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[Public Application]

Character Name: Micah Hughes
Character Age: 56
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): February 4, 185
Current Location: Forsilvra

House: Hughes
Banner Appearance:

The Banner of House Hughes is a shield with a trading ship, representing the family's past in commerce. The blue represents the sea, where the white represents the neutrality of doing trade far and wide. The family ship flies a red flag, and the shield has a red border which tributes the family's military history in Caelain helping the Faeralds fight the Cemric tribes, and taking hold of Cemria after much bloodshed. The golden crown was added with the foundation of the Bank of Abain, and the fact House Hughes operates gold-carrying ships. House Hughes has always thought that "Gold is King".

House Description:

Originally loyal and dedicated vassals of House Faerald, they were given charge to hold Abain and keep the Cemric tribes at bay. The family boasts a mixed history prior to their rule of Abain, being a farming house and a military house with a mix of both within their bones. The family often worked at diplomatic solutions with the Cemric tribes, even marrying into some in order to achieve peace. House Hughes has sometimes clashed militarily with Cemric tribes, but generally has the superior ground and forces to push the tribes back – additionally with some tribes sworn through marriage and other alliances to their family.

With the passing of time the Hughes expanded the size of Abain, making it into a fairly significant city in the Caelian Isles. The city became prominent in areas of commerce, a merchant port for ships to stop in, trade goods, and be on their way. Though it was not as significant as the prosperous merchant city of Porthaeron. The Hughes made up for this by turning Abain into a banking and money-lending city, after they spread the word of having the most secure vaults in all of the land. The Bank of Abain became a success as they proved their claims to be true that no thief could break into their many vaults, and noble families and even various trade guilds flocked to do business with the Hughes family and their bank to safe keep gold, documents, and other treasures.

As bankers the Hughes are good with numbers, and maintain an immaculate reputation for safekeeping wealth. As moneylenders the family is always there to provide coin, but it comes at a price – and no one cheats the Bank of Abain. There are rumours about the family being involved in the black market, but there is never any proof of these unfounded claims.

Player Base: Kenneth Branagh


Micah Hughes is a well groomed and pleasant looking man, but the Lord of Abain possesses a short stature. At full height the man stands five feet, nine inches and a half. Many other men of noble birth tower over him, including his sons. His father had teased him years ago for being so short. The Lord of Abain is known for his decadent robes, coming off as rather lavish and perhaps too flowery. Nevertheless, he enjoys showing off the wealth that allows him to afford to dress so nicely. Micah’s blonde hair is generally neatly coiffed, parted from right to left with nice waving curls on the front tips of his hair. His eyes are a light blue, but quite icy looking as if he has a piercing gaze. The Lord’s skin is a pale white, and his veins a deep blue and he takes pride in his noble pedigree.


The Lords of Abain have long been involved in commerce, their strongest area being in banking and money lending. These lords, of House Hughes, have generally held reputations of being shrewd bankers. For centuries the family has long safeguarded the vaults at the Bank of Abain that have securely held the fortunes, documents, and treasures of lords from all over Forsilvra. Additionally, they have all been reliable moneylenders, eager to write loan contracts with others. The reliability stems from two facts; one, that the family will be willing to offer loans to those who can legitimately repay with interest, and the second being the fact that if the money is not repaid those responsible will suffer the consequences.

Micah Hughes is the Lord of Abain, and he has proven to be very competent in the banking trade, as well as presiding over his family’s domain of Abain. The man demonstrates all the hallmarks of a privileged upbringing. He is extremely sharp of mind, and experienced in the art of rhetoric. The lord possesses an analytical mind, some suggest the result of his fascination with numbers – particularly dealing with the meticulous growth of his family’s wealth. Over the course of his life, Micah has always turned to the nurturing of his mind, like a warrior conditioning his body, because he is a man that likes size and strength, and therefore must rely on his mind. Ambitious, he has not let his physical handicaps get in the way of his determination for more wealth and power.

