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Default Aibhilin Aine Rioghnach Vulferam

[Your Information]
Name: Latara
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[Public Application]

Character Name: Aibhilin Aine Rioghnach Vulferam
Character Age: 24
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): November 1, 216
Current Location: Kelailles
House: Vulferam

Player Base: Alicia Witt

Aibhilin is 5'10", typically Vulferam in that she is very tall. She has bright red hair, brown eyes, and is pale and slim. She keeps her hair long and down most of the time.

Aibhilin is a quiet girl, easy to overlook if not for her tall stature and her beauty. She’s an introvert, preferring the company of small groups and her family. In public, she says little, perfectly fitting the vision of a demure noble Lady. The events of the last ten years have made her wary, not knowing what the future brings, if it might be another plague or another war. She treads carefully, thinks through every decision, and looks multiple times before she leaps - if she leaps at all.

Really, she is more intelligent than she lets on. While she may not speak, the wheels in her head are always turning, and she’s a good listener, oftentimes remembering things people have said that they didn’t even think she was listening to. She is well-read, having read through many of the libraries in her home castle in her spare time. She doesn’t enjoy the battle history that much, but she is willing to read them because she knows that’s many of the books available to her, especially in the League of Arbrecht. Amongst family, her penchant for witticisms and sarcasm comes through, but of course, one has to get her to speak first.

She’s very nurturing, there’s been small children around her entire life and she loves to aid their parents whenever possible. Aibhilin is devoted to her family, and is pleased to have stayed with them thus far, but she still wonders if there still isn’t a chance for her to wed and bear children of her own. If there’s not, she thinks she will be fine taking care of others, and helping the Vulferams.

Aibhilin is good at diffusing conflict, she’s ultimately a peacekeeper at heart. She can say the right thing, in the middle of an argument, that will make people stop and listen. She wants her family to be at peace, Arbrecht to be at peace, and Forsilvra to be at peace. The plague, she thinks, should have brought everyone together, and she wants to see that through now that the plague may have passed them by.

Aibhilin was the fourth born child to Conri Vulferam and Sepphora Blanchard. The large family, which ended up being twelve children all told, was very close, and Aibhilin found herself especially close to her older siblings. Aibhilin was betrothed young, and thus was always well aware of what her future would hold, despite the uncertainty surrounding the League of Arbrecht for much of her life.

She was nine when her brother Conor brought back his new wife, Ammeline DeLauncey. She wasn’t sure what to think, but it was plain her brother was in love with her, and as time went on Ammeline was as much as a member of the family as anyone. They had many children, and Aibhilin doted on her nieces and nephews, who were of an age with the youngest of her siblings.

The plague first hit the family in 229, and it was a difficult death. Her sister, Shirin, who Abihilin was very close to, was the first to die, and Aibhilin was devastated. She locked herself in her room for a week, and barely was able to be coaxed out even after that. The plague continued to get worse, and it seemed to Aibhilin like it would never stop.

It was nearing the time that Aibhilin was to turn seventeen and wed that they received word from her betrothed’s House that he had died of plague. No other betrothal was offered, and thus Aibhilin remained unwed and in Vulferam. In 234, the war started, and that only led to more death. It tired Aibhilin, she didn’t know why they had to go off killing Fitzwulfs when the plague was already doing so much damage. Vulferam surrendered to Fitzwulf three years later, right before Conri also succumbed to the plague.

In 240, it seemed as though finally the plague was letting up. Things slowly returned to normal, it seemed, but the Vulferam family had room for another tragedy. Ammeline died in childbirth, and Conor was devastated. Since that time, Aibhilin has done all she could to help, unofficially acting as the Lady of the House, and helping with the children, both her youngest siblings and her nieces and nephews, whenever she could.

Writing Sample:
She had been reading.

She had been trying to read, at least, before the children came running into the library. She let them run around her, hoping they’d be good, or at least only rowdy, but something happened, and Clementine was at her feet, tugging on her gown and sniffling. Abhilin pried further, and found out that Aindreas had taken something of Clementine’s and had run into the library trying to escape her.

It only took a stern look from Aibhilin to get Aindreas over to her seat. “Now, Aindreas, is that any way to treat Clementine? You wouldn’t want mother to hear of this, would you?” He looked at her for a minute, trying to gauge how far he could take this, before handing over the object in question. “Okay, you two, run along now, and don’t get into trouble. Shouldn’t you be in lessons soon?”

