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Default Calhad Faerald, Sir

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[Public Application]

Character Name: Calhad Faerald
Character Age: 31
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): March 14, 209
Current Location:Caerthynas, Caelain
House [Birth and Marriage if applicable]: House Faerald

Player Base: Jonas Armstrong

Calhad is a bluff, hearty warrior: a man of action, loyalty, and good cheer. All of this can distract from the fact that there's actually a fairly sharp mind underneath it all.

While Calhad is, in his professional life, a leader, he's always been relieved not to be a leader in the political arena as well. He's more than willing to let his beloved brother handle things, while he makes occasional comments and then watches to see what happens. This is related to his tendency toward intellectual laziness: while he possesses the aforementioned fairly sharp mind, often if someone he trusts offers to do his thinking for him, he goes along with it. This tendency is not present when he is considering military matters, which he will take seriously and weigh carefully, with a will.

Until recently, Calhad has led a charmed life, and though he knew on some level that no man is immortal, it took him many years to come face to face with that truth. Even the deaths of his father and sister eight years ago did not bring the lesson home, despite the shock and sorrow their loss brought about. It is only quite recently, with the birth of his children, that things have begun to change for him. While he'd seen babies before, and even had a few glimpses of newborns, his own children were twins, and thus early, even smaller than he'd expected, and sickly. He had never seen creatures so helpless, so utterly dependent on others for everything. At any moment, they could be crushed by a tapestry falling off a wall, smothered by a dog, killed by nothing more than a parent's careless embrace; one of them sometimes turns blue right before their eyes for no reason at all. At the same time as his life has gained extra meaning, he has begun to see how fragile it is. This knowledge he pushes away with all of his strength; there is grave danger to a man in his profession in possessing anything more than a healthy respect for sharp weapons.

Calhad makes friends easily, and is happy to do so, as good relationships, he's found, tends to make everything simpler and more pleasant. However, he appears to trust new acquaintances more than he does. He's fully aware that his status makes him a desirable friend, and for a long time after meeting someone new will hold in mind the chance that he is being used as a stepping-stone to his brother.

Calhad's first loyalty is to his brother--he declines to consider whether his wife and children should take precedence, and hopes the matter will never be called into question--and Caelain, and in defense of either he will do whatever needs to be done. He has been drilled on his duty from a young age, and while not all of his lessons took, that one has.


As the youngest brother of a noble family, Calhad idolized his oldest brother Tysilio, who let him tag along on trips through the city, designed and encouraged the most delightful pranks, and all in all paid him the sort of attention that most boys can barely dream of. This was particularly important, since as a fourth child--and third son, no less--Calhad was not accorded a great deal of attention from the adults in the family. Once Tysilio departed for his squireship, Calhad found himself lonely and bereft, and consoled himself by acting as he imagined his brother would, and reporting on it at length in letters to his brother.

While his academic work went well when he applied himself, it was hard to do so consistently when his dreams lay elsewhere, and Calhad pulled what strings he could find to make sure he was sent out to be a squire as well. Before he achieved this goal, however, Tysilio was knighted, brought home, and betrothed, and Calhad began to worry that a distance was opening between them.

While this distance never truly materialized, Calhad applied himself to both his studies and his training in order to combat it, and was pleased to be knighted at 18 and then entrusted with important tasks by his father. He began to build his reputation and come into his own as a daring knight and a creative commander. As a third son, he was not pressured to marry; as himself, he had no particular interest in settling down and being responsible for a woman.

Calhad's career began well, but matters came to a crashing halt when he was twenty-three and the plague hit. In what seemed like no time at all, his father and sister were gone, Tysilio was his lord as well as his brother, and the plague showed no signs of abating. During those turbulent years, while Tysilio held his lands together, Calhad acted as his messenger and assisted as best he could in calming the more restive portions of his brother's holdings. That neither of them was successful in retaining control over the Cemric princes sticks in Calhad's craw, as does their maltreatment of his cousin Uthair.

