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Character Name: Ryan Edan Fitzwulf
Character Age: 19
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): 222
Current Location: Westerland, Arbrecht
House: Fitzwulf
Banner Appearance:

House Description: The Fitzwulf Family came from The Vandermark and deposed the rulers of Westerland in a violent and savage coup, and immediately set about turning the region into a powerhouse. These days, the Fitzwulf Family are the most powerful in The League of Arbrecht. Their traits are golden hair, high degrees of military training, rash decisions and a subtle ruthlessness that rarely shines through, until the last moment.. The Patriarch, William Fitzwulf, died two years ago - having conquered Westerland's greatest rival and brought together Arbrecht into a semi-united League. The Family reputation is one of brutality and savagery, but upfront honesty. If a Fitzwulf has a bone to pick with you, you'll be the first to know. It's coffers are moderate; the war with Heldenbrecht cost them dearly, but the acquisition and sale of many fine treasures and artifacts from the conquered lands were well-placed to buoy this up, erasing the war debt. It's colours are black and gold, it's sigil is the golden wolf rampant, and it's motto is 'By Sword and Strife', but a more widely known saying is 'A Fitzwulf gives but one chance', referencing the House policy of offering a defeated foe peace before crushing them utterly. [Gent]

Player Base: Garrett Hedlund

Appearance: Standing at 6'1", Ryan is a formidable young man. He usually keeps his blonde hair cropped close to his head, more often than not clean shaven -- but the beard is persistent and it's not uncommon to find him with a faint scruff by the end of the day. His eyes are bright blue, like a cloudless sky, and he has a sheepish, reluctant smile. It is warm, like his mother's, and his large hands are calloused from a life of training and hard work. Around his neck he wears a long, thin metal chain, upon which is looped a small, twisted metal ring and a thick wolf claw -- a gift from his father. He keeps these items tucked inside his tunic at all times but he is rarely seen without this chain; in moments of thoughtless abandon or extreme agitation, Ryan can be seen rubbing the ring on his necklace through the fabric of his shirt.

Personality: From the outside, Ryan Fitzwulf is the spitting image of his father.

Tall, sturdy, handsome. Wispy blonde hair, cut close to his head, piercing blue eyes. Reserved and polite, with a propensity for silence -- Ryan never speaks first but commits to watching, making a formidable presence in a room without saying a word. Edme Fitzwulf often laughed that her son was a replica of his father, given nothing from his mother but his sweetness.

But on the inside, Ryan is his own man.

The only son born to the Iron Wolf is just now on the cusp of adulthood, a man in his own right but beneath the oppressive shadow of the man who fathered him. It is decidedly hard to get to know Ryan -- some might think he was mute if it weren't for his keen, perceptive expression, the slow drinking in of every action and word committed flagrantly by those around him. Most of the people who have heard of Ryan or been around him believe he is destined to walk in the immediate footsteps of his father; that he is a man to be reckoned with, and no personality to take lightly. Even still, however, this does not accurately describe Ryan Fitzwulf. He continues to grapple with the notion of who he is and who he is expected to be -- and it is that duality that Ryan continues to wrestle with. He is an obedient son, respectful, dutiful -- strong, not easily intimidated. He is everything a Fitzwulf man should be and the pride of his father Thomas.

But he is also gentle and kind, prone to internal reflection and a propensity towards tenderness that can only be said to come from his mother. And yet further still -- there is a longing inside Ryan Fitzwulf that speaks to neither parents. He cannot be considered only a hybrid of their strangely different qualities; for he is an artist and a dreamer in his own right, aspects of himself that he is inexplicably ashamed of, that he keeps buried, hidden inside. There is a part of Ryan that longs to be free -- which he would never allow in the first place.

A war continues to wage inside Ryan, with no clear victor.


Born on a cold fall day in 222, Ryan Edan Fitzwulf was the first son of Thomas Fitzwulf and Edme Montrose; and the only child they would ever have. The gravity of that position has weighed upon Ryan since he could remember -- being the only son of the Iron Wolf. And no one -- especially not Thomas Fitzwulf -- has let him forget it. It was a heavy mantle for a child to bear, to enter the world with such a legacy behind him. Ryan has always grown up with the knowledge of his parent's initially tumultuous relationship and what it means to be a Fitzwulf -- two both very defining aspects of his life. And it has shaped him ever since, every action and every word taken with sharp deliberation, of what it meant to be their only son.

Ryan's childhood was typical of a Fitzwulf son; days of scholarly pursuits punctuated by specific military training, the development of martial skills and tactical leadership. The young Fitzwulf took to his father and elder's tutelage like a fish to water -- like Thomas, Ryan was fiendishly studious, absorbing what he could wherever he could find it. However, unlike his father, Ryan's thirst was much more tempestuous, taking great lengths to pursue fields he found captivating, rather than merely useful to round out his grasp of scholarly endeavors. As such, he has grown into a well-rounded man, whose personal passions are kept largely in secret. The front he presents to the world is the one that is acceptable, both for himself and his father. To say Ryan is as much a shadow as his father would be an understatement.

