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Default Conchobhar "Conor" Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam VI

Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam VI


[OOC Information]

Your Name: Lahariel
RP Experience: 17 years
Your Character's Player Base: Nathan Fillion


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Conchobhar "Conor" Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam VI
Character Age: 33
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): July 21, 208 - Cancer-Leo Cusp, Born on the Day of Tragicomic Controversy
Home Castle/City: Berghjärta, Mier
House: Vulferam


[House Information]

Banner Appearance: A golden bird upon a grey background.
House Words: "Strength in Size"
Castle Name: Berghjärta
Original Castle Name: Berghjärta

House Description:
In a time of chaos and darkness, there was nothing but war. The ancestors of House Vulferam were once just a clan of barbaric mountain men with little education who learned to harness the wilderness around them to survive and, eventually, thrive. The harsh landscape of the wintery mountain regions of forests and ferocious animals became their safest home and eventually they managed to drive out neighboring clans, expanding their borders with exponential results. Auberon Skarpsvard “Sharp Sword” Vulferam changed everything. He reigned in the chaos of his clan with an iron fist. A great warrior and cunning leader, his descendants are no longer barbarians but a respectable house of lords whom rule the lands of Mier with calculating ruthlessness and efficiency.

Vulferams are known physically for their imposing and, at times, impossible heights; with brunette and auburn hair colors as well as blue or brown eyes. On occasion a cousin with fairer elements will find themselves into the mix when a spouse hails from a different region. But, like most of their northern clans, darker features with hardy physiques and tough mentalities thrive within this family. The House of Vulferam lives by a code of honor which has never been bent in nearly seven generations. They are known for their sharp intellect and ability to speak reason when others are blind to it and see the bigger picture in most circumstances. Although they prefer peace to war, they are not afraid to charge into battle when needed. The mountains are their home, and survival in cold, harsh wilderness is second nature to them. Women are often head-strong and find some way be equally as industrious as the men much to a banner lord’s chagrin.



Conor stands at an imposing 6'3" much like his father before him, with many of the Blanchard features of the brunette hair and deep blue eyes inherited by his mother. Conor tends to be more of the gentle giant in looks, with a pretty powerful physique often covered or concealed by tunics and coats befitting that of one who lives within the mountains. Despite stereotypical notions that all of the mountain lords are barbarians, Conor defies that image by keeping very clean-cut and well shaven. It ends up playing a disarming tactic towards those who assume too much of the Mountain Lord.



One of the biggest elements about Conor’s persona is the fact that he seems to have an unshakable foundation of inner strength and courage. Over his lifetime House Vulferam has suffered war, plague, and he has even lost the love of his life during the middle of the Heldenbrecht battles and somehow managed to keep his wits about him long enough to live through it. Loss is not an unfamiliar thing to him, and if anyone can empathize with others in regards to feeling those innermost emotions of despair and loneliness, Conor is certainly right there beside you. However he lives by an inner code to not dwell on what is lost, but to protect what he still has. It’s not that he doesn’t ever feel sadness; on the contrary he often suffers in silence, preferring to be alone with a drink in his hand and long hours of staring into nothingness as his mind slips into that abyss of despair. But after he agonizes for while, Conor picks himself back up off the floor and push forward out of determination to survive and keep moving. Words of wisdom from his father before: “Inheriting the title of lord in the House of Vulferam is to be a husband, brother, lord and master to all. We are a big family because we love a lot, fight a lot, and cry together. Your actions resonate with all of us, and if you fall so do all of your brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins before and after you.” To this day that conversation resonates deep within his core and he knows that as long as Vulferams still live and breathe on Arbrecht soil there is always a reason to keep going, and keep striving.

Conor is a “Do as I say, not as I do” kind of individual when it comes to his family. He takes the role of Banner Lord very seriously and follows the motto “It’s better to be respected than feared” in regards to how he addresses issues and problems. Under Conor’s wing everyone is his son or daughter which makes him very adamant about making sure that no major decision under House Vulferam is made without him knowing about it. This includes all political affairs both military and marriage-related. Does this make him somewhat of a hypocrite? Of course! Conor’s own background as a youth has been rife with events where he’s rebelled against his parents’ wishes, his relationship with Ammeline DeLauncey being the most glaring hypocrisy of them all, in comparison to his current attitude. Something that many like to point out to him repeatedly, but ultimately he ignores the evidence in favor of claiming it’s not the same situation.