Micah is constantly scheming of ways to climb the social hierarchy of power sand prestige. Despite the increase in his family’s wealth, nothing is acceptable. The man must keep striving for new goals, seeking new targets. That aside he is realistic, he knows he will never become anything such as King or Province Lord, considering the huge swath of others in line to such positions. The power he seeks is influence, the ability to manoeuvre from behind the scenes acting like a puppet master controlling his puppets. Considering he does not have the raw authority of rank to do that, he has realised that gold is his best friend in directing from the shadows. This is his prime motivator for the accumulation of wealth.

Though his household money is all accounted for legally, and recorded, and the taxes paid in full properly, the family has more wealth than believed. Micah runs shady operations and is highly involved in the black market of Forsilvra. The man takes tribute from pirates and smugglers to turn a blind eye to their crime, and even operates a fair number of pirating and smuggling ships that are not in any way traceable to his family or Abain. The man often uses reliable associates, and has spies in place to make sure nothing important is leaked. The man is quick with taking preventative action to keep his family’s reputation in place. Additionally, he is involved in the business of brothels and whorehouses, some geared towards the common masses, but most of it focused at providing women for the rich and powerful all over Forsilvra.

The man is clearly focused on his own goals, and he will do whatever is necessary to silence any threats to his interests. He is utterly ruthless, and is not above doing whatever is necessary for his own benefit. Though family is important, if a family member posed a threat to the careful interests he has worked diligently at planning, well he would have that relative killed if necessary. The man is not religious, being one to not believe in the man-made idiocy of religion. He only believes in life, death, and the power of gold and knowledge. Though strength and military might are impressive, due to the fact he lacks such attributes he has often resented those enemies who are tall, strong, and mighty warriors. He hates those types, and in an unconscious way is trying to prove that their physical power is no match to the power of the brain when applied efficiently.

Despite his ambitious and ruthlessness, Micah Hughes is a rather affable man. The Lord of Abain possesses a polite demeanour, with a soothing voice that can calm and reassure another person with ease. Often he is seen as being pleasant to speak with, a very disarming conversationalist that is always trying to place the emphasis on those he is communicating with. Micah knows very well that people enjoy talking, and look favourably upon any who would listen to them. He has the patience to take his time with others, if it is conducive to his personal goals. If not, he will find a friendly way to get out of a pointless encounter. The man’s tongue drips with sweet honey, and he is not afraid to use flattery to his benefit, nor is he afraid to pretend to be generous. The man is certainly charming, and quite good at lying, especially with half-truths. It is hard to believe that behind such a pleasant facade there plots a cold-hearted sociopath lusting for power.


Micah Hughes was born the eldest son of Montgomery Hughes VI, Lord of Abain. His mother was Epona Andraste Hughes, originally a Cemric Princess married to cement alliances with some of the Cemric tribes upon Cemria. Like any child born into a family of wealth and power he was provided with an education expected for one of his social station in life. Some siblings would later join him, a brother by the name of Joseph, and a sister by the name of Esther. Much of his childhood was spent with tutors, but when he was around twelve years old he was initiated instruction and lessons in fencing and fighting. Tragedy befell the family when his younger brother was kidnapped by some Cemric tribes, but they ended up being ambushed by some tribes loyal to House Hughes.

The leaders of the tribe responsible for the kidnapping of young Joseph Hughes were found, and promptly executed. Montgomery Hughes VI would not tolerate such actions, and he sent the heads of those tribal leaders to the other tribe leaders as a warning not to cross the Lord of Abain again. Micah continued in his lessons, his father feeling it important a man know how to defend himself. A few years following the incident, Micah was married to a Cemric Princess by the name of Mairsil Ena. He was only seventeen at the time, and his wife was fifteen, but the marriage could not be dragged out, it needed to happen urgently to cement more goodwill and show alliance with some of the tribes on Cemria. Though married, they were given space to grow, and Mairsil was given a proper education of a woman expected to be future Lady of Abain.

By his early twenties, it was a reality that Micah Hughes was not going to grow into a big, strong man. That was going to be the role of his younger brother, to be the Knight and warrior in the family. The heir to Abain was a short, slim man of small build, with foppish hair. The young man was quite agile and swift with a blade, a fine swordsman, but he was no warrior. Thankfully, he knew that long ago and insisted on more tutors to educate him on arts, navigation, geography, astronomy, mathematics, economics, history, industry, trade, agriculture, and whatever other areas he could fit into his schedules. The man wanted to have a broad education to benefit him when it came time to rule. Micah started off working at the Bank of Abain, the family’s prime income generating institution, renowned for holding and securing wealth and treasures of other nobles, for a fair fee, as well as for moneylending.

