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Default Ixchel Chandaka



[OOC Information]

Your Name: Jenn
RP Experience: 14 years
Your Character's Player Base: Bre Scullark


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Ixchel Chandaka
Character Age: 19
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): June 1, 222
Home Castle/City: Baygate, Basica
House: Chandaka


[House Information]

Banner Appearance: The moon clipped by a gold circlet on a black field with dark blood red border
House Words: "Out of darkness, we rise"
Castle Name: Baygate
Link to Image of Castle: Baygate
Original Castle Name: Mont Saint Michaels
House Description:

House Chandaka grew up from the tribes that came over when the Hazir invaded six hundred years ago. Dominating the lands between Basica and Susa, Chandaka was the biggest of all the tribes. Their wealth and status grew over the years, until they controlled the flow of gold in and out of Basica, despite the fact that House Hazdurin, lords of the city since the time of the peace between Hazir and Ahesteri, often tried to wrest control away from the tribe. They warred with other tribes for control as well, which kept their fighting skills strong, and gained favor with House SanJar for helping to protect the mines of the south when the Maélazan raided. In time they owned large enough portions of the city that House Hazdurin began to interwed with them. So did the SanJars. Recently, the last of House Hazdurin has died, bringing House Chandaka into power through a maternal link.

House Chandaka worships a growing religion of K'ai K'in, which migrated from the lower parts of Hazir to Basica with travelers a few hundred years ago. The beliefs are of a mystical nature, worshipping the fundamental forces of land and sky. The main goddess is the moon goddess who was reborn again and again on land. This goddess was to be matched with the Tribal leader who would represent the sun, in the form of a warrior priest or prophet. The leader is picked at a young age from the most prosperous and/or the strongest family of the tribe and they are groomed to become the Tribal leader, to go through a series of tests, and then to ascend to leadership with the moon goddess at their side. The Tribal leader is the Maharaja. He may go by Maharaja or Raja. His first name is reserved only for his consorts. He adopts a non-religious name for those of other religions to speak. He has various Dewan, which are his council and leaders of sworn Tribes. The Dewan is all male. His wife is the Maharani. She is called such only if she is also not a living goddess. In that case, she is called by her name or by her description - as in “The Moon Goddess.” Any female lovers that the Maharaja takes and does not wed are titled Esha. The head priest of the religion is called the Srivijaya. His ritual name is Ah’K’in.



Ixchel dresses in silk. Only silk. All the time. Flowing colors snake around her body, clinging to her hips and chest, which show off her curvy figure. She is beautiful, from head to toe, with long black hair and dark brown eyes. Ixchel has been groomed since her earliest day to look perfect and her husband expects her to keep herself in perfect condition. For religious ceremonies she wears white silk, and upon her head, a headdress of white swan feathers.

Always she wears the golden collar around her neck, a symbol of their house, which thrives on a gold, a symbol of their marriage, forever unbreaking. She never takes it off; she isn’t even sure she could if she tried, though the thought has never crossed her mind. It is a symbol of power, of her goddessness, of the relationship between herself and her husband. She tends to wear a large amount of jewelry as well, all gold based, to show off the wealth of their house.



Ixchel is a goddess. Or at least, she’s believes she’s a goddess, the product of brainwashing from her youth. And she makes no apologies for her status. Other woman might choose to laugh at her (and they well they do), but Ixchel never notices. Or perhaps the better word is that she pays so little attention to any of them, truly believing herself above them, that she cannot notice. Everywhere she goes, she carries herself with an air of superiority...

Except that she defers to her husband in every way. In public, she walks behind him. She doesn’t speak unless he speaks to her first. She would never disagree with him when in the open, and she would never speak of a word against him.

Thus, she struggles in social situations. Among the tribe, most avoid her, either out of fear or respect (or fear or respect for her husband). Her only close companion is Matlan, who speaks to her daily, unless he is in a mission from the gods. She sometimes feels truly alone, but tells herself that solitude is one of the trials she must face.

A goddess shouldn’t cry, but deep in the night, Ixchel sometimes rises from the bed she shares with her husband and finds a place to be alone. The tears come, provoked by something inside her she can’t understand. A pain she can’t reconcile. A memory that just won’t surface. She feels this strongest when she see a mother with child, especially because as a goddess she doesn’t seem able to conceive.

She also hates her husband’s consorts. They stay well away from her, but she knows who they are and what they do and where their children came from. Jealousy is not an emotion fit for a goddess, yet she feels it all the same, rising from her gut like lava from a volcano. She would purge herself of it, and she tries. But it always comes back. Spells and magic simply have not rid of her the few horrid emotions that threaten to consume her. This she hides from her husband.

She has yet to feel anything akin to love. She has witnessed love, seen it in the faces of mothers and wives, fathers and husbands, uncles and aunts and cousins and siblings. But she doesn’t see it in her own eyes when she looks in the mirror. What she feels for her husband is not love. What she feels for Matlan is not love either. And there is no one else she is close to. Ixchel has decided that a goddess cannot love, because love would make her weak and her warrior priest needs her to be strong. Love is an emotion that would need to be purged as well.

Yet... in the dark of the night, sometimes she cries for love as well.

Because no matter what Ixchel believes, she is still only human.



