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[OOC Information]

Your Name: Dirk
RP Experience: N/A
Your Character's Player Base: Harry Lloyd


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Liam Forthwind
Character Age: 21
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): August 25, 219
Home Castle/City: Demere
House [Birth and Marriage if applicable]: House Forthwind


Liam has always been something of a loner. It’s not that he dislikes people, but simply that he doesn’t find most people to be terribly interesting. Facts are his forte and science his passion. He can easily get wrapped up in a new book or project for days at a time, after which he will talk the ear off about it to anyone unlucky to cross his path. In general, though, he tends to avoid talking to people he doesn’t know in social situations, preferring to spend time with the few people he is close to and the remainder of his day alone. If approached, he will be polite and try to feign interest, but you’re trying to gossip with him you’ll be out of luck. Not only does Liam have little interest in the business of others if it doesn’t affect him, but he is a very private individual when it comes to his own life and dislikes those who make it their business to be in the know. Besides, why would anyone waste their time nattering on about this and that person when there’s an entire world of math, science, and other knowledge to explore?

Liam’s intense curiosity about the world is tempered by his sense of duty and responsibility. He takes his role as his father’s heir seriously and has directed much of his scientific endeavoring to improving the welfare of their people. Liam believes there is little that cannot be solved by some deep thinking and hard work and has little time for religion. It’s not that he doesn’t believe in the gods, just that he doesn’t see how worship does anything. Some might think he’s arrogant for thinking this way, but in truth there is probably no one more ready to admit he doesn’t know something – yet. And such an admittance will probably be succeeded by a long sojourn in the library until he can know just about everything about the topic. Of course, his reliance on the library as a source of knowledge is also something of a weakness, as Liam is more likely to take the words of a dusty scholar at face value than a grimy blacksmith.

In matters military, Liam has tried to be the good scholar and learn all there is to know, but one of his biggest disappointments is his failure to grasp tactics and strategy with the ease he has tackled other subjects. Deception simply isn’t foremost on his mind, probably because he is such a terrible liar himself, and while he acquitted himself well enough in the field, his tendency to get lost in the minutae (or conversely, the larger picture) is a handicap that he has found hard to overcome. Similarly, Liam’s lack of concern for personal vendettas makes it hard for him to navigate politics, especially since he has such faith in logical thought processes. Still, he does have his softer, irrational side. His two sisters are especially dear to him since the passing of their mother and he would move heaven and earth (using a lever, of course) to help them.



Liam was born on a hot, windless day in the height of summer, the first child and only son of Arland and Elaine Forthwind. A precocious boy, he was reading by the age of four and had started a fire using only a borrowed pair of spectacles and the sun by the time Melari was born. He adapted well to being one of three siblings – the attentions his mother had lavished on him when he was younger had been a bit much for the introverted boy. Liam found his baby sisters amusing, but only in the way that one finds a cat or dog amusing (his mother did not appreciate his game of feeding Marisee different things to see how she would react). At the same time, the boys of Demere were too rough and tumble to be more than occasional companions for Liam. He didn’t mind much; after all, there was so much to do and think about that he never felt the lack.

Of course, by the time he was six Liam’s tutoring in all manner of subjects befitting the education of a nobleman’s heir was underway. He took to the dry book learning like a fish to water and spent most of the next few years with his nose in a book. In addition to the subjects he liked – history, mathematics, science, and philosophy – he also was tasked with the study of tactics and strategy, which he found quite vexing. After all, a smaller force ought not to be able to overcome a larger one (it was simple mathematics) and the whole business of feigning one strategy in order to set up another seemed needlessly complicated. But, given who his uncle was, and his desire to excel in all things, he persevered and by the time he reached manhood was able to do all the things a noble heir ought to do: ride, hunt, fence, run a castle, and lead an army (or a cadre of soldiers, at least).

The year Liam turned seventeen saw him putting some of his training into practice. As the city of Abain suffered from Cemric raiders, he was sent there to help fend them off. The men under his command had mixed feelings about their green commander. There was no doubt he was concerned for their welfare and had read books and written papers on how to command. On the other hand, his execution of such ideals was painfully lacking in the face of the realities of war. He spent most of the time between skirmishes fretting about the shoddy logistics of the army and how to keep wounds from festering in the miserable damp. The rumors of plague were heard only dimly through the fog of war, but when Liam returned home a year later the reality hit him squarely in the chest.

If only he had returned a few days earlier, he would have seen his mother alive once more, but the cursed delays endemic to any military undertaking had seen to it that he didn’t. For someone with few personal attachments, the loss of one hit particularly hard. Although he sequestered himself in his chambers and the library, he had little appetite for knowledge or learning. Everyone around him probably thought he was researching something or other that had seized his fancy, but in reality he just slept and slept and stared at the ceiling when he could sleep no more. It was about a month later that he was roused from this depression by the sight of an ant carrying a leaf ten times its size. It fascinated him so much that it snapped him out of his fugue.

After his mother’s death, the reality of his father’s eventual demise became something Liam thought about, on and off. He made a study of the way his father ran Demere, a collection of journals that also included doodles of the castle and notes jotted down about how everything might be improved eventually, through the application of science. The last of these journals halts abruptly mid-sentence, as he had suddenly become inspired to pursue the invention of something that could let one see things farther away up close. Or as he eventually called it (months of work and calculations later), the telescope.

Given Liam’s immersion in his projects, the marriage of his sister came as something of a surprise to him. He wasn’t sure how to take it. After all, he had never been particularly close to his sisters, but he loved them and wanted them to be happy. In the years since their mother’s death, he had tried to be there for them, but he suspected that they gave each other solace much as his absorbing projects and books did for him. Once Marisee was married and gone, he did resolve to try and be around more for Melari. He likes to think they’ve gotten closer, but it could just be wishful thinking on his part, since most of his attempts at talking center around his current projects.


[Writing Sample]

Liam stared up at the foliage above him. It had been over an hour since he’d noticed the beginnings of the spider’s web and settled down to watch the arachnid weave her trap in the tree above. She’d begun in early evening, just when he was coming down from the library for supper. A glint from the setting sun had illuminated her silk just right, catching his eye and consuming his attention for the time being. It was nearly dusk now, but his blue eyes had adjusted to the dimming light well enough. A moth fluttered nearby and the spider paused her work. Although Liam could not see her four eyes from his vantage, he imagined them gleaming with anticipation. Her plot was foiled by the light of a torch, which attracted the moth away from its peril.

Liam sat up, blinking and frowning in the sudden brightness. It had ruined his night vision. He bore no ill will toward the torch’s bearer, who appeared en route to the banquet hall. His stomach growled, and he rose, suddenly hungry. Brushing his clothes off with an absent gesture, he gave the spider a last, considering look. “Happy hunting,” he said, although of course the spider couldn’t understand. Turning away to chase down some grub of his own, Liam suddenly turned back to study the intricacies of the silken web once more.

He wondered… how did the spider manage to anchor its web in places as disparate as the trees in the garden and the corridors in the castle? It must be a glue of some sort, but rather strong to bear the weight and struggle of the spider’s hunt. Could he perhaps create something of the same ilk? He could think of a thousand uses for such a glue. Liam reached out a hand, then hesitated. No, he’d leave this spider to her hunting and start where he ought – in the library, with the books. The rumblings of his stomach fell on ears deaf with curiosity as he left the garden, a grin on his face as the gears of his brain began to turn.


[Timeline of Events]

Year 219: Liam is born

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