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Default [01.4] Forum Tools Information

Forum Navigation Information

VBulletin has a lot of features that have made roleplaying here easy! Here is some information on how to navigate through the site.

*Note: I will continually add to this as I have time!

[Linking Accounts]

VB has a really nice accounts linking feature. If you have two or more accounts, go to your User CP on the navigation bar. If you scroll down the first page, you should see a place to put your username and password for other accounts and link them.

Once linked, you can swap accounts by clicking on the top right bar where it says "Welcome Username!" A drop down of all your links will appear and you can switch!


To keep track of what threads your character is in, we recommend using the tag system. When you start a new thread, or add your character to an existing one, type your character's first name into the tag line (new posts) or click on edit tags at the bottom (existing thread). If you are the second character to use the name (IE: There is a character named 'Bob' already using the tag 'bob' and your character is 'Bob' then you would use 'bob b' as your tag.

To list your threads, you can use the tag cloud by going to 'search' on the top navigation bar, and then 'tag search'. A list of all tags will be shown in alphabetical order. Choose the character you want to post for and all your threads appear! Or, at the end of any thread your character is tagged in, you can click on their name tag on the tag list at the bottom and a list will appear as well.

The only acceptable tags are “open”, “secret”, “npc”, and the first name of the character. So if you are creating a thread with “Adrien Fontenot” and “Cassius DeLauncey” that is also open, the only tags that should be added are “adrien”, “cassius”, “open”, and the first name of any character that joins after.

The following tags will be deleted, and are annoying for the staff to clean up:
  • ooc names
  • full character names
  • last names
  • words like ‘awesome thread’
  • npc character names
  • unplayed character names unless previously played

This is a great way to make sure you don't forget any of those random threads!

[Private Messages]

The default for the board is that you receive nothing when you get a PM. To change this, go to your User CP on the navigation bar. Click on "Edit Options". There is a section for Private message options. You can choose to have a pop-up when you arrive at the site and/or have your PMs sent to you by email. If you pick this second option, the entire contents of the PM will come with the email.

[Group Memberships]

All characters can belong to a group that adds a banner and/or changes their display color name. For example, if your character is a Sterlyn, they should be added to the House Sterlyn Group and House Sterlyn should be set as their display group. Wedded ladies should be in both their birth house and married houses, with the marriage house set as the display group. To do this, follow the directions below:

  • Go to the User CP, located on the top navigation bar
  • Click on Group Memberships, located on the side bar
  • Scroll to find the membership of your house
  • Click the radio button for "Join Group"
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list and click on "Join Group"

At the very bottom of the same page, there will be a table listing all your groups. You can choose there which one is your display group. Choose the current house your character is a member of and Click on "Update Display Group".

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