On the day-to-day basis, Conor is actually a friendly guy with a penchant for sarcasm and witty banter. He doesn’t aspire to be a hero but finds himself often thrown in the crux of things that call his loyalties into question and rises to the occasion. Morally he’s quite sound, and living under a roof full of estrogen has taught him to garner a temperance of give-and-take when it comes to women and their unpredictability. But when push comes to shove he doesn’t indulge in being a doormat, and the lion roars when he feels he’s being demeaned or not taken seriously with his expectations. While Conor isn’t exactly the book-smart type of Banner Lord, he’s more of the medieval version of ‘street savvy’. He plays his cards close to his chest, keeps him and his well guarded, and expects those who strike a deal to be true to their word. Woe be the individual who reneges on a deal with Conor Vulferam, he’ll throw you under the carriage and not look back afterwards.

His affairs with women have often been stuff of legends to some degree. The most infamous one being that of Ammeline DeLauncey, but before that Conor was a boy who loved deeply and passionately, not afraid to put his courage to the test and confess his love for another. The stories others could tell about the crazy lengths at which he would go for the “woman of the day” would leave some of his siblings rolling with laughter after retelling the tales. Naturally the loss of his wife has been a deep cut into his heart, and since then he has not really found anyone to fulfill that part of his soul. He’s entertained the company of women to keep his baser instincts fulfilled, but given that his wife gave him six children to succeed him, there has been no fervent need or desire to remarry. Conor keeps up his jovial appearances as he usually does, and still he pushes on in life without her, content that his children are alive and well in his life. But the one person he can’t hide from is his mother, and Sepphora sees the loneliness of shouldering the burden of Banner Lord without a mate all on his own and worries for him.

As a father Conor has a level of stern patience with his children. He believes in teaching them accountability for their actions, and learning to stand on their own two feet. Conor also has his own fatherly nicknames for each of this children with the exception of Conan whose name is already shortened by family standards. The others are as follows: Evee (Everild), Sig (Sigrid), Liam (Aurelius), Rags (Egon), Póg (Clementine). Most of the names are short-syllables for their first or middle names, but Clementine was an exception. Since Ammeline died giving birth to his last daughter, Conor considered Clementine a gift or a 'last kiss goodbye' from his wife. So Conor gave her the nickname Póg ("Kiss") in honor of this sacrifice.



Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam VI, a mouthful of a name born under a father of the same with just one digit before and a different nickname to boot. He was born first of eleven children in total by Conri Vulferam’s seed, so it’s easy to say that the castle has always been a bustling, boisterous collective of sibling rivalries and family bonding. Conor grew up with the most expectations thrust upon him long before half of his siblings had even been birthed. The bond of his parents were like night and day. Conri was a stern, no-nonsense bully of a father to some degree while his mother was all patience and understanding with him. The dichotomy between the two attitudes is what shaped him in his older years to be a balance between barbarian and gentleman to some degree.

But as a child and teenager he was much different. Rambunctious, raucous, and rebellious could be the words to describe him. Conor has always been the sporting type, and liked to tease his siblings, spar and play fight with his cousins, and perform feats of wildly stupid behavior when he became infatuated with a girl of any kind. When he was in his junior years he created the Mountaineer Brigade, a silly boys-only group that ran out into the mountain ranges of Mier going on random survival excursions and pretending to be mightier than they actually were at the time. They considered themselves champions over the mountain ranges, and the best ‘lovers’ in all of Mier. Nevermind the fact that they were only between the ages of eight and fourteen at the time, there was no room for semantics as far as Conor was concerned.

Obviously Conri did not like the folly that Conor frequently engaged in, especially when one was a descendant of Conall the Great (or the Terrible depending upon your perspective). With marriage prospects already in mind, it was time to whip his son into line on what it meant to be a Vulferam and all of the responsibilities it entailed. However, the one thing Conri wasn’t expecting was to be out-witted by his foolish teenage son when it came to the act of love versus political marriages.

The day Conor met Ammeline was the day the oceans boiled and the lands turned to ash. She was the youngest of the DeLauncey brood and a baby sister to the older siblings as well. It was at a party hosted by the Crown that Conor had first laid eyes on her and the rest was ever history. At first she snubbed him openly out of embarrassment as her brothers watched in horror that their dear little Ammeline was being courted by a boy who often fell in love at the drop of a hat. They didn’t want their sister being sullied by such a scoundrel and Conri was not pleased given the fact that he wanted his son’s eyes prying in favor of his arranged selection. This was only the beginning of a turbulent love affair between the two teenagers, for Ammeline was special to him. For some reason he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with the girl he met at the party. If he could not have her, he would not have anyone.

