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Default Iona Montrose Harcourt

[Your Information]
Name: Lahariel
Contact: PM only

[Public Application]

Character Name: Iona Montrose Harcourt
Character Age: 38
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 18th, 203 - Leo, Born on the Day of Endurance
Current Location: Fyrsbruck, Arbrecht
House: Montrose (birth), Harcourt (marriage)
Banner Appearance:

House Description: The Montroses are an old house, centuries older than the throne of Forsilvra. They rule as Earls of the Green over unruly clans that occupy a cold, rainy land of hills and rock. They are not overly rich, not exceedingly educated, nor well acquainted with the world. The biggest thing they have is their pride, and their swords. Their land boasts the best archers in the five kingdoms, good scouts and hunters, and lots of its men served as mercenaries, mostly in Arbrecht, but sometimes beyond. Montroses claim their descent from an ancient hero Monroe The Bold, a great scourge of Arbrecht, who was defeated by Jerrod himself, and from then on assisted the Great Warrior in his adventures.

Player Base: Catherine Zeta Jones

Alluring could best describe the sultry eyes and fiery locks of the Lady of Fyrsbruck. It wasn’t always this way before. When she was younger she had plainness about her not only in looks, but in spirit as well. That all changed after being wed to Ian Harcourt. Her physique is complimentary to Ian’s both in moderate height and in shape. Where he stands around 5’9” with a fit build, Iona is just an inch shorter with a womanly figure sleek curves and a seductive grace. The first thing most notice is her curly, wild locks of red hair followed by a gaze that could delve into your very soul. Most compare her to a fine wine, something that gets better with age.

Iona is well known to have two faces: That of which all she is in public, and that of which she is in private. Publicly she is a very gracious individual, the epitome of a perfect wife and what any person might expect as the Lady of Fyrsbruck. She is well-spoken and generous to those who are guests and friends. Iona believes that it is better to be loved than feared, but better respected than loved in some circumstances. When it comes to political issues she lets her husband lead the way, but is always there for him to lend an ear or offer her suggestions (sometimes whether he wants them or not). Iona has always been a strong individual, always trying not to let her past affect the duties that she is fully aware she needs to fulfill. She has been described as eloquent, logical, gracious, charismatic, and could easily be described in more modern terms: A trophy wife. To say that Iona has evolved from the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan would be an understatement.

She never really started out all that well-read, but over the years she enjoys more of the artistic and philosophical sides of life. She indulges in painting, loves listening to her husband’s singing, and enjoys reading books that bring new ideas into the world. Naturally, she is a mother and wife first and foremost. She tries her best to give her children everything they need, and raise them appropriately to their station as commanded. It hasn’t been the smoothest road, as Iridia is very much the tomboy of the family, while Isaac struggled with his illnesses for a time but not nearly as much as Erica. Keegan has grown up to be quite the intellectual and witty young man, while Vivian has grown up to be the heart breaker within the family. It was Sara, however, that has bonded with her the most, and the two spend a lot of time enjoying similar passions together. Iona makes it her personal duty to spend equal amounts of time with each of her children in a more one-on-one fashion. A trait formulated and cultivated from her lack of love and affection back when she was a child. Also the fact that Ian is an equal partner in supporting the endeavors of every family member allows the home of the Harcourts to be that of a nurturing environment unlike any other noble family.

Every person has a dark side, however. Iona is secretly a very jealous woman, mostly in ways that people really couldn’t blame her for. She doesn’t covet titles or glory, she simply angers when she is not adored by those she loves most. A lot of this brewing resentment is deep-rooted from her upbringing, to where Iona feels that her father emotionally abandoned her and Aelish during his mourning, then openly disregarded them both by re-marrying. It is something that she always strives to suppress with the more logical side of her personality. At this point, Iona claims herself a Harcourt in all ways and does not mention her Montrose birthright out of contempt for the feelings of betrayal cemented into her very soul. Over the years, Iona has learned to put on a cordial air in front of Arianne Fontenot only because of her royal lineage and the fact that she would rather die than dishonor her husband’s reputation or loyalties because of her own sentiments. But it is certainly no secret that she abhors the woman and step-siblings with a level of cold indifference that would give anyone the chills if they were seen in the same room together. When it comes to her two uncles and their family, however, she is a different woman entirely. They are all treated as welcomed guests, although the fact that Iona despises her namesake likely causes discomfort among the extended family members.