Ixchel was born in the gutters of En’Zai, the capital of Hazirm, to a mother who was more concerned with her next hit of sourleaf than her daughter. Dirty and dressed in rags, the girl, who didn’t even have a real name at the time, followed her mother from whorehouse to hovel, eating when she could. She was luckily never sick, even though she should have died in the conditions her mother put her through. Whether luck or fate, Ixchel would never know, because she cannot remember anything of her life prior to the temple.

She was taken in, kidnapped maybe - she wouldn’t know - by the priests of the temple of K'ai K'in in En’Zai. Here they molded goddesses for purchase by the warrior priests of the cult. The men, in their trials, needed a goddess, and the cult provided - for a cost. The girl was given the name Ixchel, and groomed from that moment to believe herself the goddess of the moon. She was pampered, taught to read and write and speak like a proper woman. She was bathed daily and cared for by her own court of priests. That she believed it all was obvious enough. She stepped into the role with ease, like any little girl would had spent her first four years with barely enough to eat.

The cult worked both to brainwash her and force her to forget any life she had before them. She was told she had been born from the light of the moon, a gift to the temple to worship and raise, but that she would have to undergo many trials before she attained her true powers. Some of those she experienced at the temple. The cult forced her to sleep with snakes, many of which bit her, and while she hallucinated horrors, they spoke words of brainwashing in her ears. Antivenom was given to keep her alive, but only enough to ward off death. The cult forced her to remain in the induced hallucination for days. This was only one of the trials that was repeated, but Ixchel had begun to believe they were necessary. At times, she submitted willingly. Other times the young girl had flashes of a memory of a life before and she fought, only to have the fight taken out of her by the priests.

Then at twelve a man arrived to purchase her. She was presented to him on a golden litter, dressed in white silk that flowed around her young body. Upon her head a headdress of white swan feathers stood out in stark contrast to her black hair. White symbolized the moon, in all her virginity, the priests said. She was whole, sound, and part of his trials would be to change that when she finally became a woman.

She lived with his tribe in the lands around Basica after that. The tribe all believed her to be Ixchel, as did she, and often she would be asked to make prophecies. With her came her guardian, a priest from the temple. Matlah was with her most often, leaving only when Pranav required him too.

The things she spoke of began coming true. A person dying. Crops burning. Plague hitting the city. Ixchel’s visions always took place in secret, with only the priests of the tribe there to hear them. She was always under the influence of some hallucinogenic, often the same snake poison that she was given as a child, although now she no longer needed the anti-venom to keep from dying. In addition, there were pieces of the rituals that were kept secret from the masses, deeper parts of the cult that only those fully initiated could understand.

Dressed in the white silks and the swan feather headdress, Ixchel wed Pranav in the style of the tribe and the custom of the K'ai K'in. Her union to her warrior priest complete, Ixchel’s entire life was spent with him, for him. She would appease his moods. She would make predictions. She was waited on by handmaidens and priests alike. The only council she took was from Matlah, her guardian. And the only council she gave was to her husband.

And then she predicted that her husband would lord over Basica. Many said it could not be done, but she told them all he would succeed without shedding blood. And then, without warning, the members of the house fell ill. Some claimed it was the plague, until word spread that they did not have the kiss of the Turbis Morpi. Belief spread, and then the last ill member of the house dropped dead.

Now the two have moved into the castle and solidified their rule over Basica. They prepare to travel to Lismore to swear their fealty to the province lord and be recognized as lord and lady of Basica.


[Writing Sample]

He was angry. Ixchel watched the men in the room squirm beneath his throne. Their troubles were not her concern. Only the moods and temper of her sun prophet warranted her attention. And when he was angry, he needed her more than ever. Her eyes were only for him, fixed upon him as he raged. As he dismissed the man. As he barked out commands that made the rest of the servants shudder, but not her. Never her. She was the goddess of the moon in human form, a prisoner of this body so that the sun prophet could reach his full potential.

For the moment, she had only been lounging, present to remind the common man and merchant that she was the wife of the Lord, or the Maharaja, as he was called here. She lifted the glass of wine to her lips and sipped, as he raged, relaxed for the moment. Her time would come. Her eyes followed him as he moved about the room, then she turned to the servants and in her soft way, told them to leave. That the Maharaja no longer needed them.

He came then. She knew he would. Ixchel could read his moods and sense his needs like no other could. The bond between them was deeper than any mere mortal could form. Goddess and Priest. Like one.

She set down her wine and wrapped her delicate fingers around his head. “My love. Do not waste your emotions on men such at these. You are destined for great things. Time and patience will bring them.” Her voice dropped. “I will bring them.”


[Timeline of Events]


Year 222: A girl is born in the gutters of En’Zai, capital of Hazirm
Year 226: Girl is taken into the temple of K’ai K’in and given the name Ixchel
Year 234: Ixchel is purchased by Lord Pranav Chandaka, a vassal of House Hazdurin of Basica
Year 238: Ixchel and Pranav are wed in the ways of the tribe
Year 241: House Chandaka takes power after the last Hazdurin dies; They arrive at the Feast in Ahestere to inform Lord Aashiq that Pranav is next in line and swear their feality.


  • Acalan Chandaka -- Varina Hazdurin
    • Chimalli Chandaka -- Aqlia SanJar Chandaka
    • Anzala Chandaka Izel
    • Pandree Chandaka -- Marzilla Jar’nin
      • Coatl Chandaka
      • Tlalli Chandaka

[With Ages]


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