Distance made it a difficult series of obstacles to overcome. The two wrote letters back and forth trying to formulate ways on being able to see each other in person despite the leagues of distant ocean between them. Eventually an opportunity arose where the DeLauncey’s needed to visit Arbrecht in order to assess some affairs in regards to trade and other business that, at the time, made no sense to either of them. Conor managed to sneak away from Mier to Heldenbrecht after a huge fight broke out between him and his father over marriage proposals and other endeavors. On the flipside, Victus DeLauncey had little intent on marrying his baby girl off to anyone, let alone have some sleazy oaf of a Vulferam boy touch her. But the two were in too deep, and made a play that would incense both fathers but ultimately cement their vows to each other. The time that was spent between them was ever-worldly, and they played no safe games as they consummated their affections for each other right under Victus’ nose.

Eventually Conor was found and the trip back to Mier was in shackles. As Conri and Victus bellowed at each other, Ammeline, with glee in her eyes, discovered she was pregnant. Stunned into silence is what transpired next, and eventually the two had no choice but to agree to immediately wed the two given the circumstances of propriety and hoped people wouldn’t do the math. The wedding was a small and hurried affair, but the two young lovebird didn’t care. They had each other that’s all that mattered, and despite the disgusted looks Conor’s father gave him constantly Ammeline was his solid match through and through. Before long they would already celebrate the birth of their twins: Everild and Conan. But, as all know, a Vulferam’s lineage never stops at two or three, and more were yet to come.

Many years of wedded bliss transpired before the fates reared their ugly head against him. Dissent between the Blanchards and Fitzwulfs finally came to blows in tandem with a more fearful situation sweeping through Arbrecht known as Turpis Morbi, or the Black Lung. By the end of 231, the plague had burned its way to Mier’s doorsteps and claimed the life of two of his sisters, Naomhan and Shirin. Poor Naomham didn’t even make it to her second birthday before Conor and his parents had to bury his baby sister. It suddenly became clear to him that things were going to take a turn for the worse, and he feared what the future had in store for the rest of his family.

Unfortunately the Fitzwulfs took the Black Lung as a good omen in their favor instead of the real danger that it was becoming. William wasted no time striking at the heart of House Blanchard and causing a rift of war the country had not seen in quite some time. The Vulferams came to the aid of the Blanchards, with Conri at the helm leading his armies and other members of the family doing the same. Conor feared what the plague could do to everyone during this war but did not shirk from his call of service despite reservations. But his strength of heart was about to become seriously tested when Ammeline had complications giving birth to their last daughter, Clementine. His wife bled out with the babe having just barely survived; and while Conor was grateful that his daughter made it through, his spirit had become shattered from the heartbreaking loss of his wife and soul mate. The War of Heldenbrecht raged on around him, and somehow Conor didn’t care.

As losses began piling up, Conor felt helpless to stop anything that warranted further problems. He had sequestered himself for a while to try and mourn the death of his companion but Conri refused to have him falter and pushed him back out onto the forefront of battle with Eimear to guide him. But it appeared that even the rest of the Vulferam family was at their wits end with the sinister tactics the Fitzwulfs’ displayed. Eimear ended up gravely wounded and unconscious, causing Conor to drag him back to a physician only to have his brother die from infection. By the next year the damages House Vulferam had suffered in conjunction with that of House Harcourt had stacked up so heavily that Conri decided to finally submit fealty to their newly-minted, ruthless house lords, the Fitzwulfs. It was devastating state of embarrassment for everyone involved, but it had to be done in order to salvage what was left of their family while the plague burned on for what seemed like an eternity. It seemed like only moments after Conri subjected himself to Fitzwulf rule, he surrendered to the real liege lord of this whole affair: Turpis Morbi.

With his home ravaged, his wife dead, and his family cut apart; Conor found himself acquiring a house of broken hearts and ruins. Luckily his mother and siblings were here to help guide and support him. Aiblilin was the biggest of help as she spent time with his children to help nurture and foster them while he was trying to make sense of all that had happened and assess the damages on a political and financial scale. As Fitzwulfs and Storms celebrated their victory, Vulferams endured their defeat and kept silent and sullen within the mountains whilst dealing with Bloodpaw uprisings that also started emerging again pouring more salt into an already hemorrhaging wound. These were dark years for Conor, causing his more ruthless side to seep through as he battled the emotions of losing Ammeline by taking his anger out on the mountain barbarians that picked at his temperance like a hot iron. What was only a couple of years felt like an eternity of miserly until something very unique occurred along the way.