Iona’s love and loyalty is unquestionable to her husband and to her children. They are her world, and even though the marriage has aged and the trials and tribulations of any relationship have reared its ugly head on occasion, Ian easily finds his wife’s bed warm for him to this day. There has always been an erroneous fear that Ian will one day leave her, so the lioness does all she can to keep her husband very happy. But that devotion comes with the dangers of the meanest pair of green eyes should he ever look elsewhere for company. Iona is not afraid to make mistresses “disappear” whenever she discovers them. There is a saying that is whispered among the women, “Cross the lion, and you’ll get eaten.” A statement that is a direct nod to Iona’s star sign, and her imposing regal disposition.

Iona’s upbringing could be described as turbulent at best. Her mother, Eilidh of Clan Tavish, passed away when she was only two years old. It put her father into a depression that ended up consuming almost the whole of her childhood leaving her empty and starved for affection along with her sister, Aelish. Together, the two were extremely close, for they were all they had given the nature of their home with their father so bereaved with grief. Together they lamented the fact that if either of them had been a boy perhaps their father would not have been in such turmoil over the loss of their mother.

The sisters grew up together by the care of servants, with only the basic needs met by their father in order to groom them for marriage. In fact, Malcom had already made arrangement for them to be betrothed by the time Iona was thirteen years of age. It wasn’t exactly considered abnormal, but it seemed like it was done out of convenience rather than concern. Malcom had already taken up a new wife, Arianne Fontenot, an outsider and considered an enemy to the close sisters. Both were leery of the woman, and detested her thoroughly, mostly because they felt their father betrayed them and their mother’s memory. A great deal of strife and conflict arose within the family, as Iona and Aelish openly scorned their step-mother in hopes she would flee out of fear of the daughters. But that did not end up being the case.

Iona was to betrothed the eldest son, Ian Harcourt, while her sister Aelish was to be given to Callum Macleod. The girls weren’t ready for it; mostly translating that Iona wasn’t ready to leave her sister. Of the two, Aelish was certainly more beautiful while Iona was considered average at best. Any time the girls were presented to others, this was something that was verbally discussed on a public level right in front of her. Repeated reminders were constant blows to her self-confidence, which made Iona more introverted and shy whenever brought to court or in front of others. Rumors had been spread that Ian Harcourt was an intelligent and talented man to say the least. Being that Iona felt so plain by comparison, she couldn’t bear dealing with the fact that he would likely find her insufferable and bed others out of spite for his bland wife. It was a fear most palpable, and Iona fought with her father against the marriage behind closed doors, but it was a losing battle at best. Upon first meeting Ian, his attitude toward her was exactly as she anticipated blasť at best. With her already diminished confidence completely shattered, she made a quick vanishing act within minutes of the clandestine meeting.

Yet, the fates had a way of being kind to the paranoid maiden.

A few years later the Harcourts were invited to a feast to celebrate the upcoming marriage of Ian and Iona. Aelish groomed her sister to look her absolute best, but the years of words about her features didn’t give much confidence to Iona. In fact, when she and Ian met again she immediately turned and ran to hide. At first Ian thought it was a game, but when she refused to come out, and looked upon him with fearful eyes, he seemed to realize quickly what was going on. Shy, embarrassed, and completely ashamed, she couldn’t stand having her future husband see her like this. With tears already falling down her cheeks, her cries were assuaged when she heard…singing?

Ian began singing a sea farers song that he had learned on his travels. It took him nearly the entire song before Iona peeked out of her hiding place and listened, still keeping her distance. When he finished, the two conversed for a long time. Eventually she admitted the reason as to why she hid from him, and Ian put her mind at ease as they continued to converse about his travels and things they had in common. Ian brought a sense of calm to her spirit that she had never known before, and from that point onward she gladly agreed to marry Ian which brought out a whole new side to her that even her sister had never thought possible. In the case of Iona Montrose, marriage truly was a blessing for her, and Ian Harcourt became the love of her life.

