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City: Mier
Ruling House: Vulferam
Banner Lord: Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam VI
Founded: ~400 BF
Motto: "Strength in Size"

About Mier

The Clan of Vulferam came about, predictably, as the result of war. One of the many and varied mountain clans that cohabited the area around what would become Mier, they were, like most people in the region, a strong and hardy people. During one of the many wars between the clans during 398 BF, leaders from two rival clans, the Haden and the Tavish, formed an unexpected alliance between themselves, and within a matter of two decades had swept away all of the other clans which had warred seasonally for several hundred years, destroying several and driving the rest to other areas, either higher into the mountains or south, into the lowlands.

The alliance lasted far longer than anyone expected, and within a matter of twenty five years, the clans had married and intermarried enough that deciding where one clan's family ended and another began was almost impossible. By this time they had settled the small area of flatland between the The Mierranese Mountains, creating the basis for what would become the namesake city of Mier.

The clan, which adopted the name of Vulferam after the alliance's greatest warrior, found itself relatively isolated for the next hundred years. While the growing city attempted to attract traders from other areas of Abrecht, few traders wished to brave the mountain passes which, despite their best efforts, were continually plagued by the remnants of decimated tribes, acting mostly as bandits, preying on visitors and traders attempting to visit Mier. The result, after several decades of failure to bring any significant trade to the city, came when a small port was founded in the coastal lowlands to the west of Mier. The largest path between the port and the city was guarded excessively by warriors from the city, creating a trade route that suffered significantly less loss by raids than the other routes.

As a result of an influx of trade, with the Vulferam's exporting primarily wood and various minerals from the mountains and receiving livestock and luxury goods from other provinces, Mier began to flourish. What started as a minor city soon became a major population center, despite the fact that it was remote and rather removed from the rest of Forsilvra.

In 150 BF, the arrival of the Fitzwulfs in the south was noticed by the Vulferams, who generally ignored their new neighbors. Confident that they would have little to fear within the natural fortress of their home, the mountain city regarded the fate of the southern tribes with a dark amusement. If they couldn't hold their land, it was said, then they deserved their fate. Despite this, when a Fitzwulf force approached the city, the Vulferam's took the offer of fealty, swearing allegiance to their new neighbors while snorting in private. If some foreign lords wished to actually claim dominance, they were free to try.

What did come as a surprise, however, was the fact that the Fitzwulfs named the Vulferams "high lords of noble blood." In addition to opening up, at least partially, some of the mountain passes and creating a second trade route into Mier. While being high lords mattered little within Mier's poglitical scene, it was quickly discovered that being named as such gave a certain edge, or at least equality, when dealing with the other nations.

The next centuries were some of the least exciting in Mier's history. Seasonal wars with the other clans persisted, with neither side able to accomplish much. Commerce continued to be a primary source of income, but also had the side effect of bringing in new ideas and technology to the mountain city. The only major event until the creation of Forsilvra was the 10 BF war against the Linchao Empire, with Vulferam forces deployed alongside Fitzwulf armies for one of the few times in the nation's history.

Recent history has changed little, with the Vulferamss keeping mainly to themselves by choice. Very little has changed since the founding of Forsilvra, with the Vulferams still holding the city true to ancient customs and traditions while simultaneously making use of advances in science and technology to keep itself a viable power in both the politics of Arbrecht and Forsilvra as a whole. During this time, several new alliances were forged, bringing a slighter degree of peace to the region, the main event of which being the peace treaty between Mier and the clan of Bloodpaw, creating an odd alliance between what had been ancient enemies.

Culturally, Mier remains, at it's whole, unchanged from when the city was first founded. The city, and it's people, are ruled by the Vulferam family, have done so since the creation of the clan. Unlike some provinces, who's people believe that their nobles rule by a divine right, or some air of betterment, Vulferam rules simply as a matter of practicality. Through the city's history, it's leaders have been the best in whatever fields they pursued, leading the city and it's people to prosperity. Very infrequently do citizens voice dissatisfaction with their noble leaders, and when they do, other citizens are usually quick to deal with any dissent.

While the leader of the family is always the first male of the line, men and women in Mier enjoy relatively equal rights and responsibilities. Instead of having women adopt a subservient role, as in some lands, it has been custom since the clan's founding that men and women have certain areas of responsibility, with little overlap between the two. Whichever gender dominates a particular role is to be deferred to in that regard, with elders taking precedence over juniors. In this way, it has become common in the city for the vast majority of healers to be women, as an example, with even lords deferring to a female healer when seeking medical advice, simply because it is realized that the woman knows far more about her craft than the man. This creates an atmosphere of cooperation as a community, with men and women working equally to achieve a whole effect.

Honor plays a very large part of culture in Mier. When a citizen's honor is challenged, he has the right by law to challenge the offender, with fights to the death not an uncommon outcome. Such duels are overseen by a magistrate, but barring certain rules and restrictions, there are few laws apart from those dealing with the outcome. Most actions have a degree of honor associated with them, and in particular, jobs and careers that are seen as more prestigious than others are often fought over. Criminals are referred to as honor-less, the greatest insult possible, and are seen by the rest of society as less than human.


Armed forces play a huge part in Mier. Several centuries of almost uninterrupted seasonal warfare with remaining clans (and occasionally neighbors) has created a strong warrior society within the land, which has two key elements.

The peasant army comprises the main body of Mier's armed forces. These are farmers, craftsmen, and the like, all of whom are male and undergo six months of compulsory training with basic weapons and drills upon turning sixteen years of age. All male citizens from age sixteen to fifty-five are required by law to keep and maintain their weapons and armor within their homes. In times of need, the citizens can be called to arms immediately, with an estimated muster time of six hours in total, given the compact nature of the city and it's land. Given that such service is compulsory, Mier can field a large peasant force given it's size, totaling an average of three thousand men at any given time. In addition, the city is guarded by an additional force of full-time soldiers, tasked with manning the walls and keeping order in the streets, comprising some five hundred men who chose full time service as an alternative to labor. These men are seen as an elite force by the rest of the peasants, and are generally trained and equipped to a higher standard than the rank and file. Given that they commonly also guard trade routes which are raided frequently, these men tend to be far more experienced than the rest of the peasant levy. Wooden shields, short-and long spears, and bows are the most commonly found weapons among the army.

In stark contrast to the general inexperience of the peasant levy, Mier maintains a small force of elite warriors. Known as the Chosen, these men are recruited from an early age, sometimes as young as six, from among minor nobility and families of wealth, including the Vulferam family. To have a child selected for such service is seen as an extremely high honor. In addition to any lessons they may receive from their families, these children undergo at least ten (sometimes as many as fifteen) years of training, during which time they learn to use weapons and armor that has changed greatly over time. Foreign ideas and thinking have been adopted to create a core of highly trained and experienced warriors. In general, they utilize light yet sturdy armor primarily composed of iron and leather in flexible strips on a cloth backing to offer both protection and flexibility. This is combined with either a long bow, or a curved longsword designed for slashing attacks, or in some cases, both. The Chosen are known as a military elite, engaging in defense of the city or offensive actions where needed, and almost all of them are highly experienced and trained to near perfection, kept sharp with constant practice. Their numbers are few however, with rarely more than two hundred serving the city at any one time. Retirement is not mandatory, however most voluntarily return to civilian life at around sixty, when they are no longer able to keep up with younger warriors. Some depart service earlier to enter into civil service, as being one of the Chosen grants one the ability to almost certainly enter any career they wish, up to and including the nobility. Indeed, in past generations, it was not unheard of for men to leave the service and marry into the lower ranks of house Vulferam itself.

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