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Maldwyn Prothero


[OOC Information]

Your Name: ADAMS!
RP Experience: All the experience needed to blow your mind!
Your Character's Player Base: Matsuda Ryuhei


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Maldwyn Prothero
Character Age: 19
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): June 4th, 222 AF
Home Castle/City: Llywarch, Lacharn
House Prothero


[House Information]

House Words: "We Will Remember"
Castle Name: Heulwen's Keep
Original Castle Name: Cardiff Castle

House Description:
House Prothero has ruled the island of Lacharn since 556 BF, when the disagreements between the families on Lacharn, expatriots from Pelasaia, so strained the two islands that they decided to join as one. In 213 BF, Pelasaia, now part of the Linchao Republic, came back to invade and add to their lands, and Prothero fell. The remaining members of the family fled to the League of Arbrecht, where they lived in a smallhold of the Fitzwulf family for two hundred years, until the rest of what would become Forsilvra decided to drive the invaders out. They retook their seat, and quickly joined the new Forsilvran alliance. Returning the island to its peaceful, prosperous ways, they nevertheless bolstered the defenses that had so failed them before. Becoming very devoted to Quintism, members of the family generally believe that their recapture of their seat shows the gods have blessed their right to it. Because of this, there are many temples to the goddess Shai, in remembrance of their two centuries lost.

Like all Houses of Lacharn, inheritance is done by the first born regardless of gender. They trade in many things, but are known far and wide for their textiles. Their words are ‘We Will Remember’

Once he maintained his physical appearance with commitment. Since his mother's passing, his short trimmed hair has became long and almost shaggy. Once you never see the signs of facial hair upon his face, he always preserved a babyface. Often, some growth has been left, sometimes as a mustache, others accompanied with a goatee. His dark eyes is filled with sorrow. His body is still semi-muscular as he has not neglected physical training; however, he has lost some bulk and definition. He is often seen with bags underneath his eyes and other signs of stress. Nevertheless, he still adorns himself with the most expensive and fashionable attire, not going cheap on that facet.



Maldwyn has undergone some serious development in his psyche as a result of his mother’s untimely and tragic death and the sudden rush of responsibility. Many have noted him to become darker in nature, but been impressed so far by his ability to step up into the position of lord. However, they have not seen the internal struggle that threaten to pull him down. Many of the facets that have made up his personality and character has changed. Some changes might be considered good, but some flaws has drastically been entrenched by the sudden wave of stress and sorrow into the young man’s life.

Maldwyn used to uphold a reputation of being a vain individual with expensive taste. Since his mother’s murder, Maldwyn has drifted away with his obsession of finer things and have turned towards some of the more earthly desires. Still he has rooms of the various collections he has maintained over the course of his young life. Now his lust for women of all variants have been accelerated. A strong part of Maldwyn wants to lose himself in the heat of the moment and the passion of the actions, to forget the stresses and the pain. Even now more than ever, Maldwyn is willing to seduce whoever catches his eyes and then simply move onto the next. This is going to be a factor that might get him into trouble. Maldwyn has taken a habit of drinking heavily every night, to the point of unconsciousness if he’s able to. This is the only way he believes he can find sleep, that or after he planted his seed into a woman’s womb.

More than ever, Maldwyn is very protective his family, especially his sisters. Maldwyn doesn’t want any harm to come their way. This perhaps is the biggest motivation that keeps Maldwyn going. A strong interest in the martial arts, both combat techniques and tactics has consumed a good part of his days. Perhaps this is the only fear he cannot simply overcome. Typically he is a man that exhibits great bravery, but that bravery is starting to turn into recklessness. While he might have developed an own disregard for his own life, he tries his best to make the right choices to shield his family from any further tragedy. His penchant for solving problems as soon as they appear might have inflicted some great dissatisfaction in his current predicament. In the past, anything that opposed him or struck fear into him, Maldwyn would do whatever it must to stand tall and brave and to eradicate the problem. Now that he has encountered a situation that requires great patience and careful moves, he has grown quite frustrated. He wants to know who is responsible for the harm that have befallen upon his family. He wants to deliver justice. Not later, but now.*