The death of his nephew and the middle brother in their family affected Calhad in numerous ways: through his brother's sorrow over the loss of young Artur he saw for the first time what was meant by true tragedy, a thought that he still isn't certain he can live with. The loss of Haluin removed yet another of the stones of Calhad's foundation, and changed his own status. Suddenly he was a second son, and while his brother had an heir, one never knew what would happen during the plague. He had to understand that it was time for him to marry. He managed to avoid this during the plague years themselves, on the grounds (which were indeed quite true) that it would hardly be wise to attach himself to someone who might catch the dread disease at any moment. However, once the last victims were healing or laid to rest, he had to acknowledge that it was time.

He accepted a marriage to Sequin Fleurant, one of the first women suggested to him, and has a perfectly civil relationship to her, treating her with the courtesy she seems owed, and now with the respect due to a mother, for she birthed their twins only months ago.

Writing Sample:

"You have a daughter."

Calhad looked up from the scroll he'd been pretending to read and smiled in relief. It was all over, then. He was inured to illness and pain from the men under his command--and their enemies--but when the sufferer was an innocent woman who was attempting to bring further life into the world... Well. That changed things. And while he couldn't hear or see his wife's pain, he knew that it was happening, and under this very roof, and while all of that was going on how could a man sit and read?

"She's well? And the mother?" The midwives had said it was early, but the ladies of the court had all said she looked more than ready to birth a healthy child. Of course, someone would have said if there was anything wrong, but still he regarded the messenger expectantly.

"She's well. The midwives say she's a bit small, but strong for all that."

A set of footsteps, hurrying, had been echoing in the hallway outside of Calhad's study, and he looked up to watch the person go by. The person did not. "A son, Sir Calhad," the newcomer announced.

Calhad frowned, and looked at both of the messengers. "This is a very poor joke," he informed both of them. There was a time and a place for everything, and this was neither the time nor the place for joking!

The first messenger wore an expression similar to his own. The second was catching his breath and collecting his thoughts.

"Well?" he said impatiently. "Is it a boy, or is it a girl? Or are you both liars and the child remains unborn?"

"It is a boy," the second messenger got out at last. "And it is a girl. Two babies, Sir Calhad. Twins."

Twins. Calhad regarded the messenger blankly for a moment, and then looked down at his scroll. Twins. "They're well?" he asked, echoing his earlier questions. "And the mother?"

The messenger hesitated. "The midwives say you are welcome to see them whenever you wish."

This did not answer the question, and he raised his eyebrows in astonishment at the prevarication. "Are they well?" he repeated.

"No one... nothing was said that they weren't..." the messenger said.

Calhad growled impatiently and pushed the scroll aside. He had to do everything himself around here! He stalked out the door, past the messengers, who drew out of the way, startled--as well they should!--and off to see his wife. And his daughter. And his son.

[Time Line Events]

Year 209: Calhad Faerald born
Year 222: Sent to squire with Geoffrey Tanear
Year 227: Knighted
Year 228: Returned home to begin serving his father
Year 233: Loss of Lord Maereus Faerald and Queen Corenna Faerald to plague-Calhad begins serving brother, Lord Tysilio Faerald
Year 234: Loss of Haluin Faerald
Year 240: Marriage to Sequin Fleurant
Year 241: Birth of twin children

Family Genealogy:

- Maereus Faerald - father, deceased
- Mother, deceased
-- Tysilio Faerald - brother, 36, Elwen Faerald-sister-in-law, 34
-- Aiden Faerald - nephew, 17
-- Deirdre Faerald - niece, 15
-- Brennan Faerald - niece, 13
-- Artur Faerald - nephew, deceased
-- Corenna Faerald Fontenot - sister, deceased
--King Adrien Fontenot - nephew
-- Haluin Faerald - brother, deceased

- Aemrys Faerald, 55 - Rhona Kyffin
-- Cousins Faereld (and family)

-- Sequin Fleurant - wife, 23
-- Florys Faerald - son, infant (twin)
-- Darla Faerald - daughter, infant (twin)

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Sounds absolutely brilliant. I most certainly approve.
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Most excellent! I'm glad Marty is happy with this rendition. I feel this is more like what I envisioned Calhad to be like.

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I also approve <3
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