An opportunity of unfathomable proportions eventually presented itself as of recently. Somehow his sister managed to find the last Blanchard heir after having escaped captivity. With a chance to redeem House Vulferam once more, and an opportunity to set things right; Conor takes Corbin under his wing under a fake alias name as a cousin (because in all honesty who really pays attention to how many relatives are actually in the Vulferam family?). Carefully Conor has been making strategic moves supporting the lost heir to the rightful Arbrecht throne and has every intention on making this coup something the Fitzwulfs will never forget.


[Writing Sample]

“Banished from court, hm?” Conor read the letter with an incredulous scoff as a reaction. He had been given the letter after Sunniva had received it and now she was trying to plead the case back to him. With a shrug of his shoulders he flicked the letter back and replied, “What do you expect me to do about this? I repeatedly told you to take a ship and go.”

“It’s terribly embarrassing, brother, but I was unwell and-”

“Unless you are on your death bed, refusing to attend a royal decree is not something I can easily wave a hand magically and make it all go away.” Conor said with an annoyed tone in his voice. This had been an issue of much consternation and the fact that Sunniva was playing some kind of childish game with the Princess wasn’t ailing his sour mood towards her. “When I spoke with you on the docks you seemed just fine, and your summer allergies happen every year and don’t seem to stop you from trekking all over Arbrecht to engage with the Harcourts or your friends in the Vandermark in the past. You can’t refuse a royal invitation just because you don't want to go.”

Conor needed Sunniva to comply in order to keep royal suspicions under wraps with everything in play behind the scenes. Even the Harcourts acquiesced to the demand with disgruntled anger knowing that keeping Erin was a blackmailing play if ever Conor had seen one. Having Sunniva there to keep Erin company and ease the Crown was vital to these things and the fact that his sister had proverbially spat in the Princess’ face over this matter did not garner his sympathy either.

“This was your decision,” he said with finalized resolution in his voice, “So you need to figure out how to make amends in this situation. Do me a favor for once and deal with it yourself, I won’t be the go-between simply because you had the audacity to openly snub the Princess but not the courage to fix your err in judgment. Perhaps this lesson in humility will give you pause the next time you feel compelled to follow your childish wishes.”


[Timeline of Events]


Year 207: June 2 Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam V betrothal to Heloise Maciomhair is broken. June 3 Fionnbharr Seachlann Torcan Vulferam marries Heloise Maciomhair. July 30 Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam V is betrothed to Sepphora Blanchard. September 7 Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam V marries Sepphora Blanchard.
Year 208: July 21 Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam VI "Conor" is born
Year 225: Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam VI marries Ammeline DeLauncey, later that year the twins Everild Ammeline Sithmaith Vulferam and Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam VII "Conan” are born.
Year 226: Sigrid Isolde Rathnait Vulferam is born.
Year 228: Aurelius Seachlann Tuathal Vulferam is born.
Year 231: Egon Ragnvald Murchadh Vulferam is born. Meanwhile the plague of Turpis Morbi begins to surface in the city of Ernsaw and commences its ravaging throughout Forsilvra, claiming the life of Naomhan Andreas Tadhg Vulferam a year after he is born as well as Shirin Ailis Deirdre Vulferam.
Year 234: The War of Heldenbrecht commences with the Fitzwulfs attempting to overthrow the Blanchards.
Year 235: Clementine Tuilelaith Mavourneen Vulferam is born and Ammeline DeLauncey Vulferam dies in childbirth.
Year 236: Ivor Tancred Somerled Vulferam falls in battle during the War of Heldenbrecht while later that year Eimear Aingeal Rathnait Vulferam dies from a wound that becomes infected.
Year 237: On January 9th, Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam V accepts William Fitzwulf as his Liege Lord. Later that year in May he dies of plague, and Conor succeeds as Banner Lord for House Vulferam.
Year 238: The War of Heldenbrecht ends, favoring a Fitzwulf victory.
Year 240: The last recorded incidents of the plague are noted, and Turpis Morbi officially ends its wildfire of illness.
Year 241: Present day, House Vulferam aids Corbin Blanchard in reclaiming his rightful place as Liege Lord in Arbrecht commencing the War of Arbrecht.




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All set! I believe this one is an all-staff decision given who's left in the house and whatnot. @Latara @Friday @Jenn

Also, because of the new family tree re-vamp all previous timelines and other things became invalid or made no sense. I think the only person this is going to affect most is Aibhilin.

And secrets have already been taken care of.
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Made two quick changes based on John and Mango's pings. Conor's now 33 due to current time and events. Yanked House Montrose's involvement in the Heldenbrecht war.
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P.S. For other Vulferams, I changed the castle name to Berghjärta because "Mountain Castle" was...silly. It translates to "Mountain's Heart" which I feel has better symbolic meaning as a whole.

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