During his time with the Bank, Micah often went sailing upon the high seas, travelling in special convoys that consisted of large cargo ships that contained gold, treasures, and other important items. The ships didn’t sail alone, because often times they were escorted by armed war ships the consisted of the significant navy based out of Abain. Once or twice he had been present during skirmishes with pirates, and had been involved in the fighting, handling his sword with ease and precision. Fighting on the sea was much different than on the land, he would learn.

When he finished his time with the Bank of Abain, Micah Hughes was given command of the naval operations of Abain. The duties were to secure the coast, make sure there was no unauthorised sailings by Cemric tribes, as House Hughes strictly forbade the Cemric tribes from sailing unless with explicit permission. Nevertheless, there were always tribes that failed to adhere, and so the navy was to capture and execute those who broke that law. Additionally, they were to eradicate piracy and smuggling in the waters around Cemria, and Abain. Nevertheless, Micah started changing the rules. The man turned a blind eye to smuggling and piracy, for a significant price. The smugglers and pirates didn’t like the cost, but those who did not pay up were put down immediately.

Micah allowed Cemric tribes the ability to sail, in exchange for money, alliances, and agreements that they leave Abain and House Hughes alone. Before becoming Lord of Abain, Micah Hughes was increasing the wealth of his family, and operating black market operations out of Cemria. Nevertheless, he made sure his navy did catch pirates, seize smuggling ships, and make examples of some illegal sailings by Cemric tribes, to appear as if he was actively fighting such crime on the sea, while in truth he was using it to profit. He was surprised one day when his father congratulated him on his cunning, before informing Micah that such activities was how the Hughes family had operated for the last many centuries. He learned the bank and moneylending was a legitimate front operation, but that a significant portion of their wealth came from piracy, and smuggling, but never directly pointed back at the family. The Hughes always maintained a honourable reputation, and it was Micah’s duty to be more discreet about the black operations side of the family business.

During this time he gave birth to three sons, two daughters, and his mother passed away. He had become closer to his father after the death of his mother, the man had become lonelier. Montgomery's health started deteriorating around the Year of 210, and in 211 he decided to relinquish his title as Lord of Abain in favour of his son, Micah Hughes was proclaimed Lord of Abain. He travelled to Caerthynas to undergo the formal ceremony of becoming a Banner Lord, and swore his fealty to High Lord Maereus Faerald. Micah was very pleased to assume the role as Lord of Abain, and continue the line of House Hughes over Abain. He immediately set to directing changes to the administration as he thought beneficial to Abain and his family. Eventually, Montgomery Hughes VI died in the Year 222. Micah would spend the next many years increasing the family’s wealth, as well as expanding the black market activities of House Hughes.

Everything was going well, until the Plague struck Forsilvra. First it was contained only to the northern lands, his sister and her husband falling victim to the disease. Micah thought it might be a northern thing, until it started spreading, first to the capital, and then eventually to Lacharn and Caelain. Lord Maereus Faerald dies of the plague, and Tysilio Faerald is proclaimed High Lord of Caelain. Micah Hughes was quick to swear his fealty to the new lord, not wanting some Caelain politics getting in the way of his business aims. Nevertheless, the Plague made his business more difficult, since there was a lot of seafarers coming and going to Abain. He shut down the ports for a time being, aside for the banking ships and their convoys. His eldest son suddenly contracts the plague and dies, just as Lord Tysilio Faerald arrives in Cemria to campaign against the Cemric tribes. Micah has his wife, Mairsil, go with the High Lord of Caelain to bring over the tribes loyal to House Hughes (through marriage) to help their liege win over the other tribes.

