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[Your Information]
Name: Aaron
Contact: Over the hills and far away.

[Public Application]

Character Name: Corbin Blanchard
Character Age: 23
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): May 3rd, 218
Current Location: Arbrecht
House: Blanchard
Banner Appearance:

House Description: (Written by Gent.)

The former royal house of Heldenbrecht, the Blanchards were once the most powerful family in Arbrecht. When the plain tribes split, the Blanchards were the original ruling family, and at one point claimed ownership of three major cities; Landerfell, now Westerland, Heldenbrecht, now a torn-down ruin, and Kelailles, an independent city state. Known as a charming, but devious, House, the Blanchards were reputed for both their sophistication and their arrogance. Centuries ago, they sent the largest contingent to help fight the invaders, and in turn lost Landerfell to the Fitzwulf family for this deed. Ever since, the Blanchards have hated the Fitzwulf Family, fiercely.

Their House Motto is 'Ever Bright, Ever Noble'. Perhaps one of the most educated and cunning ruling family, they relied on spies and assassins for many diplomatic interactions, and could call up the largest army in Arbrecht Ė relying mostly on the Feudal system of Knights and Levies. They were steadfast allies with the Harcourts of Frysbruck and interrmaried with them frequently. However, William Fitzwulf smashed this army by successfully bribing their Chief Spymaster, so that his Fyrd Milice could fall upon the unready Heldenbrecht Army outside their Capital. After four pitched battles, in which the Fyrd Milice hounded and battered the flailing Blanchard Army, the Royal Family was captured by Elrik Kingbreaker. The King of Heldenbrecht signed over all his land and possessions to the Fitzwulf Family; in return, his kin were treated fairly and well, and his eldest daughter was betrothed to Jon Fitzwulf. No male sires of Heldenbrecht live.
Player Base: Tom Jane

Personality: (Written by Deek, the former player of Corbin.)

Corbin Blanchard is a bundle of contradictions, probably from a tumultuous life that was a short amount of peace, then agony and death for most of his family, and finally hiding. As a young boy, he was cheerful, and lighthearted. As he grew in hiding, that changed. Anyone who knew him prior would almost not recognize him.

At first appearances, Corbin is an asshole. And he is. Heís narcissistic, arrogant, emotionally distant, and promiscuous. He makes no apologies for who he is, and holds no regrets. Of course, heís also intelligent. He knows when to behave, and who to suck up to. Corbin is not one to bad mouth a king. You will never see him ill-behaved in front of someone important.

When you begin to dig deeper, you see that Corbin is a man who has all of his vain and unfavorable traits, but he is also a man of his word. He is willing to make great sacrifices for both his family and friends, and does love them dearly. For someone who appears to be incredibly amoral, he actually has a very deep set of morals. They do not fit with normal societal norms, but he has his own code and follows it very deeply. As such he is always there when a friend is in need. Even though he has not seen his sisters in a long time, he remains faithful to their safety and would never see them in harmís way. On the other hand, Corbin would have no shame in marrying them off for political benefit.

However, he is not going to be nice about most things. Corbin is blunt, and straight to the point. The execution of his family and overthrow has left Corbin cold. He often feels disconnected from the world, as his goal has been for so long to strike at the Fitzwulfs, it has practically consumed him. Most of the time he is not even aware of when he hurts otherís feelings. Corbin is not one for fanfare or praise... Everything he does is calculated, and all he needs is his own self-satisfaction. When he does do good deeds, he prefers not to speak of them, and pretends that they were either not his or for selfish reasons regardless if they were.

He does not dominate others to build himself up, yet he is not tender either. He has dim views of life, not believing in love and instead believing in money, lust, and political alliances. Corbin believes the world to be a cruel, hard place and has trouble seeing the beauty within it. Everything is another slight or another thing to achieve. Deep down, though, if youíre lucky, you may see a sliver of tenderness, but it is gone in a second.
History: (Written by Deek, the former player of Corbin.)

Corbin was born in May, the first Blanchard child to Cesaire and Rohine Blanchard. It was an easy birth, and a blessing for them, to be born with a boy right away. Cesaire had his rightful province heir, and as such, Corbin was groomed to take over the province from the day he was born until the day the Fitzwulfs invaded.

Growing up, Corbin was a highly relaxed, friendly young boy. He was open and curious and would often make conversation with anyone who walked by. All in all, he was rather sweet. Lessons were not a problem; he just seemed to go along with him without much fuss, which for him seemed easier than rebelling. Though he paid attention in all of his lessons, the military ones were his least favorite, and he had a hard time understanding the hate with the Fitzwulfs. It seemed a foreign concept to him.

All of this changed when the war with the Fitzwulfs first began. Suddenly, at the age of 16, the Blanchard rule was in threat. Corbin began to scramble, trying to remember any knowledge taught to him in his military lessons. Of course he was not active in the fighting, as the Blanchards needed to hold onto their heir, but he did his best to help. He would listen in on meetings, look over the battle plans. Corbin did anything to absorb knowledge of military strategy, as he felt it was the only thing he could do. When he wasnít doing that he was trying to watch over his sisters and his parents, hoping that they would be alright.

