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Default Cadwallader Prothero



[OOC Information]

Your Name: Played by Tink, Rendered NPC
RP Experience: N/A
Your Character's Player Base: Choi Siwon


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Cadwallader Prothero
Character Age: 25
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): December 19, 216
Home Castle/City: Llywarch, Lacharn
House [Birth and Marriage if applicable]: Prothero



*Lanky, Cadwallader stands at an average height of five foot ten. He however has a thin form. He seems to eat a lot but considerably not gain any weight. He often has an uncontrollable hunch because he is not used to standing up straight and instead used to leaning over for hours pouring over books. He wanted to be a historian once but then discovered he was probably holing himself up too much and decided it would be better to actually have a life. He has small hands with equally long fingers- which he dislikes. Cadwallader keeps his hair short and is clean shaven- he doesn't bother growing a beard. He appears more baby faced than anything else.*

Credit: Tink



Quiet, Cadwallader is a man that doesn't speak much. He is more methodical in his thinking and mannerisms. He tends to think of the consequences of his actions before he acts and outweighs all pros and cons of a decision before making one. Cadwallader is serious, but he isn't quite stern. He has a light heartedness to him that can be easily brought out. He loves to laugh and smile and is almost quick to do so- that is if you can actually get him to talk. He mostly tends to have his head in a book, although lately he has been putting that said book down so he can actually converse with people every once and awhile.

Once he had been a tad more timid for a male, which is unusual. Ever since he became serious about wanting to be a doctor he became far more dedicated. Cadwallader will not give up on anyone or anything and is a stead fast optimist. He will only give up all faith in a person when he feels they have nothing left to offer him anymore- that is they have given up on themselves. Cadwallader is almost always the person that will support another in no matter what they do. He knows that all people have good and bad in them and he tries to see the good.

He however has become good at studying a person. Cadwallader watches movements and mannerisms with people and can often times have a hunch when someone is lying (that isn't to say he is correct) but he knows when people are not what they seem. He however is still socially awkward. He does not particularly care for dancing or even conversing with others he barely knows. He is still trying to work upon that. Overall he is a quiet man but that too he is trying to change. He takes awhile to make angry as well, as most times Cadwalalder would rather become more dissapointed than angry. When he is angry he goes silent for a rather long period of time.*

He also is not sure of how to woo a woman- he is attracted to them and has experience with them, but Cadwallader certainly does not know how to give a woman compliments. He tends to say things straightforwardly when it comes to them or finds himself getting so nervous he doesn't know what to say. Women tend to dumbfound him. He has been known to go speechless on occasion in their presence.*

Credit: Tink



Born the youngest son of Blodwyn Prothero and Bryce Morgandy Prothero, Cadwallader was the youngest child of six. He never had many expectations placed on him- he was the youngest and the last child in line for Lacharn and as a result he was allotted more freedom. Cadwallader took to his lessons like a duck to water though and was educated as his station called for. He learned war, politics, art, although for some reason he took more quickly to history than anything else. He learned how to fight, ride a horse, shoot an arrow and wield a sword. He became mediocre with fighting, passable really. Cadwallader never wanted to become a knight- for the longest time he had wished to become a doctor.*

He studied a little of what healers and medicine men that came through Llywarch. Cadwallader took to this almost effortlessly, however he almost always still had his nose stuffed up in a book. He finally realized he'd probably never be able to become a doctor when he realized he couldn't quite handle looking at blood. This event happened while training with swords once and he was nicked. He could barely stand the sight of his own blood and asked to go back inside, his stomach close to retching.*

From then on Cadwallader took to just reading about medicine. He foolishly once attempted to learn to dance but found that his coordination was also lacking. For the most part his childhood was quiet and calm- his sister Rhiannon eventually wed and had children of her own. It wasn't until he was older that he realized just how much he had wished he would have had the courage to resume his studies to become a doctor.

His mother's sudden death took a toll on him. He was only eight at the time, but it allowed his sister to rule Lacharn. Cadwallader wishes at times he had a deeper relationship with his mother and to this day doesn't like to admit he barely has any memories of her. It was when he reached the age of eighteen he had wished he had become more serious about being a doctor. When the plague hit Lacharn, the Protheros were certainly not spared like any of the other families. The first death was his father and he watched his sister attempt to quell the spreading. Cadwallader himself had wanted to help in any way- but he was prohibited. He was a Prothero after all and the disease was dangerous.

His niece was the next to die, leaving his other sister saddened and not long after that his brother Cadfael fell ill. He died not long after and Cadwallader felt helpless. How could he have been so useless? He began to become more serious about his studies then, vowing the next time anything of the sort happened to his family he wouldn't become craven. He slowly became used to the sight of blood, the horrible smells and Cadwallader was close to becoming a doctor- a bit odd considering his station in life but however his studies were put on halt when he suddenly found himself betrothed in the recent year.

Credit: Tink
In October 241, Cadwallader traveled with his family to Enyon for his wedding to Lady Cordelia Morgandy. On the eve of the wedding night, he went missing. Unbeknownst to anyone, the wedding ceremony arrived without a gloom. Some expect foul play to be involved. Others suspected he could not bare the burden of marrying Lady Morgandy. He has yet to show up anywhere.


[Writing Sample]

Cadwallader had poured over the tome in his hand for quite some time. He had taken to taking notes but then he stopped. He was ready to relax now but he didn't know how long he had been sitting here. His candle had already been burned halfway down. Cad rubbed his eyes, leaning back in his chair. It was finally when a knock at the door brought him out of his thoughts. “Yes?”

His manservant had appeared asking him if he was going to be taking dinner here. “No, I shall sup with the rest of the family.” He stood up from his desk, but then when he did so he knocked his quill and ink over, spilling it on himself. With a groan he now had to go change his breeches and shirt.

Typical Cadwallader. He moved towards his bedroom and grabbed a clean shirt. He'd worry about his breeches later.*

Credit: Tink


[Timeline of Events]


Year 216: Cadwallader Prothero is born.
Year 241:
Early 241 – Cadwallader is betrothed to Lady Cordelia Morgandy.
October- Cadwallader vanishes the night over his wedding.

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