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Arran Montrose
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Character Name: Arran Montrose
Character Age: 20
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): August 9, 221
Current Location: Westerland
House: Montrose
Player Base: Eddie Redmayne Image credit Jake Chessum.


Lean and lithe, Arran moves with a certain fluid physicality; it is controlled and purposeful, without being rigid. He stands at 5'10 --- tall enough, but lacking that certain looming, intimidating frame shared by many men of the north. Auburn hair, green eyes, and a terrible number of freckles -- something he inherited from his mother, and shared with his sister Morna -- lend him an approachable, charming appearance.


Brash and energetic, Arran is very much a man who -- sometimes intentionally -- can rub people of different temperament the wrong way. He is unapologetically outspoken, often insensitive, and some have said he enjoys the sound of his own voice. He is bright and quick-witted, something of which he is well aware. There is a confidence - perhaps an arrogance - to his demeanour. He draws many in, and repels some, and he does not appear to care much either way.

A shameless extrovert, Arran thrives on interaction of any kind, even confrontation. He is someone who chooses carefully who he will invest himself in and cares very little about what anyone else thinks, though he will extend to them charm and friendship of the most superficial sort. Of course, there are a few whose influence on his confidence he cannot help, his father chief among them, and there is little he resents more than this loss of control.

Among those few he calls his closest kin, Arran is a jester, a deeply loyal ally, and perhaps too willing to start a fight on their behalf. Only these people know what lies beneath the loud exterior. The emotional shipwreck of Arran’s childhood has made him cautious about to whom he extends enough trust to share anything so weak of heart as doubt or pain.


The last child of Craig Montrose and his first wife, Arran spent the first few years of his life in a happy household; Craig and Eona were a loving couple, and it spilled over to their four young children. Unfortunately, Arran was indeed young then -- too young to remember anything at all of this time; he was two when his mother unexpectedly suffered a fatal accident on horseback. He has had to rely on secondhand accounts to know anything of her, and of the man his father was before her death -- for they say that in many ways Craig Montrose also died that day. Folding underneath the weight of his grief, Craig became distant and erratic -- and a drunkard to boot. Even when he suddenly remarried a year later, affairs did not improve much; Gilleanne was resentful of the large brood of children she inherited as the second wife, and set about making her own family with Craig, whose unpredictable temper and alcoholism she could not tame.

Children of the shameful last son of the Montrose line, and without the emotional investment of either parent to rely on, Craig’s oldest children were largely ignored and left to fend for themselves. Though Gilleanne bore two daughters for Craig, and there were rumours of bastards, Eona’s children considered only each other as family. Nessa, bright and warm both, became their leader and, eventually, something like a mother. Neil devoted himself to becoming the man his father was not -- or at least, no longer -- and he and Arran were often found in the practice field together, playing at swords. Morna, however, was Arran’s closest sibling, both in age and in spirit; they were at times inseparable. The four of them drew close together as if for protection, their backs against the wind.

Arran was a rambunctious child and, at times, his temper flared as abruptly as his father’s. The servants of the household remarked upon how much he was like his father had been in his youth -- which encouraged and enraged him both, making him torn between his thirst for Craig’s approval, and his bitterness at needing it. He regularly picked fights with the other boys of the Green; his sharp wit made him an expert provocateur. He won about half the time, but winning or losing he collected his fair share of bruises and broken bones. Neil did his best to direct Arran’s fierce temperament toward swordsmanship, Nessa chastised him, and Morna insulted him in exasperation, but none of these ultimately curbed his volatility. It took a somewhat unlikely friendship: that with his cousin Ryan Fitzwulf. Ryan was the son of Craig’s sister, Edme, who began visiting Maldenham in Arran’s childhood. Edme, like her younger brother, was regarded with a certain uncomfortableness and shame by the rest of her kin -- all due to her marriage to Thomas Fitzwulf. Ryan’s presence was a cause of tension in the Green, and Arran, with his unfortunate talent for picking up on such unpleasantness, confronted his cousin with every intention of starting a scuffle. It didn’t work. Unlike the boys Arran had grown up with, Ryan’s anger was not easily roused. Puzzled and oddly pacified by Ryan’s unfamiliarly gentle nature, Arran eventually gave up trying to fight him and became friends with him instead. Ryan has been a steadying influence ever since.