Ian was a man of philosophy and thus Iona eventually became intrigued by the concepts as well. Especially since her father was struggling to balance a series of old traditions with new ways. As much as Iona tried to incorporate the new concepts into practice, his wife and step-sister Catriona left bitter imprints on her emotions. Her father lit up now around Arianne and two additional children. It made Iona sick beyond her ability to forgive, but she bottled it up and kept herself engrossed in things that kept her away from having to spend any real time with her father and his new-found family. Any time she did have, she saved it for Aelish. When Ian and Iona were finally married, she couldn’t wait to consummate their marriage as soon as the vows were finished being spoken.

Despite being in an arranged marriage, she felt free. Free of the feelings of neglect and abandonment. Her husband was practical but a kind soul in the ways of human affection that was sorely lacking from her life. Iona couldn’t consume the emotions fast enough, and her bed chamber had a heat for her husband that could make a whore blush. Not only had she come out of her shell as a woman, but even in court she acquired a radiance that no one had ever noticed before. Iona was truly happy. Happy and blessed with children, to which she spent every waking moment with when she wasn’t with Ian.

Her sister came to visit often; they were still as thick as thieves in regards to the bonds of sisterhood. Her father, however, has been ignored for the most part. Only invited if Ian is the one to make the gesture, and it is usually the only time she grows cold and indifferent in front her husband. In 232, however, Iona’s happy world came crashing down, both Aelish and Callum died of the plague. The loss was terrible for Iona, and it was hard for Ian to console her. The fear of plague ever touching her family was also a constant worry, especially when Erin was always so sick. The thought of losing anyone else was beyond scary. However, her second youngest, Sara, came up to her one day and told her to not cry anymore. That she missed her mommy that was happy like the sun. Remembering all the pain and turmoil that her father’s grief caused her and Aelish, Iona found the inner strength to pick herself back up and weather the storm that all of Forsilvra was dealing with. It was in this newfound strength that also aided Ian when the War of Heldenbrecht began.

Iona never had too much of an impression of William. There always seemed to be some sort of jest at her, and Ian’s, expense whenever she was around him. But when the story of the plague victims being launched over walls began, Iona’s shock and horror of such garish things cemented her own disdain toward the Fitzwulfs in tandem with her husband. If a Fitzwulf ever needs aid, look not to the Harcourts for help. When Illan died, and Ian was crowned King of Frysbruck, everything changed once more.

Iona has transformed from an introverted and untrusting girl to a matured and noble woman of thirty-eight. With each storm weathered, she continues being a foundation of strength for her family, and beacon of solidarity for the people of Frysbruck.

Writing Sample:
“My Lady…” the ambassador bowed before Iona as she finished the last few strokes of indigo paint upon the canvas.

Taking a moment of pause, Iona turned around and greeted her envoy with a smile, “Ah, it’s lovely to see you again, Charles!”

Setting aside her easel, Iona wiped away the paint on her fingertips and went over to embrace him warmly. The two placed kisses upon each other’s cheeks.

“What brings you to here, good sir? Tell me of your travels recently!” Iona loved hearing tales of adventure and intrigue. It was something she indulged in frequently with Ian when she was much younger, but now that they were long-married, the tales were fewer and less grandiose as they had been before.

Charles smiled and patted her on the hand after she took the time to wrap her arm in his. “Your uncle Craig sends his warm regards. Ever the busy fellow he is.”

A girlish laugh came from Iona as he mentioned it all. Craig had just as many children as she did, so to say he was ‘busy’ was always amusing to her. He continued his report, “Naturally, your cousin Kenneth is doing well and I managed to speak with him for a short time before his duties to the King took precedence.”

Again, she nodded in acknowledgement of the report before Charles’ demeanor changed a little, and Iona knew what was to be discussed next. “I’m guessing our next topic is of my father and his family.”

“My Lady, it is Princess and Countess of Green’s birthday coming soon. Your father, the Earl of Green, wishes you would come.”

The air grew cold all of a sudden with her pulling her arm away; grabbing her kerchief, and Charles knew she wasn’t pleased by this invitation. The pause only made him quirk an eyebrow, expecting some kind of response, “I take it that would be a no?”

