn't want to like the man that would become her husband. She wanted to spit in his face, flee and go far, far away from Arbrecht. Perhaps she could even join the Church- yet she remembered her mother's strength and she would not flee. Alaine took her punishment (as she saw it) with dignity and went with her captors, although she never once liked the idea of marriage. Her life had become increasingly hard as of late- with the plauge that hit, killing almost seemingly anyone it touched. It did not spare her mother however and she was stricken with grief when the Queen was killed.

William Fitzwulf died a year later, Jon crowned King and not long after Alaine was wed, becoming a Fitzwulf. She became pregnant a few months after her wedding, now everyone anticipating the arrival of an heir but secretly she hopes it will be a girl to spite William Fitzwulf and those that the Fitzwulfs had killed within her family.


[Writing Sample]

“Bring me more hot water.” She murmured to the servant, rising out of her bed. Alaine was quick to settle herself up on her bed. She was ready to face court, donning her mask that was cold and indifferent. She would smile when it was appropriate, even laugh if she needed to. But she would not show kindness or caring for any of the others that would be there. What was the point? She hated them. They only cared about the babe that was growing within her.

Each night she prayed it was a girl. A girl so that she could spite William Fitzwulf. Hah. After the war he brought upon her family his first grandchild would be a daughter. Sometimes she secretly hoped all she birthed would be girls....

Letting her hair down she climbed into the tub, letting the warmth of the water soothe her aching joints. She wasn't even showing yet- but she could tell she was already with child. She was starting to get fatter. Alaine didn't like this. She was almost always a vain woman but now she had more of an excuse to buy more gowns. She'd need them to accommodate her expanding girth. She just hoped she'd go back to being her small size again. Maybe she could starve herself after the babe was born- that would work. She let herself forget her thoughts for now. There'd be time for scheming later after all. She was wolf now- a wolf with a damn rose.


[Timeline of Events]

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[Time Line Events]

Year 221: Alaine Blanchard is born.
Year 224: Madelaine Blanchard is born.
Year 240: Alaine Blanchard weds Jon Fitzwulf

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