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[OOC Information]

Your Name: Lahariel
RP Experience: 17 Years
Your Character's Player Base: Allison Scagliotti


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Lyonesse Foulkes
AKAs: The Saint of Ahestere, She Who Rises, Daughter of Amelie
Character Age: January 20th 215, Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp, Born on “The Day of the Freewheeler”
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): 26
Home Castle/City: Quintist Temple, Belleile
House: Quintist



A petite woman whose hair changes colors so many times that it's hard to figure out what her real features might look like. Her slim body and tiny bust give her a youthful appearance that is easy to disguise into whatever necessity required of her at that time.



Essentially there are two sides to Lyonesse’s personality: That by reputation, and that by actual encounter. People often have their preconceived notions on what the ‘Saint of Ahestere’ is like in person. They speak volumes of her abilities, and tell elaborate tales of the miracles she has performed upon the sick. She is known to be kind and self-sacrificing, a woman of amazing qualities who provides mercy for the helpless and never turns her back to those in need regardless of their quality or station. However, the realistic picture is not painted nearly as rosy. Lyonesse is a pragmatic woman over all things, and her words tend to be heavy-handed to those who tease her quirks or disbelieve her words. She shows little humility to those who are able to stand on their own two feet, and does not have the same level of humble fealty to other lords regardless of their higher station. Some believe her to be bossy, nit-picky, odd, and downright rude in some circumstances.

Yet, when it comes to the works she performs on those who truly need help her attitude turns a 180, and she shows her warm-hearted nature. To her core, Lyonesse is a humanitarian who truly cares about others and wishes that all the fighting and bickering between lords and provinces would just come to an end. She’s an idealist behind the logical talking and sarcastic remarks, and while she holds no particular allegiance to any lord or realm, despite her aliases, she always tries to be of aid when needed regardless of which it is that calls on her.

She consumes information as though it is a life source for her, and she has the ability to memorize full tombs in a single reading for topics that particularly pique her interest. Because of this ability she enjoys trading books from one region to the next as a little side hobby while she travels. Considered extremely well-learned for her age, Lyonesse takes the art of a Renaissance scholar to a whole new level. She is exceptionally versed in the art of medicine, linguistics, history, and philosophy. Religion is something she panders to since it has elevated her status over the years and hides her true identity, but is not something she invests any literal stock.

Lyonesse has a particular set of quirks about her. The most well-known being the fact that insists on using a simple set of ceramic dishware to eat off of, and that none of her food ever touch anything metal-based. All food must be prepared on wooden or ceramic dishes or boards, and often times she prefers to cook her own meals to mentally assure herself that things are to her standards. She is not only known for her ‘miraculous healing powers’ but also her sense of style. Lyonesse stands out among other women because her hair is shorter than normal and quite frequently she dyes it with the aid of various flowers, saffron, alum, and other herbs. Visually Lyonesse is a social rebel without a cause, and uses her reputation as a healer to mock those who demean her personal tastes.



The story of her origin is riddled in rumors and gossip. What has been deemed the most popular tale by the common folk is the fact that a girl arose from the earth of a poorly constructed grave. Those of Quintist faith who are intrigued by her abilities believe her to be an unnamed daughter of Amelie, although obviously the priesthood does not currently recognize Lyonesse as such an entity. Those of the Vandermark might consider her a creature birthed by the Unknown, as her personality tends to be unpredictable despite her seemingly good-natured practices. The fact that she rose from the dead was only the beginning of her notoriety.

Just as quickly as she emerged from the ground she secreted herself away into the city of Enos where many claim she resided since she only appeared there from the years 232 until 234. It was there that the name Lyonesse emerged after several encounters with the girl who offered to help in curing the peoples’ illnesses. She would visit them in the dead of night and ask to be left alone with the sick individual in order to perform her work without interruption. As stories of successes began to circulate, Lyonesse finds herself visiting more of the sick who are now infected by plague and tries to help them. In time the people of Enos find out where she lives and begin coming to her. Within weeks she found herself overwhelmed by visitors and eventually takes to traveling all of Ahestere in order for her to not only escape the pressures of her work but learn more about the plague and how it has ravaged the province. The more she visits, the more her reputation as a miracle healer begins to cultivate and soon she is dubbed the Saint of Ahestere to which she accepts and perpetuates at this point.

