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Character Name: Torrence Aubrey
Epithets: "Torrence of the Oaken Mace" or "The King's Viper"
Character Age: 24
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): December 17th, 217
Current Location: Castle Licorne, City of Belleile, Island of Forsilvra
Birthplace: Lacharn
Occupation: Horn of the Oaken Mace
Banner Appearance: gold viper, wrapped around a white mace on a black field.

Personal Effects: longsword, "Wraith" with a set of emeralds as eyes on the handle; oaken mace, traditional weapon of her position, inscribed with the secret insignia of each of her predecessors before her on the shaft; whip.

Player Base: Eliza Dushku

Appearance: Standing at 6'0", Torrence cuts an imposing figure. She still possesses the lean frame of her gender, but with a tone of muscle unfamiliar to women of her prior station. She has long, auburn hair which she most often wears in a braid, and a thin scar that reaches from the hollow near her ear to her clavicle on her left side. Torrence has green eyes and tends to dress in darker colors. She would be considered beautiful, if she ever smiled.


Torrence Aubrey is an enigma, and very little can be said about whom she is behind closed doors. She possesses few friends, save for perhaps her fellow Horns themselves -- most of whom she regards as threats and business partners, save perhaps Dagonet Harrowgate. Her face as almost always impassive -- Torrence Aubrey is virtually impossible to read, and the tone of her voice reflects this. She is not known for any sort of inflection or lilt, and most are put-off by the Oaken Mace's formality, unsure whether or not she enjoys or hates the person she speaks to. Rather, she seems ambivalent not only to conversation with others but their existence in general. This is not to say she has a sour disposition; but a woman in her position has learned to guard her reactions. Although more prone to listen rather than speak, her words command a respect all of themselves, never one to mince dialogue; Torrence believes in upholding the truth and speaking just that. It is difficult for her to show affection or concern for others, but she is fiercely loyal to those whom she believes deserves her trust/

She loves music but abhors singing or creating it herself. Rather, Torrence has been known to sit and listen to the lute players of the castle strum their instruments for hours, lost in thought. She also enjoys a good mug of ale, and on the rare occasion one has the pleasure to hear her laugh, her green eyes sparkle, a surprising spot of beauty on one so often grim.


For being a Horn, very little is known about Torrence Aubrey -- and there is a reason for that.

Born the third daughter to a pauper knight just on the outskirts of Cnaith, Torrence was born 'Torrence Bowen,' and was ill-fitted and unfortunately shackled to the fate a daughter of a hedge knight would suffer; life as a governess to a lesser noble's child or spinsterhood. Her childhood was difficult, to say the least. Her father was a lecherous man, undeserving of his title, and her mother died before she was born. Torrence was told little of her mother, only being provided the small details that she was a lovely woman with beautiful eyes whom was saddled with a sorry fate. Her father, Talber Bowen, had been knighted four years prior to her birth for some feat that Torrence had long chosen to forget, and he rode out on repeated tales of his valor into years of useless service and a pervasive drunken stupor. He remarried three years after Torrence was born, and after his second wife left him in disgrace, Talber married once more within the same year, adding to his list of progeny and providing a revolving door of mother-figures for Torrence whom were lackluster in effort, to say the least. As such, Torrence was raised like a boy and given the same amount of concern from their father as the rest of them, which suffice to say, was very little.

Her father had sired two sons and a daughter by his first wife before she died, and Torrence was the second daughter born to Eris and Talber before her own mother, as well, passed on. Torrence has no memory of her mother and was largely raised by her elder siblings, of whom showed very little concern towards Torrence. Marc and Caitrin possessed no love for their half-siblings, and Nesta was sent out to be another family to be warded, to be groomed into a governess for another lesser noble's family, leaving Torrence to defend herself. Caitrin was the only mother figure that Torrence knew, after their second step-mother Frieda left Talber, and she was a harsh, cruel girl, with pointed features like their father and a sadistic personality. Gareth, the oldest brother, who was seven years her senior, was Torrence's only friend and confidant. From the moment she could fully recognize her place in the world, Torrence was Gareth's shadow. He was the only one who showed her any shred of affection or support, and Torrence clung hungrily to this sliver of safety.

