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Default Geoffry Tanear of the Iron Bow

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Character Name: Sir Geoffry Tanear (also known as Sir Geoffry of the Iron Bow)
Character Age: 52
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): January 22, 189
Current Location: Castle Licorne, Belleile, Forsilvra
House [Birth and Marriage if applicable]: Tanear (vassals to House Forthwind) by birth. Sworn to House Fontenot as a Horn.
Banner Appearance:
House Description House Tanear are neither a very rich nor a much renowned House, though they are very old. Recently, their only claim to fame is that Sir Geoffry of the Iron Bow was born into their House. Vassals to House Forthwind, they have prided themselves on simply serving their liege lords and have neither aspired to great power, nor wealth, nor status. The Tanear motto is "For Duty Alone".

Player Base: Sir Ian McKellen

Sir Geoffry is an old man. In his youth, his small figure looked imposingly strong, but now, in the days of his old age and with a plague behind him, the Knight of the Iron Bow looks less muscular and more meagre. He has always been slightly small. As Lord Captain of the Five Horns, he takes extra care to be the perfect knight, and dresses accordingly, wearing the uniform of his order when in armour and, when not, tunics with the royal sigil sewn on his chest. He takes extra care in his appearance, with his serious face clean-shaven and his white hair in tidy short curls.

Personality: As Lord Captain of the Five Horns, Sir Geoffry Tanear lives (and would gladly die) for his King and the Realm. He is determined beyond measure, though now with altogether more temperance and wisdom than in his youth, when he would be determined to the point of recklessness and hot-headedness. His iron force of will is what has kept him going for so long, even after he caught the plague, allowing him to continue being one of the greatest knights in the Realm even though his physical force might weaken due to old age. In other words: even though he may be old and growing weaker, Sir Geoffry's sheer force of will and skill still dominates over many a foe or opponent.

From his youth onward, Sir Geoffry has believed that knights like Cortland and Sir Bedver, who feature in song, were truly exceptional individuals every man should strive to live up to. He has an iron-set code of chivalry to adhere to, and expects any knight who has taken his vows to take them seriously and pursue them with the same amount of fervour. This applies especially, but not exclusively, to his fellow Horns, of whom he demands that they be willing to live and die for the King just like he is. The code of chivalry, with all its ideals and values, is what keeps Sir Geoffry of the Iron Bow going. And tempered by old age and a close brush with death though he may be, if the Captain finds out any of the Horns have been disregarding their vows, he'll give them a good talking to and can go into righteous anger.

Having served three kings as Captain of the Horns, Sir Geoffry is a wise man who has experienced many things while protecting the King from harm and sitting on his Council. He is not loathe to share this wisdom if he judges it to beneficial to the Realm, and he can be proactive about it. Even though he is on the Council, the Captain of the Horns just doesn't do politics and intrigue, and despises any man at Court who seeks to better himself at the expense of the Realm's interests and the young King, often going as far as to shame the schemer in Council should he find out. Speaking of the young King: he seeks to counsel His Grace in any way he can, and, quite naturally because he never married, sees him as a kind of son to teach as well as a King to serve.

Though formal and courteous where such is due, the Knight of the Iron Bow is not much a fan of luxury and lavish celebrations. He doesn't feel comfortable amidst lavish festivities or luxury, even though he dutifully attends when invited. In his quarters, he doesn't keep ornate furniture, but chooses to sleep on a relatively simple bed and work at a wooden desk, in a manner that can be called stoic and austere. The only decoration of his room is a wall tapestry depicting Cortland of the Iron Bow fighting the Linchao. He is also a modest man, quick to shrug off praise by reference to duty and, increasingly in the last years, citing his old age.

Suffice to say that Sir Geoffry does not plan on retiring. In his view, being a Horn is a lifelong duty of the most sacred kind, as well as an honour, as he constantly reminds his peers.

History: Geoffry Tanear has had the honour of being, in the same lifetime, one of the youngest and the oldest Captain of the Five Horns. Born in 189 into House Tanear, a small vassal house to House Forthwind of Demere, he was Lord Stephen Tanear's third son and, as such, wasn't considered of too much importance to his House. The Tanears not being a very rich house, they weren't able to pay a House Bard, and as travelling bards seldom played at their keep, it made songs of knightly deeds such as the Song of Cortland and Sir Bedver and the Dragon very special to young Geoffry. As he grew up, he started modelling himself on the heroes from the songs, training with sword and bow. His determined pursuit of prowess-at-arms soon led to the master-at-arms pleading with his father to send young Geoffry to squire with a knight so that he might realise his aspirations.

At age 12, Geoffry Tanear was sent to squire with Sir Lanclad Faerald, cousin to Lord Willym Faerald. Though Sir Lanclad was an old man and Geoffry's duties weren't all-too martial, it proved a key move in his ascent to the ranks of the Five Horns, as this allowed him to move to Caerthynas and train with the boys there. With determination and skill, within 2 years he was the top of his class, beating boys 2 years older than him, who were already almost knights. This made Sir Lanclad report him to Sir Owen of the Iron Bow, the serving Knight of the Iron Bow, who came to test the young squire and found him to be of exceptional skill and character. At age 16, he saw action against the Cemric tribes and was knighted for valour in combat. Thus knighted, Sir Geoffry was immediately tested again, with another successful result.