Unfortunately, a few years later his wife Mairsil contracts the plague and she dies as well. This does bring grief to Lord Hughes, and he feels like his father when he was in his final days. Nevertheless, Micah personally goes in to Cemria to give his wife a proper Cemric burial, and narrowly avoided an assassination attempt by Prince Owyn of Dun Eamrath. When Micah returned to Abain he made sure to summon the Cemric Princes loyal to his cause and be sure to know who the enemies were and were not. He ordered some lists sent to High Lord Faerald, and then put a bounty on the head of Prince Owyn, offering a significant amount of gold for the death of that tribal leader. The Lord has been harsh on the tribes not aligning with him, but has brought more into his alliance through offering significant economic incentives and bribes in exchange for loyalty. Nevertheless, his bounty prize on Prince Owyn remains at the Bank of Abain for any man who can rid Cemria, and in fact all of Caelain, of this rebellious and dangerous tribal leader.

Micah Hughes has done as directed from the capital in response to the plague, and the disease certainly put a dent in his revenues over those years, but thankfully he had saved much wealth in the decades prior to the outbreak. The Lord has been vigilant to align with certain Cemric tribes, while fighting the more dangerous and rebellious tribes. The decline in the disease has shown promising signs of economic progress, and Micah has acted quickly to once again establish his family’s strong position in banking and commerce, as well as their underground black market operations. The Lord seeks more wealth, because to him wealth is power, and it is the power of influence he craves. It is often said Abain is afoot, for their eyes and ears are stretched far throughout the Kingdom of Forsilvra.

Writing Sample:

Micah had returned from the funeral of his wife, quite weary with the fighting that broke out following the attempt on his life. Thankfully the man had many skilled guards, and the assassins were put down, but following that they made a quick retreat back to Abain. They were much safer on the coast, at their citadel in their city. It was obvious who sent the Cemric assassins, none other than Prince Owyn of Dun Eamrath, the rebellious Cemric Prince that was further inland, closer to Weallan. That particular prince, and his tribe, had been a holdout for traditional Cemric beliefs and culture. They controlled significant number of tribes, and were always fighting with everyone else in Caelain.

Unfortunately, Prince Owyn was out of the Lord’s reach, because the man was further south, and inland on the Island of Cemria. The northern Cemric tribes were pretty much aligned with his house through various marriage arrangements, and they didn’t wish to give up their more comfortable ways of living. That meant they were targets of Prince Owyn too, but the Lords of Abain over the years had given those tribes strongholds to protect themselves from the traditional tribes further inland to the south. Nevertheless, Micah Hughes had summoned the lords under his domain, as well as the Cemric tribal leaders that were aligned with him and they had discussed this matter for the last few days.

”I want to thank you all for the recommendations and deliberations,” Micah said pointedly, looking around the room at the men in attendance. ”Loyalty is treated with respect, and I will see to it that everyone of you is honoured for your cooperation,” he said. The High Lord of Caelain had troubles with Prince Owyn and those rowdy Cemric tribes, but not all the tribes could be blamed. The ones aligned to House Hughes were spared for their loyalty and service. Micah would see to it that they would never get shafted for their brave decisions to join with him.

”I have decided to place a bounty of five hundred gold coins upon the head of Prince Owyn of Dun Eamrath, and an additional bounty of fifty gold coins for each of his family members,” he said. Micah felt putting the bounty would attract assassins, warriors, and all sorts to give them financial incentives to kill the man at the wrong end of the bounty. ”It is my hope gold will give incentive to any man to challenge Prince Owyn,” he said across the silent room. It would be the best way to end this problem without wasting the money and resources of a field war on inner Cemria, which was a losing proposition for him, because Prince Owyn had significant defensive positions. ”I only hope that this will solve the problem,” he said, with a sight and a hope it would do the job.