Torrence suffered within the household of her father for twelve years. She was his lackey, cleaning his house, arranging the family meals, running what little business he possessed on his lands, caring for young Rhys after his mother abandoned him, still an infant, and then again for Steffan, after his mother inevitably left Talber behind, as well. She had to endure the beatings of not only her father but of Marc as well, and the mental cruelty of her Gods-awful half-sister Caitrin. Gareth was her own private hero, ensuring her that once he was knighted, in due fashion after his father, that Torrence would never again have to accept these cruelties dealt to her. Once Gareth was head of the household, Torrence would be free from such tyranny, and to that silver thread of hope, Torrence clung. But something happened in the winter of 229 that Torrence never spoke of, and by spring, Gareth's hopes of becoming a landed knight were dashed, having an unfortunate accident in the family hearth, burning his right arm to uselessness, and Torrence was cast out on to the streets by her unloving father, to be a beggar child.

The next three years of Torrence's life remain a mystery. Somehow, she survived, and when questioned as to where she went or what she did, that is all Torrence will reply -- she survived. As such, she was alive but barely when she first met Yorah Maddock, Horn of the Oaken Mace, in the spring of 232 at the annual festival of the spring rites in Llywarch. Yorah Maddock had been the Oaken Mace of Lacharn for six years when he came upon a disheveled street girl popping off the garnet jewels embedded in the bridle of his steed in the quartering stables of the grand palace. Yorah was no stranger to poverty, having been a son of a lowly knight himself before his rise to prominence, but it took some sort of pig-headed bravery to accost the Mace's belongings in the Capital. Adamant on punishing this whelp, the Mace strode forward, but his movements had alerted Torrence, and with a quick look behind her, she made to take off in the opposite direction -- but the Mace was too quick for her, and wedged his way in her path. But when he moved to touch her, Torrence lurched forward and with surprising agility for a street wench, removed the Horn's own sword from his scabbard and had it placed at the hollow of his throat. His knights, at the time, immediately subdued Torrence to the floor of the barn, her hands wrenched behind her back, their gloved hands pulling into her tangled hair. They expected Yorah to exact his punishment on the unworthy street child, but where Yorah expected to see fear, he only saw the will to live. He had commanded, to their surprise, for the guards to release Torrence, and he offered his hand, which she did not take, as she rose from the ground.

"Who are you?" was all he had asked, and when she replied "No one," with a stalwart defiance, Yorah set his mouth in a grim line. "Not anymore," he replied.

So began the apprenticeship of Torrence Bowen to the Oaken Mace of Lacharn. Yorah understood she was a street urchin, and after plying her for more information, it of course occurred to him that she was some sort of disgraced child of a lowly knight. But Yorah had seen the impressive reflexes and quick cunning Torrence possessed, even for one who slept in gutters and alleyways -- and he had always been a bit peculiar himself, seeing things that others could not. He wagered to take a chance on her, and with that, Torrence began to train underneath his tutelage. At first, her presence amid the Little Horns did not cause quite a stir; few knew of her origins, let alone her name, and it was not uncommon for girls to be placed within these fledgling ranks for the Horn in Lacharn, as women were often provided the same opportunities as men in Lacharn culture. But when her level of skill clearly surpassed that of most of the landed knight's sons and Torrence filled the fifth position of Horn apprentice, Yorah Maddock's sanity was called in to question. There had not been a female Horn apprentice in over forty years, let alone a female Horn in over sixty-five. But where Torrence was berated in the streets, her natural skill was not to be denied on the field -- there, she excelled, and her nay-sayers were set to muttering about the impracticality of it all.

