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Character Name: Madelaine Blanchard
Character Age: 17
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): August 28, 224
Current Location: Westerland
House: House Blanchard

Player Base: Kaya Scodelario
Once a gangly young girl, Madelaine has grown into a more womanly figure. She stands at 5'6".

Madelaine is a complicated young girl. Kept cooped up in Westerland for most of her young adult life, she yearns for something more, more excitement, more say in where her life takes her. So far, there’s been no indication that anything will change for her, and that fact is endlessly frustrating for her. She exerts control in every aspect of her life she possibly can, no matter how trivial it may seem.

Prone to mood swings, she can go from righteous anger to giddy happiness rather quickly. While she appears to be a rather typical noble teenager, she reads people well, often presenting what she thinks they want, and never trusting anyone as much as she might make it out to seem that she does.

She knows how to play court life well enough, she was well-trained, as the Blanchards considered themselves as royal as any. She keeps her mood swings under wraps in public, never liking to draw attention to herself. After all, the more she flies under the radar, the more she’ll be permitted. She knows the relatively good treatment she’s received might crumble if she falters.

She never really settled after their capturing, never forced to accept her lot in life like her sister’s situation. She still holds a lot of resentment and anger towards the Fitzwulfs, but is not stupid, she’d never let that on. She is loyal to her family, always will be, even though it appears to just be Alaine now. Even though she didn’t agree with all her sister’s choices, or at least what she was forced into, she never would stop supporting her sister.

Madelaine had an idyllic childhood, or maybe she just chooses to remember it that way. She was left to mostly her own devices in the castle, running around with the servants children and her siblings whenever she could.

As she got older, her lessons turned to ladylike things. She didn’t push back too hard, although she wasn’t that interested, because she knew that complying with her parents and tutors requests would be easiest on her, and she could have more time to do the things she wished. One thing she never wished to fight were riding lessons, she loved horses.

The war with the Fitzwulfs started when she was ten, and the plague around the same time. Everything seemed to darken around her, and she even tried to find a way to blame the plague on the Fitzwulfs, trying to impose reason on a confusing world. Her mother died of plague in the midst of war, and Madelaine still wonders if they would have found some other way out if Rohine Blanchard had lived.

Soon after, they were all captured, Cesaire and Corbin to prison and Alaine and Madelaine to their gilded cages of rooms in the Fitzwulf Castle. A year later, they were told their father and Corbin were both dead, the war was over, and Alaine was to marry Jon.

With only her sister left of her family, Madelaine was surprised at how little changed. The castle was different, but the lessons were the same, and she still expected to be pawned off in marriage whenever Jon felt it appropriate. Alaine had grown attached to William’s little whelp, it seemed, and Madelaine hoped that would spare them both. That is, until the Kingdom returned to Court...

Writing Sample:
Madelaine sat stoically watching the melee, with the rest of the Fitzwulf brood. Why hadn’t Alaine just come with them? Sure, Madelaine had found ways to make the trip more interesting, but it was still isolating. She fanned herself lightly, trying not to appear to be too bored but nevertheless investigating the idea of finding a way out.

It seemed to drag on forever, the constant taking of favors and bloviating before the event started, then, when it started, things went badly so quickly. She saw the Young Wolf fall, but barely realized what happened before a flash of white blond hair blew by her. Elanor ran to her brother’s side, and it was then that Madelaine realized - Jon Fitzwulf was dead.

A rush of emotions went through her all at once - it was her sister’s husband after all, but it was also a Fitzwulf. The only good Fitzwulf was a dead one, she’d often heard in her home over the course of the war. Her captor was dead, which may leave her freer than before. And some fiendish sense of schadenfreude crept over her, watching Elanor Fitzwulf mourn her brother like Madelaine had been forced to. She tried to push it away, to be kind, but thoughts could not be un-thunk, and House Blanchard may have just found its way to revenge.

[Time Line Events]
Year 218: Corbin Blanchard is born.
Year 221: Alaine Blanchard is born.
Year 224: Madelaine Blanchard is born.
Year 234-238: The Fitzwulfs overthrow the Blanchards. Alaine Blanchard is betrothed to Jon Fitzwulf.
Year 236: Queen Blanchard dies from the plague.
Year 237: Blanchards captured by the Fitzwulfs.
Year 238: Cesaire Blanchard dies. Corbin Blanchard goes missing and is presumed dead.
Year 240: Alaine Blanchard weds Jon Fitzwulf.
Year 241: Game start.

Family Genealogy:

House Blanchard, Landerfell
"Ever Bright, Ever Noble"

  - Andrien Blanchard -- Unnamed Wife
   - Cesaire Blanchard -- Rohine Alysworth
     - *Corbin Blanchard
     - Alaine Blanchard Fitzwulf
     - Madelaine Blanchard
   - Adelard Blanchard -- Elisabeth Fitzwulf
   - Aurelie Blanchard Hallvador
   - Sepphora Blanchard Vulferam
  - Doriane Blanchard Harcourt
  - Edouard Blanchard -- Unnamed Wife
   - Edgard Blanchard
   - Alexandrine Blanchard Fleurant

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Approved! YAY FOR MADS! <3
And I could tell you
His favorite color's green
He loves to argue
Born on the seventeenth
His sister's beautiful
He has his father's eyes
And if you ask me if I love him
I'd lie.
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I approve, even though Elanor is cringing at having yet another person to hate her lol.
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