“I believe I will be the only one rejoicing when I have to suffer that woman no longer.” She wrung the kerchief in her hands firmly a couple of times before thinking on what to do next. Eventually the features on her face quirked to the side as she gave in to the inevitable, “Very well, take this money and go to the market to purchase her a lovely brooch of some kind. I shall write a letter to go with it, and have the messenger voice our words of love and congratulations from the Harcourt family. That should satisfy appearances.”

She handed her envoy a satchel of money, there was no scant amount inside. If anything Iona was good at keeping up appearances for the sake of reputation. Iona would be damned if people said otherwise.

“I will make sure your father knows that it is a regrettable decline, and that you are busy with your duties,” he added in as he bowed before her.

To that comment, Iona’s face lit up again, “Thank you, Charles. You have always been a dear friend to me and my interests. I apologize if my stance on this matter has caused you any stress.”

“Not in the slightest, My Lady.”

With that, they said their goodbyes, and Iona went back to her painting in order to scrub the mere thought of that woman out of her mind.

[Time Line Events]
Year 203: Iona is born.
Year 204: Her sister Aelish is born.
Year 205: Her mother Eilidh dies.
Year 215: Malcom marries Arianne Fontenot.
Year 216: Catriona Montrose is born, and arrangements for Iona to be betrothed to Ian Harcourt are solidified while her sister Aelish is betrothed to Callum Macleod.
Year 218: Bruce Montrose is born.
Year 220: Iona & Ian are married.
Year 221: Twins Iridia & Isaac Harcourt are born.
Year 222: Vivian Harcourt is born.
Year 223: Keegan Harcourt is born.
Year 224: Sara Harcourt is born.
Year 225: Erin Harcourt is born, and Malcom becomes the Earl of Green.
Year 226: Iona’s uterus goes on a permanent vacation.
Year 232: Aelish and her husband die of plague.
Year 234 – 238: War of Heldenbrecht.
Year 235: Illan Harcourt dies and Ian is crowned King Ian IV of Fyrsbruck.
Year 241: Game start.

Family Genealogy:

Gregor Montrose - - Wife
-- Malcolm Montrose 55, Earl of Green - - Eilidh Tavish (1) - - Arianne Fontenot Montrose (2)
--- Iona Montrose Harcourt - - Ian Harcourt
----- Iridia Harcourt (20) (Twin) F
----- Isaac Harcourt (20) (Twin) M
----- Vivian Harcourt (19) F
----- Keegan Harcourt (18) M
----- Sara Harcourt (17) F
----- Erin Harcourt (16) F
--- Aelish Montrose MacLeod - - Callum Macleod
--- Catriona Montrose (2)
--- Bruce Montrose (2) - - Mairwen Kyffin Montrose
-- Duncan Montrose , royal Seneschal - - Giverny Fleurant Montrose
--- Cameron Montrose - - Ashleigh Harcourt Montrose
---- Douglas Montrose
--- Kenneth Montrose (twin)
--- Kenna Montrose Merrick (twin) - - Nathaniel Merrick
---- Merrick twins
-- Edme Montrose Fitzwulf - - Scot Husband (1) - - Thomas Fitzwulf
--- Son Fitzwulf
-- Craig Montrose early forties - - Scot Wife (1) - - Wife (2)
--- Nessa Montrose (1)
--- David Montrose (1)
--- Daughter Montrose (1) 21, plague
--- Neil Montrose (1)
--- Heather Montrose Fleurant (2) - - Marquis Fleurant [19]
--- Ailie Montrose (2)

+ Duncan's ward

+ Craig's bastards:
- Blair Lyon
- Keith Lyon

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Brilliant profile, Lah. I'm so glad someone decided to pick her up

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they don't really use the titles "King" and "Queen" in Fyrsbruck BUT besides that --

APPROVED! sup, Mom, can't wait to post/drive you insane!!
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Adrien says no one had better use those titles anymore but him and his bride... although he's a little out of luck at enforcing that at the moment.

but LOVELY Approved~! <3
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Okay, I took out all the Queen parts. All set to fly!
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