Amid his brood of five Horn apprentices, Yorah Maddock was vested with the very best sons the nobility had to offer; four boys from knighted and noble families alike; Merrick, Morgandy, Hallstead, even a distant Prothero cousin. Torrence, on the other hand, was nothing. She was less than nothing; she was a woman, born of a newly knighted man, green by all accounts. And Yorah took it upon himself to remind Torrence everyday that she meant virtually next to nothing -- and that this was her one and only opportunity to change that. Such lack of affection and force of drive was like the God's elixir to Torrence -- she excelled the harder Yorah pushed her, forcing her to put in longer hours than the rest of his apprentices, demanding she try again and again whenever she faltered. He expected her to work harder than the boys, to prove her feminine weaknesses would not one day falter for him, as well. She flourished, taking particular liking to the longsword. Yorah appreciated Torrence's temperment more than anything. Where his young male Horns approached each challenge eagerly and with voracious tenacity, Torrence was meticulous in her scrupulous observance of the situation. She was not engorged on tales of bravado and feats of dare-devil valor -- she was a woman who understood the need to survive, forged in the flames of adversity and not unaccustomed to having to fight for her right to breathe. In this, Yorah saw a great intelligence and tendency to view her precarious situation from all sides, that was not a level of awareness the rest of his Horn apprentices possessed.

When Torrence finally became Yorah's claimed successor, she abandoned the surname Bowen. For the past eight years she had simply been known as 'Torrence of Cnaith,' as a lone woman was wont to do, but as it became clear the path her feet were to tread, Torrence was determined to shed all the remainders of her past life behind her. Adopting 'Aubrey,' the surname of her mother, Torrence refashioned herself, a path with a future. She adopted a viper as her sigil, as Adrien's father, the former King Joseph, had often commented on Yorah's successor as being as 'sharp of wit as the darting viper.' For years, Torrence remained Yorah's silent shadow, never far from his side, and where once before his fellow Horns had laughed at Yorah's choice for a female successor, now they regarded the old Mace's heir with respect and deference. When Yorah died of the plague (for nothing else could have taken the old Mace without a fight,) his lungs filling with black liquid, Torrence never left his side, retaining her vigil until his body was cold and stiff. She did not cry -- Torrence Aubrey had not cried since the day her father cast her out on to the streets. But it surely cut at her heart in a way nothing else before had. Yorah Maddock had given Torrence another chance at life, and now he was gone.

Present day finds Torrence standing at three years as the Oaken Mace, and more often than not her silence is as feared as her sword. She is an honored and respected member of the King's Horns, and whatever she thinks of the young King Adrien is kept secret behind her implacable mask of a face. She is a woman now, twenty-four years in age, and has not spoken to a member of her former family since she was cast from their home twelve years prior.

Writing Sample: She stood beside her fellow Horns as the nobility made their way through to greet the King, the first day of arrivals in what would be a rather long and tedious trickle of families. Torrence was between Dagonet and Roland, their head Horn closest to the King, as the old man always liked to be. They each remained silent, save for passing a few hushed remarks to one another from time to time, each possessing their signature weapon. Most of this was for pomp -- a mace was rather impractical in hand-to-hand combat, as anyone would know, and so was a spear in such close quarters -- but they were there to make an impression, and Torrence was not concerned that it wasn't effective.

More than once she saw a noble son or mother look up, their eyes gliding across the hard features of the Oaken Mace's face, before darting quickly back to the floor. Good. Better they regard her with fear and confusion, rather than contempt.

[Time Line Events]

217: Torrence Bowen is born.
229: Torrence is cast from her home to the streets.
232: Torrence tries to steal from Yorah Maddock; instead, impressed by her, Yorah takes her off the streets and makes Torrence one of his squires.
235: Torrence becomes Yorah Maddock's sole successor for the title of Oaken Mace; she abandons 'Bowen' as her surname and adopts 'Aubrey.'
239: Yorah Maddock dies of the plague; Torrence Aubrey becomes the Oaken Mace.
241: Game start.

Family Genealogy:
Talber Bowen -- Enid Addams
---- Gareth Bowen 31
---- Marc Bowen 29
---- Caitrin Bowen 27
--------------- Eris Aubrey
---- Nesta Bowen 26
---- Torrence Aubrey [formerly Bowen] 24
--------------- Freida Hoster [left Talber]
---- Rhys Bowen 21
--------------- Glenda Ford [left Talber]
---- Steffan Bowen 19

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