His capacity to remain guarded was entrenched his behavior. He was always careful how he answers questions, often deliver half-truths or misinformation in order to keep control of the situation and preserve the knowledge he contains. He often changed subjects too if he didn't like the topic or believes that discussion won’t help anyone in a matter. But with the amount of stress he had been fighting through, Maldwyn's behavior has been erratic and at times, he has opened himself up to reveal his very insidious behavior. While to many, he tried to keep up the front of being a reserved leader, to some close to him, they have seen the cracks within his personality. He has exhibited great rage, a degree of paranoia, and a occasional tendency towards self-sabotage.



The first child of the late Lady Rhiannon Prothero. Throughout his childhood, Maldwyn emerged as an ideal heir. He was always respectful of his parents, including his father Balthasar Prothero. He always show compassion towards the weak and victimized, trying to step in against bullies and what not, often saving his cousins and siblings. As he grew older, his dominant personality began to show. Everyone had faith he was meant for the role of province lord. After all, he was a young outgoing boy.*

As he grew older, a rebellious free spirit arose in Maldwyn. While he remained close to his family, he developed the habit of sneaking out, escaping the confines of his home. Sometimes he disguised himself to dabble with the children of commoners. Once he even was caught stealing from a merchant, an incident that almost lost him his hand. While he attested to learning his lesson after his parents saved him from such a terrible fate, Maldwyn continued to escape from his home. Another one of Maldwyn’s youthful escapades featured a terrible fall and broken arm. This incident created a fear of heights which still occasionally plagues Maldwyn. No matter how hard Maldwyn tries, he is still afraid of heights.

As he struck puberty, Maldwyn’s free spirit became combined with a strong hormonal drive to seek out girls and conquer them. Turning such activity in a game, he often challenged himself to see how many girls he could charm in a day. The hobby led to the creation of a journal where he noted every encounter with every girl he seduced, from the initial smile to the kiss. In later entries, he included other details as well. In amidst, Maldwyn began to exhibit strong interest in exotic wares. His collections of oddities and rarities have come to fill an entire room in Heulwen's Keep.

As he started to enter adulthood, Maldwyn decided to seek out as many experiences as he could in before the day he inherited his mother’s title. However, unexpectedly, the tragic death of his mother vaulted him into a position of great power and responsibility. Now burdened by the grief and responsibility, Maldwyn must battle his internal desires and his weaknesses in order to protect his family and to lead his province into the future.

Just recently he has dispatched trusted individuals to carry out investigations behind the attacks upon his family. He also announced his betrothal to Gwendoline Morgandy, amidst the accumulating rumors about Gwen's pregnancy with his son. Though there are some close that question his ability to lead efficiently.


[Writing Sample]

His cousin Nye had left him the entire bottle, but as exhausted as he was, he didn’t believe he could fall back asleep. Maldwyn rose from the bed, dragging the bottle of wine with him as he walked towards the door. Cracking it open, he stared down the hallway. His instincts told him to defile a woman, that would numb the pain. However, his legs didn’t move forward. He knew he looked wretched and such a desperate attempt to forget himself into the flesh of a woman would simply tarnish his reputation.*

Still Maldwyn stared down the hallway.*

He felt the veins in his head pulse. His eye throbbed as his sight of vision remained eerie. No matter how many times he processed his mother’s murder, he lacked the ability to accept. Everything seemed so wrong. The realm of reality was off. He wanted to fix it, to force things back to normal but he lacked the ability to do that. As a result, he rose the bottle of ice wine to his lips and allowed for the liquid to flow down his throat. After a few minutes the contents of the bottle vanished, consumed by his body. He slammed the door shut as he ignored the concern presented by the guards outside his chambers. He didn’t even pay them any mind as he stumbled to his bed.

All he recalled was a slight knock upon the door, and then darkness… sweet darkness.


[Timeline of Events]


Year 222: Maldwyn Prothero is born
Year 241, August: Rhiannon Prothero is murdered, Maldwyn becomes Province Lord
Year 241, September: Maldwyn Porthero announces his betrothal to Gwendoline Morgandy.

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