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Default Arland Forthwind



[OOC Information]

Your Name: Sam
RP Experience: N/A
Your Character's Player Base: Gary Oldman


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Arland Forthwind
Character Age: 47
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): 21st March, 194
Home Castle/City: Demere
House [Birth and Marriage if applicable]: Forthwind


[House Information]

Banner Appearance: A deer upon a teal field
House Words: Always True
Castle Name: White Spires
Original Castle Name: Dunrobin Castle

House Description:

The city Demere is the former seat of the Royal House of Fontenot. Before they were elected Kings of Forsilvra, the Fontenots were sworn to House Faerald, considered by the latter to be their most formidable bannermen. After the Fontenots were elevated to rule Forsilvra, their lands were granted to another house. House Forthwind had never been quite as prominent, despite their long bloodlines, but they gave devoted service to their lords and their land. Their reward was very much deserved, and it continues to be deserved as they shoulder the task of serving Caelain and House Faerald. Forthwinds have a long history of courage, honesty, and generosity; these virtues are taught from parent to child so they will never be forgotten. House Motto: "Always True".


Arland's general worldview is optimistic, though his tone may speak chapters of a different story. He is responsible and thoughtful, and his work is very much his life right now, being the only thing that keeps him active and out of the depression of recent times. He is a very cautious man, and may appear timid to many, but this is more a state of melancholic vigilance.

Ever since the damage done by the plague, Arland has been a mere fragment of his former self and has become rather reclusive, keeping to himself, locked away in the White Spires of Demere, failing to keep up regular appearances as he once did. He is very caring and protective of his friends and family, both outwardly and inwardly to varying degrees of expression.

He was an orthodox follower of Quintism until recently, he lost his faith when his wife was taken from him so abruptly, and as such struggles to find any comfort from the gods who are said to watch over their children, yet didn't when they needed them to most.

He is fond of the arts, and has a respect and love for music and theatre. Though he rarely participates in such activites anymore as he did in his youth, he is a casual painter and an avid writer.

Arland has been driven to the point in his life where death frightens him at every turn. Not his own, but that of those he knows, and struggles with facing partings. Ever so much so with the recent Cemric uprising in Caelain, in which his own house will fight to rebels.



Arland was born in the spring of 194, the first child to Lord Gavin Forthwind. He was born and raised in Demere, molded to be the heir of his father since the beginning. As a child he dreamed of being a knight, but but he ever had a more dominant love for scholary works, and that untimately pushed him from pursuing the path of a warrior; after all, he was always more comfortable with a quill and ink, than a sword and blood.

He abandoned the idea of ever riding into battle at the fore, when he was matched with Elaine Fleurant. It was a political match, enjoining the two powerful houses of Forthwind and Fleurant. But he abandoned the idea of raising a sword nonetheless, to pursue the life of a scholar, family man and of course the future lord of his house. Around this point in his teens, Arland was actively working with theatre and the general acting-entertainment scene in Demere on a part-time basis, developing his artistic mind.

He and Elaine finally met and married in 214, though he did not give her child for many years to come. He and her pursued art and worked in the theatre together, bonding through what they had in common, in a political marriage that became a loving marriage very quickly. The two appeared on stage together for the first time in a co-written show in 216. The same year his father suddenly passed away, and he was entrusted with the estate and lordship over Demere, forcing him to withdraw from his pleasurable pursuits, and turn his attention back to wholeheartedly pursuing matters of business.

He and Elaine had their first child in 219, a son and now Arland's heir, Liam. Arland went straight to guiding his son, as his father had rightly done with him. As well as he was doing, and the friends he had made throughout the province, and as stable as it all appeared Arland had to plan his first battle in 221, a minor rebellion led by lesser nobles in his hold. He delegated his brother to carry out the movements and on-field actions. At this point in his life, Arland had very much chosen the life of a behind-the-scenes war player at this point, and it allowed his brother to follow a path of his own. Not to mention his brother had an eye for war and what it encompassed, having invented his own war engines over the years on top of his study of the subject. The rebellion was easily put down, and Arland appointed his brother commander of the Forthwind forces formally.

Over the next three years Arland and Elaine would have two more children, two girls, Marisée and Melari in turn. His son Liam would go on his first military assignment at this point, sent to support House Hughes in Abain against the Cemrics. At this time the Ernsaw plague reached Caelain and began taking a death toll, Elaine was stricken with it, and Arland devoted the majority of his time personally nursing her back to health, seeking the best physicians and doing all he could for her, to no avail. When she passed part of him did too.