Being such a man, of course, did not lend to making friends very easily. It was not that Ryan was a mirror of his late uncle William, a man of brash tastes and rudeness; rather, Ryan's penchant for hanging back, an inherent shyness, prevented most from approaching him. All save a brave few. It was on one of the rare and often terse visits to Maldenham, his mother's native home, that he met his myriad of Montrose cousins. It was Edme's desperate attempt to not only maintain a bond with her own family but remind Ryan, perhaps subtly, that he was of two houses, and not just one. Most of Ryan's extended family, especially his cousins, were decidedly cold to him, distant at best -- he was just a younger Thomas Fitzwulf to them, and that name was only spoken in the Green under hushed tones and with dark looks. All save Arran -- one of Craig Montrose's younger sons, a man close in age to Ryan himself. Arran, for all purposes, is the stark opposite of Ryan; Arran speaks without thinking, is headstrong and boisterous, certainly more prone to pursuing the finer aspects of life. If Ryan were known for keeping a humble existence, Arran surely lived large, in every sense of the word. But despite being almost polar opposites, the two men forged a strangely fast and tightly knit friendship -- and considering Craig Montrose's propensity towards drinking and largely ignoring his brood of children, baseborn or legitimate, it was no wonder how Arran seemed to find himself spending more and more time half a League away in Westerland. While Edme was pleased to have someone of her own blood in the Keep, Thomas Fitzwulf was largely indifferent to Arran's presence -- choosing to ignore him more than recognize the place he held in Ryan's life. That seemed to suit both men just fine; and as they grew, side by side, Arran had the singular influence of stealing Ryan away from his largely regimented life, amid the endless lessons and time spent in the practice rings, to still be a youth, a teenager.

It was on one of these various outings that Ryan first met the acquaintance of Nikoline Brabant, a young woman from the Brabant vassal house, a slightly disgraced family of land-holders that dwelt among the ruins of Heldenbrecht, and cared for the village there within. Although their visits were infrequent, Ryan found an unlikely friendship in Jager Brabant's cousin. Not that he has had the greatest chance to cultivate it -- present day finds Ryan gearing up, albeit reluctantly, for the confrontation the brews within Arbrecht. He has always been taught that what is best for the family must always come first -- the Fitzwulf name, the Fitzwulf honor, before all else. And that death upon the sword, in sacrifice for the family, is the most honorable way to die.

It seems he might get that chance.

Writing Sample:

"This is the route we will take to Meir."

Ryan said nothing as his father spoke. Not because he didn't have anything to say; in fact, as his blue eyes followed his father's finger across the weathered map, he drank in silently the surrounding terrain. The route the Iron Wolf wanted to take was far from the main path that lead to the mountain city, and Ryan was focused on the small hatch marks on the parchment; what meant villages, what meant mountain clans. Rivers, buttes, difficult passes to make in the winter.


"You'll take the first and second regiments of archers and meet us here; I'll take our remaining infantrymen this way -- and Haldred Prost will flank on the right. Shouldn't take us more than a day to surround the city, subdue it by the next nightfall." Thomas' hand kept moving and still Ryan said nothing, a mere nod of his head acknowledging he had heard. His father glanced up from where he was hunched. "Ryan?"

The young man's blue eyes darted to meet a similar shade, reflecting back at him. Weathered around the edges, crows feet of a hard life -- but the same piercing shade. "Yes, sir."

Absently, he brushed a hand across his chest; feeling the bite of the claw, still sharp, prick against his sternum.

[Time Line Events]
Year 196: Thomas Fitzwulf is born.
Year 198: Isabella Fitzwulf is born.
Year 201: Elisabeth Fitzwulf is born.
Year 208: Lorelei Fitzwulf is born.
Year 213: Elisabeth Fitzwulf is betrothed to Abelard Blanchard.
Year 214: Thomas Fitzwulf meets Edme Montrose.
Year 216: Edme Montrose marries Dornan Phillipe. Dornan Phillipe challenges Thomas Fitzwulf to a duel, and is killed. Thomas Fitzwulf marries Edme Montrose within a fortnight.
Year 217: Jon Fitzwulf is born.
Year 218: Elisabeth Fitzwulf marries Abelard Blanchard. He is poisoned their wedding night. She flees to Caelain, marrying Lydon Alysworth, and shunned by her family.
Year 220: Isabella Fitzwulf is engaged to Julius DeLauncey. Within the year, it is broken off.
Year 221: Isabella Fitzwulf is married to Stephane Fontenot.
Year 222: Ryan Fitzwulf is born.
Year 225: Lorelei Fitzwulf is married to Ashiq Linnet.
Year 228: Jon Fitzwulf is sent to ward in The Vandermark
Year 231: Jon Fitzwulf is returned to Westerland after his brother's death.
Year 234-238: The War of Heldenbrecht.
Year 240: Death of King William.
Year 240: Coronation of King Jon.
Year 241: Game start.

Family Genealogy:
  • Robert Fitzwulf -- Augustine DeLauncey
  • Edward Fitzwulf -- Lenore Fleurant
    • Jean Fitzwulf -- Whitney Brentwood
      • Leofric Fitzwulf
      • Elizabeth Fitzwulf
    • Robert Fitzwulf -- Wife Fitzwulf
      • Edward Fitzwulf
      • Robert Fitzwulf The Younger
      • Harold Fitzwulf
    • Alice Fitzwulf Prothero
  • Eleanore Fitzwulf Hallvador

  • William Fitzwulf -/- Susanne Belberry

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