Unfortunately Corbin and the rest of the Blanchard family, the war did not go so well. In 237, there was a huge turning point, with the capture of the Blanchard family by Elrik Kingbreaker. Though his sisters were not sent to the prisons, Corbin was. Their father during this time refused to admit surrender, and so the war dragged on with the Blanchards being captured. Corbin was imprisoned for about a year, which was a miserable experience for him. Though he was not in the worst cells of Forsilvra, he was not treated greatly either. The food was barely edible, and the guards treated him poorly.

In 238, however, Cesaire Blanchard died, finally ending the war. It was right before this time that Corbin managed to escape, bribing several of the guards to get free. It was a hairy escape, but in the end Corbin he managed to make it with the combination of bribes, dumb luck, and the aid of the Vulferam family. Unfortunately, there was no time to rescue his sisters who were being kept separately. The Fitzwulfs played it off to the general public that he died, so as not to cause conflict for them. In reality, Corbin has been hiding in Kellailes since 238.

Since being in prison, Corbinís demeanor has changed greatly. He is no longer the innocent little boy that couldnít understand all of the political tension. Instead, he is bitter, angry that he has had to go into hiding. The fact that his sister was forced to marry a Fitzwulf scum was another insult. As a result, Corbin has become obsessed with plotting the demise of the Fitzwulf family. There wasnít much else to do, trapped and in hiding, anyway.

It took a month or two for Corbin to recover from the conditions of being imprisoned. Afterwards, however, he began his plans. Soon after his arrival in Kellailes, Corbin began and to plot and plan. Being restricted in where he could go, Corbin spent much of his time with the Vulferam family, growing close to Conor and Aibihilin as well as the rest of the siblings. Corbin was indebted to them for rescuing him, and this is something he has never forgotten.

For the past several years, Corbin has focused his efforts on how he can destroy House Fitzwulf. It has been a slow process, gathering the resources and planning, but Corbin Blanchard is almost ready for his comeback.
Writing Sample: (Written by me, the current player of Corbin.)

He leaned back in his chair, in front of him was a desk strewn with various documents and maps of all sorts. The most important one, the one that he had just finished looking over was a contract, a very simple contract consisting of only one page and only a few lines. But it was this contract which had caused him to spend his previous nights alone in his room, trying to figure out the proper details of it, and to eliminate the paper trail that would invariably lead to himself. Now that it was finished however, Corbin began to relax in his study.

All that time, all that preparation was in regards to what was contained therein the contract. Soon would come the time where he would not have to hide, where he could be an open individual with his own birth name, and not have to be 'guarded' by others. Of course he knew that he would have to rely on those who had proven their worth to him, for the simple fact that his plotting and scheming could not have been done without them. If even one person who was privy to the plot had let anything slip, Corbin knew that it would be his head mounted on a pike for all the world to see and mock. It would be his sisters who suffered for his actions, and he wouldn't allow that to happen. That is why he took great measures to ensure that nobody would trail anything back to him.

But still he thought, as he pulled the stopper from the decanter and poured the liquid into the accompanying snifter. It was cognac, a celebratory drink. He thought about what people would think, when he came onto the scene. Of course nobody could prove he was connected to the event, not except those who were in on it, but they would have too much to lose if they did. As he sipped his drink, he laughed aloud to himself and spoke to the drink; "Let them think and talk. It will not matter once I have retained my birthright and rule as lord. And as long as I quickly make friends with the other provinces... They won't care that the power has shifted."

At least, nobody not connected to the event would care. He knew there would likely be trouble with family members, and the young Fitzwulf girl... She would probably hate him as much as he had come to hate her forebears. He didn't want harm to come to her, at least nothing that could visibly be tied to him; a lord has to keep up appearances, and it wouldn't be fitting for him to appear as brutal as he was intending to be, but yet he knew she would make trouble in the long run if left alive or even secretly imprisoned... He spoke again to himself, "I shall have to be careful with that one... She's not as simple as her brother. I am in the business of restoring order, not creating chaos and enemies." He paused "I will not be like her father was."

[Time Line Events]
Year 218: Corbin Blanchard is born.
Year 221: Alaine Blanchard is born.
Year 224: Madelaine Blanchard is born.
Year 234-238: The Fitzwulfs overthrow the Blanchards. Alaine Blanchard is betrothed to Jon Fitzwulf.
Year 236: Queen Blanchard dies from the plague.
Year 237: Blanchards captured by the Fitzwulfs.
Year 238: Cesaire Blanchard dies. Corbin Blanchard goes missing and is presumed dead.
Year 240: Alaine Blanchard weds Jon Fitzwulf.
Year 241: Game start.

Family Genealogy:
House Blanchard, Landerfell
"Ever Bright, Ever Noble"

  - Andrien Blanchard -- Unnamed Wife
   - Cesaire Blanchard -- Rohine Alysworth
     - *Corbin Blanchard
     - Alaine Blanchard Fitzwulf
     - Madelaine Blanchard
   - Adelard Blanchard -- Elisabeth Fitzwulf
   - Aurelie Blanchard Hallvador
   - Sepphora Blanchard Vulferam
  - Doriane Blanchard Harcourt
  - Edouard Blanchard -- Unnamed Wife
   - Edgard Blanchard
   - Alexandrine Blanchard Fleurant
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