Liam returned successful from Abain, he was a welcome sight indeed, yet there was vast emptiness in Arland's personality, and they began to stray away from one another. This was the father's fault, not the son's. Arland spent much time locked away and his public appearances withered into rare instances. It was up to Liam to keep up the clan's appearances, whether he enjoyed that new aspect of his life, Arland didn't know.

When the time came for a new Authority of War to be appointed in the capital, Arland put his brother's name down for consideration, as much as the potential of parting hurt him. His brother Bradyn would be ultimately chosen for the position and packed up and went off to serve the King and his kingdom. Leaving Arland once again in charge of his own forces.

Time fleeted by, and he had to match his eldest daughter Marisée, with young lord Fredrick Esser and the two formed a union through a daughter, before Fredrick passed away. Arland didn't even meet the man who married his daughter, too ashamed to see what he had got her caught up in. Very little seemed to matter to him anymore, only his work. He didn't realise until the plague ended how far he had pushed his children away in the mess of his own problems, and how he had divided his house as a result. When the nobles were invited to Forsilvra to celebrate the end of the plague, he opted out of the occasion; preferring to stay in the comfort of his home, and begin contemplating of how to tidy the mess he had made.


[Writing Sample]

Where I once felt young and energetic, I feel old and exhausted. We've only been parted for but a day, not even that perhaps, light passes under the eaves of the castle, spreading rays which but two days ago may have once filled me with warmth and the hope that I could see you walking by my side again. Feeling the warmth of your hand in my own, your breath on my neck...

Nothing remains but an empty pang shattering this exhausted body of mine. Perhaps I won't be long joining you. If everyday is to be as long as this one well, I don't know if I could take another without you. I have the girls though right? And Liam - wherever he is now.

He leant forward, absorbing the picture of the one he had loved. Those eyes, those blank pleading eyes...your last tighening grip on my'll haunt me forever, Elaine. Forever. "Don't let me go," you said. He gave the picture a last longing look, he would have wept if he had anything left in him. His eyes were red raw and dry, he needed sleep, yet he didn't want sleep. Not unless it would repair all of this. If the gods were indeed just they'd wake him from this awful nightmare soon.

As his chest, the place where his heart had resided panged again, he realised how cruel the gods truly were. If they were in fact real, one of their children had needed them yesterday, yet they sat by and did nothing. Nothing at all.

He looked again, and his lip quivered as he raised it to his mouth and gave it a soft kiss. Farewell dear. He didn't look again, only set it down, as he rised meekly to his feet. His hands finding a place in his pockets, as he left the office he gave his paper bin a solid kick in frustration, sending it careening across the carpetted floor.


[Timeline of Events]


194 AF: Arland is born.
198 AF: His brother, Bradyn is born.
214 AF: Weds Elaine Fleurant.
216 AF: His father passes away.
219 AF: Liam is born.
221 AF: Lesser noble rebellion in Caelain.
221 AF: Marisée is born.
224 AF: Melari is born.
235 AF: Liam leaves for Abain on his first military assignment.
235 AF: The plague reaches Caelain.
237 AF: His wife Elaine, dies from the plague.
238 AF: His brother Bradyn, is appointed Authority of War.
239 AF: Marisée weds Fredrick Esser.
241 AF: Marisée's first child Tegan Esser is born.
241 AF: Game start.


  • Gavin Forthwind -- Wife
    • Arland Forthwind -- Elaine Fleurant
      • Liam Forthwind -- Marcheline DeLauncey
      • Marisée Forthwind
        • Tegan Forthwind
      • Melari Forthwind
    • Bradyn Forthwind -- Drusilla Equitatus
      • Carys Forthwind
      • Gandyn Forthwind
      • Flynn Forthwind
    • Pavali Forthwind Grant
    • Nymeria Forthwind


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I approve, but for the Forthwind aspects I should defer to Renna.
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Liam thru Tan approves
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I mostly approve of this. However, Marisee and Frederick produced a daughter, not a son, and I think we should discuss why Arland married her to Frederick. Jenn and I were thinking there was a greater reason than him not caring. Poke me on chat?
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Send a message via AIM to Jenn

Chat was done and now Jenn also approves <3
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