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Default Lucius “Kaedon” DeLauncey



[OOC Information]

Your Name: Jennifer
RP Experience: 15 years
Your Character's Player Base: Ian Somerhalder


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Lucius Kaedon DeLauncey
Character Age: 22
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): February 14, 219
Home Castle/City: The Hollow
House: DeLauncey



Lucius’ appearance mirrors his personality. His dark hair is worn wild and unkempt while his shirts are left half open. Stubble often graced his face and he's a proud sporter of the 5 o'clock shadow - sometimes at 5 am.



Lucius is cocky and headstrong. He loves a good challenge and takes delight in knowing that he's up against a worthy adversary. He views the world as his to command and control should he only seize the opportunities should they come for him. Lucius feels there are a plethora of opportunities, and he's the type to make the most of them. He also has a bad habit of rising to challenges, boasts, and bets whether he knows he can win or not, and more than once he'd been crushed because of this inability to say no. He never seems to learn, and more than once his older brother have had to bail him out of one scrap or another.

Lucius particularly enjoys outdoor activities, including horseback riding, hunting, fishing, and even hiking. As a kid, he and Eveline would often spend time on the Castle grounds playing in the water and ignoring all etiquette rules that nobles were supposed to follow. His independant streak, coupled with her fiery one led the pair to many fun adventures. Lucius's love of nature grew as he became old enough to hunt. He trained often with the bow and arrow, first on stationary targets, then later on small game. Hunting is a solitary activity for Lucius, one he often uses to relieve the stress that has grown in his life.

Lucius also has a mouth, one he often uses to berate his older brother Cassius. Lucius grew up admiring and idolizing his eldest brother Rufus. Rufus's death hit Lucius harder than he'd care to admit, and instead of facing the fact that his idol is gone, Lucius looks for every opportunity to criticize Cassius' decisions. Cassius was also away during a good number of Lucius' younger years, leaving him to bond more with Rufus and the twins.

For the most part, Lucius adopts a carefree attitude toward life. He doesn't want any part of the noble lifestyle of court, drama, gossip, power and backstabbing. The last thing he wants is to deal with the day to day bullshit of governmental matters. He'd prefer to be left alone to enjoy his time drinking, hunting, and screwing. Being a younger son, he sees no reason he shouldn't stay single and fight for the family, but that may not be what his brother has in mind. With politics as they are, every match is critical.

He tends to be a womanizer, flirting with one then turning around an taking another to bed. He probably has a few bastards out there, and once or twice a woman had tried to claim some boy or girl was his son, but Lucius doesn't care. If the girl would give it up to him, he expects she did so to half a hundred others, and the child could be anyones. He feels no responbility one way or the other, but then, that applies to pretty much all areas of his life.

However, Lucius would do anything to protect his little sister, Eveline. He would kill a man for treating her the way he treats other woman, and he fails to see the hypocricy of such a belief. Eveline is Eveline. She is his sister, daughter of the Lord of the Hollows, and the one true lady in his eyes. He would do anything to see her smile, to make her happy, to make her proud, even if he knows he fails at this all the time.



Lucius was the fifth of a long line of sons born to Marcus DeLauncey. His sister Eveline came along a few years later, and as they grew up, she was simply one of the boys. The DeLauncey crew could be found riding houses, wrestling in the mud, playing at knights or curled up by the fire place. Of course he had his tiffs with his brothers, and more than once he came home with a black eye, but all and all the DeLauncey boys and their sister were a happy family.

He and Eveline were especially close. The youngest of the brood, there were less expectations placed upon them - or at least upon him. And Eveline refused to be made over into a lady. Thus, there were many days the two would ride off to the woods to play, leaving their mother to worry to death until they came home at dusk. Eveline was never far from any of her brother’s side, but while Rufus and Cassius were being groomed, and the twins had some incomprehensible bond, she and Lucius found that they were closest to each other.