[Time Line Events]

Year 185: Micah Hughes born
Year 187: Joseph Hughes, brother, born
Year 189: Esther Hughes, sister, born
Year 200: Joseph Hughes kidnapped, though returned unharmed
Year 202: Micah marries Cemric Princess Mairsil Ena
Year 209: Isaiah Hughes, son, and twin sister Georgina Hughes are born
Year 211: Montgomery Hughes VI cedes Abain to his son due to health issues
Year 211: Micah Hughes proclaimed Lord of Abain
Year 212: Malachi Hughes, son, is born
Year 216: Epona Andraste Hughes dies
Year 216: Jezebel Hughes, daughter, is born
Year 218: Ezekiel Hughes, son, is born
Year 222: Montgomery Hughes VI, dies
Year 232: Esther & Husband die of Plague
Year 233: Lord Maereus Faerald dies
Year 233: Tysillio Faerald proclaimed High Lord of Caelain
Year 235: Isaiah Hughes dies of plague
Year 237: Mairsil Ena dies of plague
Year 241: House Hughes attends the capital for Royal Festivities

Family Genealogy:

House Hughes, Abain
"Conquer or Die"
  • <s>Isaiah Hughes III</s> -- <s>Marianne Carlyle</s>
    • <s>Montgomery Hughes VI <i>(64)</i></s> -- <s>Epona Andraste <i>(51)</i></s>
      • Micah Hughes <i>(56)</i> -- <s>Mairsil Ena <i>(50)</i></s>
        • <s>Isaiah Hughes <i>(26)</i></s>
        • Georgina Hughes Dagos <i>(32)</i> -- Kirin Dagos <i>(32)</i>
          • Kilik Dagos
          • Laoina Dagos
        • Malachi Hughes <i>(29)</i> -- Unnamed Wife
        • Jezebel Hughes <i>(25)</i>
        • Ezekiel Hughes <i>(23)</i>
      • Joseph Hughes <i>(54)</i> -- Marcella Alysworth <i>(age)</i>
        • Madison Hughes <i>(24)</i>
        • Dominic Hughes <i>(23)</i>
        • Natalie Hughes <i>(19)</i>
      • <s>Esther Hughes Harcourt <i>(43)</i></s> -- <s>Bryce Harcourt <i>(47)</i></s>
        • Blair Harcourt <i>(21)</i>
    • <s>Ezra Hughes <i>(60)</i></s> -- <s>Abagail Taranis <i>(56)</i></s>
      • <s>Benjamin Hughes <i>(50)</i></s> -- <s>Wife Name</s>
        • Alexander Hughes <i>(24)</i>
        • <s>Gregory Hughes <i>(18)</s>
        • Bethany Hughes <i>(21)</i>
      • Noah Hughes <i>(47)</i>
      • <s>Deborah Hughes Toussaint <i>(40)</i></s> -- Voltaire Toussaint
  • <s>Solomon Hughes</s> -- <s>Fran Cairroch</s>
    • <s>Priscilla Hughes SanJar</s> -- Omar SanJar
    • <s>Adam Hughes The Eunuch</s>
    • <s>Ariel Hughes Grant</s>
    • Helga Hughes <i>(64)</i>
    • <s>Joel Hughes</s> -- <s>Ruth Crocker</s>
      • Gabriel Hughes <i>(45)</i> -- Wife Name
        • Jeremy Hughes <i>(27)</i>
        • Selena Hughes <i>(25)</i>
        • Jonah Hughes <i>(21)</i>
  • <s>Rebekah Hughes Hazdurin</s>
  • <s>Darek Hughes</s> -- <s>Elaine Cairn</s>
    • Saul Ignatius (Hughes) <i>(67)</i>
    • <s>Bartholomew Hughes <i>(61)</i></s> -- <s>Wife Name</s>
      • <s>Art Hughes</s>
      • Silas Hughes <i>(45)</i> -- Wife Name
        • Timothy Hughes <i>(22)</i>
        • Artemis Hughes <i>(18)</i> (twin)
        • Tabitha Hughes <i>(18)</i> (twin)
        • <s>Mordecai Hughes <i>(13)</i></s>
      • Elijah Hughes <i>(42)</i> -- <s>Nika Dagos</s>
        • Phoebe Hughes <i>(20)</i>
      • Aaron Hughes <i>(38)</i>
      • Leah Hughes <i>(35)</i>
      • Candace Hughes Naderi <i>(33)</i> -- <s>Belmiro Naderi</s>
  • <s>Mary Hughes Storm</s> -- Albern Storm

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Excuse the delay. Everything seems okay, although Jewish-ish names? :P

Looks good though, welcome to the best Province in Forsilvra and stay tuned for a big plot involving Cemria. That means accepted.
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