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Default Aurelia de Valle



[OOC Information]

Your Name: Jenn
RP Experience: 14 years
Your Character's Player Base: Laura Vandervoort


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Aurelia de Valle
Character Age: 16
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): January 2, 225
Home Castle/City: Goldenmoore
House: de Valle



With her golden locks, Aurelia looks just like every other member of her family. Her long blond hair falls down to her waist, and while some might say it was her best feature, Aurelia believes that honor falls to her eyes. They are a deep blue, the type of color that you could get lost in. She is of average height, standing at 5'5" feet, with a thin body frame.



Aurelia is who she is, and no one could ever force her otherwise. If you say walk, she’ll run. If you say sit, she’ll stand. And if you threaten her, she’ll only resist harder. That might have been the result of being the sixth in a long line of girls, at a time when her parents were convinced this one was the boy (a sentiment they’d had for the few children before her and one they’d carry to the next), or perhaps that would have always been her way.

Aurelia can often be described as distant. While she is one of the family, another of the super tight, lovey-dovey de Valles and participates in every possible family event, gathering, dinner, or quality time together, there is a fence she puts up between herself and everyone else. This wall appears to exist even during the closest of times. Often one has the sense that Aurelia de Valle isn’t entirely there. Aurelia isn't above listening to her sisters' problems; she just rarely shares her own. Of all her sisters, she is closest to Livia, the youngest, maybe because they are nothing alike. Aurelia regards her sickly brother as something of a bother and leaves his care to the others, particularly Livia who has a deep affection for him.

She has inherited her father’s beautiful singing voice. She loves to sing; it is one of the few hobbies she claims to have, and she can often be found doing just that. She likes to walk the gardens as well and has an affinity for the plants that grow out there.

Aurelia is deeply sarcastic, highly flirtatious, and open tease and a often considered to be a bitch by those who would speak behind her back. She isn’t a snob so much as that she simply does not want to connect with others beyond the superficial. A certain type of person interests her; everyone else might as well not exist. And if she does find herself attracted to someone, they become a game for her more than anything. She loves manipulation and mind games and seeing if she can best someone, however, she rarely is able to engage is such, because her own siblings often are too loving to actually play. She doesn't often display her emotions outward, unless such display helps her achieve what she wants. Tears are a sign of weakness to her; Aurelia rarely cries and never in public.

To Aurelia, rules are made to be broken. She has a hard time with conformity that being of noble birth brings. The constant etiquette demands, the formal speech, the polite and cheerful smiles. That's not to say that Aurelia doesn't cherish the power and control that being from the upper class affords one, even a woman, she just feels there are far more effective ways to achieve ones goals than a polite conversation over tea. Even so, she can fake the protocol to perfection, her sickly sweet smile just one of her many expressions. She can also be manipulative, twisting words and evidence to pass the blame of her broken rules onto others rather than suffer the consequences herself. She likes to push her boundaries, to see how far she can go. As the sixth child, half the time Aurelia found herself ignored by her parents for grooming of the elder girls. She developed a sense of jealousy at watching the closer relationships her elder siblings had with their mother, but they were also more open and affectionate children, while Aurelia was not. Despite that, Aurelia has often held a need to have anything her siblings have, and she will manipulate circumstances to attempt to achieve her desires. Unfortunately, this has worked well with most areas except strengthening her bonds with her mother, because no matter what Aurelia tries, she can't pull down her fences even for her own mother.

Oddly, while her sisters seem content to remain home in Goldenmoorem, Aurelia is dying to leave. She wants to go somewhere else, see someplace else, be with someone else. Something other than the same mundane life she feels she’s led for the last 16 years. She desires something exciting, different, and wild. And with their upcoming trip to the capital, it is her goal to find it.



Just like Cornelia, Octavius and Idabel were certain that this pregnancy was their son. The one they’d be waited for years for now. The one that would be blond and strong and ready to lead the next generation of the family. Instead, they got Aurelia, who was decidedly just a female as the five who came before her. And just like the other five, she had her own unique away about her.

From the start she never cried. That didn’t make her an easy or content baby. She simply didn’t express her displeasure at things via her voice. For the longest time, her parents wondered if the child couldn’t vocalize, but she would squeal at times, or coo. Even those noises were rare. Instead, she threw things. She swung her fists. As she was able to move she did everything in her power to squirm away. She always leaned outward when held and opposite of so many babies, she fussed more when held than when set down in her cradle. For some strange reason, she didn’t seem to mind when Atlanta held her as though there was some odd connection there.

As she grew, her family often found her wandering off in the gardens alone. How she always managed to get away from the tutors and nurses and maids, no one could ever figure out. She just did and many evenings Octavius and his men would have to search the gardens, only tofind the young girl curled up under a tree or a bush fast asleep well after the sun went down. She was often punished for this, but no matter what her father did, nothing stopped her from doing it again and again.

When Adila died of the plague, Aurelia shed no tears. The cousin was a member of their family, and Aurelia grieved her loss with the others, but nothing could make her cry. Nothing it seemed, not her father’s punishments, or the death of her family members, falling and breaking her arm as she did when she was ten years old while diving into the waters of the sea with her sister Livia, brought tears to the girls eyes.

Except one things. When word of Atlanta’s death reached her, Aurelia, for some reason she could not explain, could not control the tears that flooded her eyes. She rushed off into the gardens, the one place she always found solace and let herself cry. Then she sang a song for the sister who had moved out year ago to wed the DeLauncey and would never return to Goldenmoore again. It was then, at the age of thirteen, she vowed she too needed to get out of Goldenmoore. She tried to run away once, making it as far as the hills by nightfall, before her father’s men found her and brought her back. Octavius did not even bother to punish her this time. If she wanted to run, she could run and he would send his men to track her down just like he had this time.

So instead she broke things, hoping her father would send her off somewhere to ward. But the father seemed to understand that was exactly what the daughter wanted, and he bluntly told her, he would not reward her for her insolence.

So Aurelia began to drift further and further away from her sister and her family, spending much of her time alone. When she was around them, she seemed more haughty than normal. Most attributed it to the loss of Atlanta. As much as she’d tried to hide her tears, they knew. Her mother tried to console her a few times, but Aurelia pushed her away. She did, however, continue to sing for them when asked, her soprano voice blending perfectly with her father’s baritone.


[Writing Sample]

Aurelia followed behind her sisters as they arrived at the great hall of the king of Forsilvra. One look at him was all she needed to know that he held no more interest for her than a fly. His smile was too sweet. And he was too young. And he looked like a boy and not a man. Their kingdom was being ruled by a sweet faced boy who probably still had pimples and wet dreams!

She resisted the urge to laugh. It would not be considered proper and while Aurelia de Valle was not proper, she was looking forward to the wild moments she would have as a visitor to the capital. She was not about to ruin that with a gestured wasted on the boy king who was too busy playing goo-goo eyes with the DeLauncey men. Attractive they were, but the eldest had been Atlanta’s husband and Aurelia would not touch them if her life depended on it.

She heard her name called and moved forward with the rest of her sisters, performing her curtsy like the perfect lady she could easily pretend to be. This introduction was already taking far longer than she’d have wished. There were places to explore and people to watch and things to do... anything, she thought, anything here had to be better than home. In fact, if she had her way, she hoped she didn’t have to go home....


[Timeline of Events]


Year 225: Aurelia de Valle is born



Aurelia is the sixth daughter of Octavius and Idabel de Valle

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