Then came Jon Fitzwulf. The young wolf of the North fit right into the wolf pack of The Vandermark. He and Lucius seemed to click instantly, despite the age difference, and even little Eveline found ways of fitting in. Life seemed to move in perfect order until they day Henry Fitzwulf came to visit and Marcus announced that Eveline would wed the northern wolf. Lucius instantly hated the man. Even at twelve he knew he didn’t want his little sister up north in that strange land living with their strange ancestors. Jon was alright. They’d gotten to know Jon. But Henry was another matter. He scowled whenever Eveline would show off the bracelet Henry had given her. The day they received the word that Henry Fitzwulf had died was a joyous day for Lucius, but he never once spoke such words in front of Eveline.

Jon was whisked back to the north after his brother died. Cassius returned home, and he was welcomed back into his family with the same openness as he’d departed. Even his strange friend was just considered another of the boys. His cousins, Josephine and Marcheline had returned a year ago from Forsilvra, and life seemed to fall back into place for House DeLauncey.

Until the plague struck. At first House DeLauncey appeared to be spared, then Lucius’ father became ill and died. Rufus’ wife and child followed, and the castle plunged into darkness, with the fear of who might be next always on their heels. Meals that used to be shared in laughter were now taken in silence. The fireplace stories and songs were only a memory. Even the days spent mud wrestling and tussling seemed activities of the past. Lucius found himself spending more time alone, out hunting or whoring or at the bar. He took to drinking to forget the pain, the deaths, the screams in the hallways, the way his father or sister-in-law had looked with the scale all over their bodies. The plague was certainly the work of the demon god of the north. Lucius would curse the Old Gods for not saving them, for not keeping The Vandermark safe from the nightmares of the plague. His faith wavered...

Even more so the night he came home to find Rufus in blood and his sister on the floor fainted. He picked her up as he called for his brothers, carrying her back to her room. There he laid her in bed and stayed by her side until she awoke. The last thing he wanted to do was deliver to her the news of their brother’s death, and later Cassius confirmed to them both that he was murdered, but he held her hand and told her anyway. Eveline deserved to know the truth, as much as any DeLauncey would.

This latest death only strained the family more. Lucius took to suddenly hating his new lord brother, although he refused to tell anyone why. Cassius knew, and that was enough, although Lucius knows that his sister hates to see them fighting. Where once the brothers were close, now Lucius has only blank looks and cold shoulders. He spends more time out in the bars and whorehouses than in the castle, and when he isn’t at one of those establishments he’d often out in the woods alone. He takes his sleeping roll and food and will be gone for days at a time. He has no plans for a future and no cares to listen to his brother. When he is with other members of the family, he almost forces out laughs and happiness, as though such an attitude will constantly remind Cassius of their own lost relationship.


[Writing Sample]

Lucius rolled over off the girl and groaned softly. He’d already paid for both the girl and the room, and she’d made it clear she’d be here all night if he wished. The young lord of House DeLauncey was a regular, and this girl - what was her name? - was often one he took to bed. She knew what he liked now and he felt a smile on his lips as she took him in her mouth.

This was all that matter in life. The girls. The games. The ale. The fun. After all those years of death and pain that had stalked them like a forest cat, Lucius planned to let go and live and enjoy whatever might be left of his life. He certainly wasn’t going to lose out, the way Rufus had been so cheated.

He groaned again, shifting his hips, and reached down to stroke the girl’s hair. He could drift off to sleep like this and dream of better days, and then waken to the whore still sucking him off and fuck her again. Lucius was enjoying the idea of that when the door swung open.

“Get the fuck out!” Lucius cried out, and the whore shot up and turned to stare. “I paid for this damn room.”

“My lord,” the man spoke quickly, dropping to one knee. Lucius only then realized he was a soldier from The Hollows. Damn the man for interrupting his fun.

“Your brother has received a letter from the crown, requesting all attend a royal ball in the capital.”

“Like I fucking care. Get out,” Lucius shot. Any word from Cassius was word he planned to ignore.

“Your brother demands you be there.”

“My brother can wait. You tell him that. And get out, you’re ruining my hard on.” Far too late, but Lucius was rather sure the whore could fix that. “OUT!” The soldier backed out, flustered. “And next time knock!”

Lucius sighed and fell back onto the pillow. Cassius could wait. “Get your mouth back down there and finish.” he barked. The whore scampered to do his bidding, but the sweet relaxing mood was gone.


[Timeline of Events]


Year 219: Lucius Kaedon DeLauncey is born

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