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Default Nymeria Forthwind



[OOC Information]

Your Name: Tink
RP Experience: N/A
Your Character's Player Base: Bar Refaeli


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Nymeria Forthwind
Character Age: 29
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): January 21, 212
Home Castle/City: Belleile
House: Forthwind



Nymeria stands at a average height of five foot four, with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. She has a slender figure, as she has not had multiple pregnancies as a normal noblewoman would. Nymeria is pleasing to the eye but she downplays this by appearing fresh faced without any make up and wearing plain clothes. She tries to remain and appear humble at all times.


Beware the wolf in sheep's clothing- for that is what Nymeria is. A calculating woman, she has always been far more aware than what people give her credit for. She is blunt, relentless and unforgiving. She could kill a man- that was if she was crossed. She would do so quietly, subtly and without him even realizing it. She has a methodical mind- she can solve puzzles and riddles almost easily, and encryption is not hard for her to master either. Nymeria will become obsessed with it, or was as a child. She would pour hours over something until she got it top to bottom. She is not blessed with a photographic memory but Nymeria is a woman that is not what she seems. Strong and assertive as well, she does not back down from her opinions and will not break her resolve.

She pays extremely close attention to people and their mannerisms. She studies them for their weaknesses. She tries not to judge people as it is not her place to do so. She can almost seemingly detach emotion from something and or someone to give a fair voice and opinion on things. She has no bias, however she is highly sympathetic as well. Nymeria appears as a woman that is hardly tempted by pleasures in life, but the truth is she just hides it well. On the outside she is a woman that is quick to smile and laugh and is very playful. She loves people that have good senses of humor and are easy to be around.

Nymeria is resourceful and thinks before she makes a decision. Educated, she has no problems on conversing serious topics. She is patient as well, and it is a virtue for her. Nymeria hardly ever seems to get angry but really it is because she is always ticking away and venting quietly. She is a cobra ready to strike- silent and deadly. However her true weakness is family. Nymeria will do anything for them without any questions asked. She also quietly resents the restrictions that have been placed on her because of her sex. Nymeria knew at a certain age the affect she had on men. Joining the Church has let her become more grateful that she did not marry a lord and birth heirs as was expected of her. She is thankful that her life has purpose and meaning and Nymeria is truly happy with that. She has freedom, the greatest thing a woman could have in this time.



Nymeria was born in winter, a rather unexpected birth for her family. After years of miscarriages and stillbirths, Gavin Forthwind's wife delivered a final babe to him but at a precious price- it cost her life. Nymeria was almost seemingly unwanted from her birth. She was not a son, she was a daughter. With brothers already much older than her, Nymeria was raised without much attention by her father. It wasn't that Gavin Forthwind hated his daughter, nay- he just did not have much involvement with her upbringing. He already had two sons of his own and a daughter was an addition so late in life he had given up all hopes of his wife having anymore living children.

Nymeria was raised by countless tutors and maids. She became better acquainted with the Forthwind servants in Demere rather than her own family. Her brothers were a bit more loving towards the girl, especially her brother Bradyn. Although thirteen years her elder, her brother was far more like a father figure than her own father had been. Nymeria had always been a clever girl- maybe even too clever for her own good. She took an interest in code breaking and deciphering as a child, perhaps not commonplace for a woman or even acceptable for one of her station. Yet her eldest brother saw her potential in this. Nymeria's tempermeant was a formidable one and at the tender age of tweleve, while most girls looked forward to wanting to marry a knight or lord Nymeria was lead towards a different path in life. She joined the faith.

Joining the Quintism temple was not something the girl had ever considered at first. While still a nobly born girl, Nymeria had been groomed to think her father or even eldest brother would find her a suitable husband, but soon as she was brought forth to the temple in Demere something changed within her. She accepted her path with a light heart and open arms and from then on, Nymeria devoted her life to the Five. She was interviewed by one of the Acolytes and given a trial period for a time, later giving an apprenticeship when she was deemed worthy of joining the Church.

Nymeria became an initiate, taking care of the temple throughout the years. She later became an Acolyte by the age of twenty five, and when she was twenty seven she was picked as one of the Chosen by the Keeper and the Handmaiden for the temple on Forsilvra. Nymeria devoted herself to the Five, taking her duties in stride and with the most humility. Nymeria has never questioned her faith and since becoming a Chosen has remained just as hardworking as ever. She views the Church as a far more acceptable life than she would have had marrying some lord and birthing children and one that has been far more rewarding. She has since become closer to her brother when he joined the King's council and will offer advice to anyone that seeks it.


[Writing Sample]

“There should be enough grains for the winter.” Nymeria's voice was steady as she was speaking with one of the Acolytes. “Ask some of the farmers to donate more, or no...we shall have to trade with Caelain again. Or even the Vandermark.” Nymeria was looking over some of the books of their rations for the winter. It was spring but they'd used more of the stores than she had anticipated. With the plague dissipating the nightmare was behind them. She could only prey.

Amelie had always been a fickle goddess. In all her years alive, Nymeria knew death was a fickle thing. Amelie took the young, the old. She was not judgmental in who she took. She knew this when her brother's wife was taken from the plauge. She had gone into villages and seen families ravished by it. She prayed with them, felt their pain when women birthed children only to see the babes left without family weeks later. Were they being punished? No.

“See to it that we get more. I do not want to see us suffer another winter like the last.” She concluded. “Now we must see to services. I must prepare.” She was leading a prayer that afternoon. She would have to prepare. Nymeria hoped for better days to come- they were going to come.


[Timeline of Events]

Year 212: Nymeria Forthwind born. Wife Forthwind dies in childbirth.
Year 224: Nymeria Forthwind joins the church.
Year 239: Nymeria Forthwind becomes one of the Chosen in Forsilvra.
Year 241: Game start.

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