Entering into tourneys, Sir Geoffry's determination often allowed him to prevail. He was especially good at tourneys with his chosen weapons, the sword and the bow, and won a number of them in- and outside the Fellowship of the Little Horns. At age 22, he was selected by Sir Owen to become his apprentice and squire, very young for such an honour. After five months, it became apparent that Geoffry was indeed the best candidate to succeed Sir Owen, and was taken into formal training to serve as one of the Five Horns. When Sir Owen died in combat 3 years later, Geoffry took his vows and became one of the Five Horns, the youngest among their number at that time. He ascended to great heights among the Horns, winning even more tourneys to add to his rising reputation, and when the previous Captain died in 218, he became the clear winner in the tourney for the Captaincy and was named Lord Captain of the Five Horns at age 29, one of the youngest ever to have that honour.

Having served three kings during his Captaincy so far, one of the youngest Captains the Horns had ever had became one of the oldest Captains the Horns had ever had. The determination that helped him rise to this height also helped him during an altogether less pleasant episode of his life: he caught the plague when it struck Belleile, and survived it through sheer force of will, even though it left him physically weakened.

Writing Sample:
Sir Geoffry of the Iron Bow woke in the dark of his quarters, impeccably timed to take up his duties in guarding the King. Silently, he slid out of bed and woke his squire, who was by now accustomed to the nightly exercise of helping the Lord Captain don his armour. Taking care to comb his hair before the mirror, he left entirely prepared for his watch on the King's bedchamber. Walking the corridors of Castle Licorn, he took care not to wake anybody, even though his boots were steel. No sense in disturbing the peace at night. He would be relieving Kenneth Montrose's watch tonight. "Sir Kenneth," he said formally, indicating to the younger Knight that he could go to bed. He would stand watch until dawn.

While standing outside the King's door, he saw the people pass by on their business in the early morning. He was slightly annoyed to hear two serving girls gossiping loudly while walking the royal corridor. Enough to speak to them and break his silent contemplation. "Good women," he said, annoyed. "If you wish His Grace to hear your gossip, I'd be willing to deliver a message once he wakes." He made it very clear that he thought gossiping wasn't the most virtuous enterprise in the Realm. "No?" he hissed. "Then do not disturb His Grace's rest by gossiping loudly." The Five knew King Adrien was a growing boy who needed his sleep, and Sir Geoffry Tanear was not about to let that sleep be disturbed.

Dawn broke, and His Grace rose from his bed. Geoffry went inside to attend on the young King and bid him good morning, then waited for his replacement to arrive so that he could break his fast. As it happened, the replacement was about five minutes late. Geoffry frowned. "Good morning, Brother," he greeted his fellow Horn. "Have you had a nice sleep?" Being late on guard duty was a serious oversight. But the years had taught him that, bad though it was, oversleeping was human: he'd done it enough in his youth. His tone grew gentler as he realised this. "Be sure not to oversleep next time. Good luck." Then, humming the melody of the Song of Cortland to himself, he went off to break his fast before Council.

[Time Line Events]
189: Geoffry Tanear is born
201: Geoffry Tanear is sent to squire with Sir Lanclad Faerald.
203: Impressed by his prowess at arms, Sir Lanclad reports Geoffry's name to Sir Owen, who comes to test him and finds him of exceptional skill and character.
205: After action against the Cemric Princes, Geoffry is knighted.
211: Sir Geoffry Tanear becomes an apprentice to Sir Owen of the Iron Bow. After five months, he is chosen by Sir Owen to be trained as his successor.
214: Sir Owen of the Iron Bow dies. Sir Geoffry takes his vows and becomes the new Knight of the Iron Bow.
218: The Lord Captain of the Five Horns dies. Sir Geoffry competes in the succession tourneys and emerges the clear winner, thus becoming the new Lord Captain.
233: Sir Geoffry catches the plague. Despite being quite ill, he manages to survive.
235: Sir Geoffry fully recovers from the plague, although he is physically weakened by the ordeal.
241: Game start.

Family Genealogy:
- Lord Stephen Tanear - mother
-- Lord Alan Tanear - wife
--- Ronald Tanear, died of the plague
--- Elisa Tanear - Teodor Faerald
--- Sir Charles Tanear - wife
---- Grand-nephew Tanear
---- Grand-niece Tanear
-- Sir Robin Tanear - wife
--- Angus Tanear
--- Nephew Tanear
--- Niece Tanear
-- Sir Geoffry Tanear
-- Juliet Tanear
"Diplomacy is about surviving until the next century. Politics is about surviving until Friday afternoon!"
- Sir Humphrey Appleby

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