Eventually Lyonesse is approached by a lord from the Vandermark and asked to come aid his daughter in exchange for whatever the healer wanted. Out of respect, she agrees never to divulge his name so that the girl who had fallen ill would not be scorned for having the plague should she recover. The daughter’s ordeal was a long and tumultuous fight, but eventually she recovered and in exchange for her services, Lyonesse simply requests for access to his library and a letter of good word so that she is able to travel to other provinces and access their knowledge unhinged by a lack of a noble title. Now free to travel where she wanted, Lyonesse visits city to city helping people with their ailments and eventually cementing a more ‘divine’ reputation throughout the kingdom of Forsilvra. However she prefers slipping in and out of areas in secret which makes her hard to find and even harder to predict where she will be next.

Of course, if people are determine to find you they will. It wasn’t long after her leaving of Ahestere that the priests of the Quintist religion approached her. Naturally being nicknamed a ‘Daughter of Amelie’ draws not only attention but suspicion. Regardless if the rumors are true about her origins, having her within their priesthood only seemed like a smart idea. If the people believed that she was truly a descendant of the Five then it was in their best interest to indoctrinate her in order to validate that their methods are truly the will of the Five. However Lyonesse was less than willing to join them, and for a handful of years it seemed to be a never-ending game of cat and mouse. It wasn’t until recently that Lyonesse discovered her limits to even a noble’s ‘good word’ and found that the Quintist priesthood could grant her access to other venues of knowledge. Reluctantly she agreed to become an Initiate, but that’s about as far as her succession in the priesthood goes. Rarely does she ever come to the temple and for the most part the Keeper of the Five prefers that she continue being a visual spectacle until such a time that she has out-lived her usefulness.


[Writing Sample]

Smoothing out her robes, she made sure nothing was sticking out or protruding. As much as she hated wearing these things it helped hide things that were necessary in order to keep up the visual reputation. Not to mention people practically expected her to look like a maiden with silky pauper gowns half of the time. It was all about the presentation to the public while being able to accomplish her work in private. There had to be pros and cons to every decision.

After a quick rap on the door, a middle-aged man opened and looked at the girl with a wide-eyed expression, “Oh blessing of the Five, it’s you!”

With a half-hearted smile she nodded to affirm, still feeling uncomfortable with this whole Saint of Ahestere business they were now calling her. But whatever got the job done was what she would do from here on out; best to just roll with it and let the chips fall where they may.

“Where is she?” Lyonesse asked as she pulled her hood down around her shoulders when making her way into the home. The man was only too happy to oblige and gestured to the close door just a few paces away. With a deep breath the woman made her way to the door and was about to open it when she paused and looked over her shoulder. There the man and the rest of his family loomed behind her waiting to follow suit. Lyonesse turned toward the door so that she could sigh and roll her eyes without being seen before looking back over and replying, “If you don’t mind I prefer to work with her alone. I can’t be miraculous with all of you hovering over me like vultures.”

“Oh, yes! Of course, Daughter of Amelie! Our sincerest apologies…” They all then backed away and Lyonesse was now free to go in alone.

Slipping into the room, she shut the door softly behind her and made sure to lock it so that no prying eyes could peek in while she worked. Her gaze flicked upon the ailing girl as she slowly walked over and took a visual assessment of the situation.

“Yep,” she spoke to the unconscious girl, “…it’s Turpis Morbi all right.”

Taking a deep breath, Lyonesse clapped her hands together and rubbed them vigorously before pulling off her vestments and replying, “Time to get to work.”


[Timeline of Events]


Year 215: Lyonesse is born, though not publicly known.
Year 231: Lyonesse is seen rising from the dead by several villagers. Gains the nickname ‘She Who Rises’ since no one knows who she is at the time.
Year 232: Performs her first ‘miracle’ just outside of Enos.
Year 234: Begins traveling all over Ahestere curing the sick of their ailments. She gains the title amongst the people as ‘Saint of Ahestere’.
Year 237: Decides to travel around Forsilvra to aid others.
Year 240: Agrees to become an initiate of the Quintist priesthood.

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