[Time Line Events]
Year 216: Aibhilin Aine Rioghnach Vulferam is born
Year 225: Conchobar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam VI marries Ammeline DeLauncey
Year 226: July 8 Everild Ammeline Sithmaith Vulferam is born
Year 227: Conchobar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam VII "Conan" is born
Year 229: August 22 Shirin Ailis Deirdre Vulferam dies from the plague
Year 230: January 13 Naomhan Andreas Tadhg Vulferam is born, December 23 Naomhan Andreas Tadhg Vulferam dies from the plague
Year 231: September 8 Una Caoilfhionn Svana Vulfernam is born, October 4 Aurelius Seachlann Tuathal Vulferam is born
Year 233: August 11 Fionnuala Mavourneen Ailis Vulferham dies of the plague, November 3 Bearach Niall Siothrun Vulferam dies of the plague,
Year 234: June 1 Hugo Einri Murchadh Vulferam is born, October 27 Eadbhard Uilleag Rearden Vulferam dies of the plague, Donnchadh Chlodovicious Anrai Vulferam dies of the plague
Year 235: August 19 Fionnbharr Seachlann Torcan Vulferam dies fighting in the War of Heldenbrecht, September 17 Aindreas Fionnbharr Eadbhard Vulferam is born, November 30 Tennyson Seachlann Conchobhar Vulferam dies on the battle field
Year 236: January 3 Ceallachan Fionnbharr Erskine Vulferam dies fighting in the War of Heldenbrecht, February 10 Fionnbharr Ceallachan Murchadh Vulferam is born, March 8 Einri Seachlann Cathal Vulferam dies of the plague, April 12 Clementine Tuilelaith Mavourneen Vulferam is born
Year 237: January 9 Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam V accepts William Fitzwulf as his Lord, May 3 Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam V dies from the plague and Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam VI becomes Lord, May 19 Mainchin Amhlaoibh Eoin Vulferam dies of the plague
Year 238: July 10 Deirdre Sepphora Adeline Vulferam is born
Year 240: February 5 Cinaed Aemilianus Lanzo Vulferam is born and Ammeline DeLauncey Vulferam dies in childbirth
Year 241: present day

These are meant to be a quick reference of critical dates for your character.

Family Genealogy:
Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam III "Conn the younger"- Adalheidis Jaeger Vulferam
-Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam IV "Conn the Terrible" (70)- Shirin Linnet Vulferam (66)
--Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam V "Conri" (49)- Sepphora Everild Blanchard Vulferam(47)
---Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam VI (32)- Ammeline DeLauncey Vulferam
----Everild Ammeline Sithmaith Vulferam (15)
----Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam VII (13)
----Aurelius Seachlann Tuathal Vulferam (10)
----Hugo Einri Murchadh Vulferam (7)
----Clementine Tuilelaith Mavourneen Vulferam (5)
----Deirdre Sepphora Adeline Vulferam (3)
----Cinaed Aemilianus Lanzo Vulferam (1)
---Einri Seachlann Cathal Vulferam (30)- wife
----daughter (13)
----son (10)
---Shirin Ailis Deirdre Vulferam(died at age 15, would have been 27)
---Aibhilin Aine Rioghnach Vulferam (25)
---brother (23)- wife?
---sister (21)- husband?
---sister (18)- husband?
---brother (16)
---sister (15)
---sister (13)
---Naomhan Andreas Tadhg Vulferam(died before his first birthday, would have been 11)
---Una Caoilfhionn Svana Vulfernam(10)
---Aindreas Fionnbharr Eadbhard Vulferam (6)
--Fionnbharr Seachlann Torcan Vulferam (49)- wife (48)
---Ceallachan Fionnbharr Erskine Vulferam (32)- wife
----son (16)
----daughter (14)
----son (10)
----Fionnbharr Ceallachan Murchadh Vulferam (7)
---male cousin (29)
---Bearach Niall Siothrun Vulferam (died at 18, would be 26)
---Fionnuala Mavourneen Ailis Vulferham (died at 16, would be 24)
---male cousin (21)
---male cousin (17)
---female cousin (16)
---female cousin (12)
---Donnchadh Chlodovicious Anrai Vulferam (dies at 2, would be 9)
--Oisin Mathuin Fearghus Vulferam (47)- Niamh Vreni Everhart Vulferam (45)
---Holden Auberon Ivor Vulferam (29)- wife
---Tennyson Seachlann Conchobhar Vulferam (died at 23, would be 29)- wife
---Bendigeidfran Zephaniah Elwood Vulferam (27)- wife
---Corrine Chrystos Ava Vulferam {married house}(25)- husband
---Shaun Fitzwilliam Harold Vulferam (21)- wife
---Aisling Lorelei Lee Vulferam (20) {married house}- husband
---Olwen Briony Brigh Vulferam (18)
---Algernon Cathal Eimhin Vulferam (17)
---Sappho Sylvia Eilis Vulferam (15)
---Cyrus Mathuin Torcan Vulferam (13)
---Beverly Aoibhe Annabel Vulferam (13)
---Tuilelaith Sithmaith Vera Vulferam (11)
---Harriet Helene Toireasa Vulferam (10)
--Aigneis Siobhan Honora Vulferam (44){married house} - husband
--Mainchin Amhlaoibh Eoin Vulferam (41)- wife
---a lot of offspring
--Eadbhard Uilleag Rearden Vulferam (39)- wife
---a lot of offspring
--Eimear Aingeal Rathnait Vulferam (37){married house} - husband
--Iuile Toireasa Dairine Vulferam (35){married house} - husband
-Adelais Caoileann Eira Vulferam {married house}- husband
-Breanainn Seachlann Adalsteinn Vulferam- wife
-Treasa Oona Brigh Vulferam - Clovis Fleurant

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