Arran’s early teenage years were fairly stable; Gilleanne passed away from the first wave of plague but that was no great loss in his mind, though he felt badly for her children. His father became something of a warmer person even in the face of his wife’s death, though he was still quite distant -- as if he understood that any effort he made might be too little, too late. Ryan visited every so often, and even brought Arran to Westerland from time to time; they became faster and faster friends with each passing year. Morna, meanwhile, began to take a serious interest in the healing arts, and Arran, as close with her as ever, was privy to a constant stream of impassioned information, and used as a practice patient for dressing after dressing. It helped that he still got into the occasional tussle. Life was pleasant, if not perfect -- until, when Arran was fifteen, the plague hit again, taking Morna in a swift fever. Craig, shattered by the loss of one of Eona’s children, broke apart and hit the bottle hard, becoming verbally abusive and violent. Unable to cope with his father’s behaviour, and haunted by Morna’s memory, Arran felt ready to snap. When Ryan visited next, Arran practically begged his cousin, and best friend, to take him back to Westerland -- and there he has remained since.

While in Westerland, Arran continued to hone his skills as a soldier, and he now operates in the Fitzwulf military under Ryan’s command. However, while he makes a fair swordsman, he is better-known for his aptitude in field medicine. Soon after arriving in Westerland, the knowledge his sister had force-fed him became of use; he found one of his friends injured and being treated with woeful incompetence, and -- as he puts it -- he made the mistake of opening his mouth to correct the matter. He was singled out as his regiment’s unofficial go-to for medical treatment, and soon enough one of the Fitzwulf’s resident physicians was taking him aside for proper training -- which Arran loudly complained about but secretly loved.

Now, despite the Montrose affiliation with Corbin Blanchard, Arran has remained staunchly by the side of Ryan Fitzwulf -- who, after all, is just as close in blood to him as any of Malcolm’s children and certainly closer in friendship. Indeed, with Craig refusing involvement, Neil holding the fort at Maldenham, and Nessa off to the mark to marry, Arran expects that, among the kin he holds dear, it is Ryan who needs most defending.

Writing Sample:

Northern clan territory, 240

Brinlay’s face was flushed and grimy, and when he burst into the makeshift tent that had been pitched for the injured among their number, he nearly barrelled Arran over. Of course, Arran thought bitterly, that would be done easily enough by the men of their regiment, most of whom were broad and burly and used to throwing their weight around. “Are you a man or a battering ram?” Arran snapped, already irritable from the influx of broken and bleeding soldiers being borne into his care.

“Sorry,” Brinlay blustered, and that itself was enough to give Arran pause. There was a nervousness in the other man’s dark features -- no, a fear. He was in a hurry, and he wasn’t thinking, and he was blathering an uncharacteristic apology for something as simple as carelessness. Something was wrong. He waited. Brinlay merely gaped at him.

“Spit it out, then!” Arran exclaimed, feeling the unnerving prickle of apprehension.

“It’s Lord Ryan,” Brinlay said finally. “He’s been injured, sir, he’s--”

“Show me.” Arran was already on his way out of the tent. The prickle turned into a roiling nausea. What had happened? How could Ryan have been so careless? How could the men have been so careless, as to let their commander fall?

He was there, on the ground, with a number of men beside him -- awake, that was a good sign, and talking too, even better. But Ryan Fitzwulf’s face was creased in pain, and there was blood soaking the leg of his breeches. Arran dropped into a crouch, bumping against the man pressing a cloak against his commander’s wound, and Arran snarled at him to move over. Then, incongruously, he flashed a bright smile at Ryan.

“How big was the savage then, my friend, to manage such a blow?”

“Maybe he was just little and quick, like you,” Ryan replied hoarsely, smiling tightly in return.

“You shut your mouth,” Arran retorted. He moved to examine the wound, his harsh words belying the delicacy with which he lifted the fabric. “We can’t all be trolls, can we?” The deep sound of his friend's laughter in response was enough to ease, at last, the ache of worry in his gut.

Time Line Events:

217 - Nessa Montrose is born.
219 - Neil Montrose is born.
220 - Morna Montrose is born.
221 - Arran Montrose is born.
223 - Eona Montrose dies in a riding accident.
224 - Craig Montrose marries Gilleanne Deverre.
224 - Heather Montrose is born.
226 - Ailie Montrose is born.
232 - Gilleanne Montrose dies of plague.
236 - Morna Montrose dies of plague; Arran leaves for Westerland.

Family Genealogy:

<s>Juliette Colbert</s>
Craig's bastard children:
  • Blair Montrose
  • Keith Montrose

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